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  1. Captains, it is fine to discuss the merits of different programs or promotional offerings, not everyone wants to acquire particular things. Let's not start labeling people for their choices. There are a couple of important topics in this thread, and we would like those discussions to continue. Thanks.
  2. Shinsengumi918

    Coop Unplayable Now

    Captains, there has been some solid discussion in this thread with ideas about how to improve some aspects of gameplay. I have had to clean some of that up which devolved into personal attacks and circumvention of the profanity filter among other things. I would prefer to let this discussion continue, but if folk cannot keep from attacking one another that will change.
  3. Shinsengumi918

    So this is what completeing directive 5 does

    There have been a lot of discussions on the topic of events around the holiday season, and it's fine to hold differing opinions on the value of the event and the various grinds and the difficulty of achieving the goals. When the discussion turns to personal attacks and using terms to tear down the company, maybe it's best to rethink your communication strategy. Rather than issue a lot of warnings this afternoon, I'll remind everyone to be civil and follow the Forum rules. This topic is closed to further replies.
  4. Shinsengumi918

    Boycott??? WG

    The discussion is ongoing and there are open threads where that discussion is available to view and take part in. This particular thread will be closed now. Let's keep our comments civil and constructive.
  5. Shinsengumi918

    CVs ruin the game!

    Captains, We have had a lot of discussion about the merits and challenges of CVs and CV gameplay. The topics that remain are ones in which the discussion is civil and where there is often useful criticism and strategies discussed. This is not one of those threads.
  6. Shinsengumi918

    HMS Queen Elizabeth (are cv’s outdated tech?)

    So... We have cleaned much of the political discussion and personal attacks from this thread. You should understand by now that these are not allowed under the Forum rules. Captains, keep it civil and on topic, please.
  7. This topic is closed to further posting.
  8. Shinsengumi918

    Put the thread back--- Yeah, the uninstall one

    Let's consider not starting a thread that discusses moderation on the Forum. This topic is closed to further posting.
  9. Shinsengumi918

    The problem with California

    Political comments and discussion of moderation activity are violations of the Forum rules. As it appears Captains are reluctant to follow those rules, this Thread is closed to further posting.
  10. Shinsengumi918

    CV whining is now outdated. Move on

    Captains please keep your topics and comments constructive. This thread is closed to further responses
  11. Right here, https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/181865-forum-guidelines/
  12. Shinsengumi918

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    This topic deals with issues that should be confined to reports to the support team. The number of personal attacks and nonconstructive comments indicate that the usefulness of the thread has run its course. It is now closed to further posts.
  13. Shinsengumi918

    AA / CV Balance Changes Inbound for 8.7

    OK, the intelligent discussion here has been replaced by name-calling. This topic is closed to further posts.
  14. Shinsengumi918

    AA / CV Balance Changes Inbound for 8.7

    Captains, this is an important topic, let's keep the arguments civil and on point.
  15. Shinsengumi918

    I'm orange now.

    Captains, threads or posts on the subject of disciplinary action are prohibited under the Forum rules. This topic is closed to further responses.