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  1. Right here, https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/181865-forum-guidelines/
  2. Shinsengumi918

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    This topic deals with issues that should be confined to reports to the support team. The number of personal attacks and nonconstructive comments indicate that the usefulness of the thread has run its course. It is now closed to further posts.
  3. Shinsengumi918

    AA / CV Balance Changes Inbound for 8.7

    OK, the intelligent discussion here has been replaced by name-calling. This topic is closed to further posts.
  4. Shinsengumi918

    AA / CV Balance Changes Inbound for 8.7

    Captains, this is an important topic, let's keep the arguments civil and on point.
  5. Shinsengumi918

    I'm orange now.

    Captains, threads or posts on the subject of disciplinary action are prohibited under the Forum rules. This topic is closed to further responses.
  6. Shinsengumi918

    Hey WG. Want to clean up the forums?

    This topic will be closed to further posts. We all get frustrated around how people can react to what we put forth. The only thing we can control is how we respond in turn. This is a public forum about a game. Keep it in perspective, Captains!
  7. Shinsengumi918

    Most DD Players are BAD

    This topic is closed to further responses.
  8. Shinsengumi918

    Event Burnout - Does it affect Sales?

    This thread has strayed a long way from the intent of the original post. It is now closed to further responses.
  9. Shinsengumi918

    Odd game ban and WG response.

    As the original post is a violation of the forum rules, namely discussion of disciplinary action, this topic is closed to further responses. Captains, if you have cause to appeal any action taken on your account by Wargaming, address it through the support team, that is the only appropriate venue.
  10. This topic is no longer producing anything constructive. It is closed to further comments. Captains please refrain from personal attacks.
  11. Shinsengumi918

    What kind of [edited] housing allocation mechanism?

    This topic is closed to further posting. Captains, if you wish to complain about specific issues with the game, including the Matchmaker, please be constructive about it.
  12. Shinsengumi918

    Finally, a reliable anti-CV strat!

    This Topic is closed to further posts.
  13. Shinsengumi918

    German Legendary Commander

    Given the nature of the responses and likely future course, this thread is closed to further posting.
  14. Shinsengumi918

    German Legendary Commander

    We will not comment on ongoing moderation.
  15. Shinsengumi918

    German Legendary Commander

    Captains, We get that the notion of a German legendary commander runs into some controversial territory, given the nature of history. This is true of other countries' commanders as well. Please keep in mind this is a game, and political discussions on this Forum are not going to resolve real-world problems, besides the fact that they are prohibited on the public Forum. Please keep your comments constructive, on target and politics/rancor free. May the wind be at your back.