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  1. lochlan_

    Results of 40 Santa Crates...sigh

    the Kami is the one (grem, kut, bel) that i am wanted for 3 years playing, minus the year that it was out by doing the "grind for pearl mission". And i open 88 crates, he only open 40 and upset about it Guess that i will just go to my corner over here and meditated.
  2. lochlan_

    Just blew my Santa Crates!!!!

    There are some players from Australia back to the topic, congratulation on the loot, not much, but you got some ships!
  3. lochlan_

    Chat Ban

    Hi Looxgood, If you are worrying more about other players you can submit support report. However, discussing about penalty is against forum rule and i regretfully to inform you that. regards,
  4. lochlan_

    No daily vacant ship slots...

    Please allow me to elaborate more on those ss from @Kizarvexis your daily missions - 2 every day - when you completed this, they not giving you free port slots. They are counting on the total rally which last 3 ss. So for example, monday you completed 2 daily mission, on tuesday as soon as you completed 1, you will reward 1 port slot because the total is completed 3. But on tuesday you still need complete 1 more. This so forth, so on wed 2 more so there are now 6, thur 2 more so that 8. On friday, if you complete 1, that 9, therefore you will get 1 free port slot. Just keep calculate until you did 20 regards,
  5. lochlan_

    Black Ships Choices for 2019: a humorous rant.

    Bla-sims work as well
  6. Hi guys, I had forward the issue to the appropriate person in charge. Please wait for the respond. regards,
  7. lochlan_

    Fix the @%*&%#$&((^%$-ing short range lock on bug FFS.

    Hi Curly_san, The time taken for the gun turret/s to calibrate from vertically (long range to short range) + your cross hair selection could give you the fail aiming as you described (without go into further game mechanic explanation, lengthy and indepth). The best way to test this out is you need to wait for you recticle stop shaking (usually take about 7 sec) or wait a bit longer (aiming stabilized) and then shoot. Also, since the tittle of this post is violating the forum, and you are not responding to my request (PM sent) to edit it. I am going ahead and locked. regards,
  8. Hi @Col_Nasty, You can, log in replayswows.com, upload your replay there and post the link here. regards,
  9. Hi guys, Thank you for the hotly debated topic so far, but unfortunately, it been "de-rail" too far. Going to lock it. regards,
  10. lochlan_

    Aim Hackers or Code Cheats

    Hi everyone, Time after time, WG had stated that it is very hard to hack server side game. It involved a lot of technical skills. Apart from that, it very easy to detect the hack and action upon accordingly; there are also other EU involved. Speaking on that, let dig a little deeper, as player progress up tier, you are going to face lots of players who are better then you, this could be they are playing the game longer then you and thus know what to do, in this example where to aim to hurt you the most. It could be the ship armor type is weak against the ammunition type that was used. It could be because of the situation. I will give you my own experience, i got 1 shot from a Montana that was across the map. I saw him on and off from the mini map but i though it could not possible, and i was playing Hindy. I congratulated the player and move on the next ship OR i can devastated and sunk other ships in other game. If you felt deeply about the particular game instance, you can always submit support ticket to the support team. WG had now turn on the automatic replay, the replay default to 15 last replays, located in your WoWs/replays folder. regards,
  11. @WaffenX8, You can try this out regards,
  12. lochlan_

    Please help surface ships fight CV's, simple fixes

    Hi guys, Please stay within forum rules, do not turn a "hotly debate " post into lock post. So far, lots of debating from "good" turned into personal attacks and it at border line. Suggestion: take a break from forum, go for a walk, do something else then come back. regards,
  13. lochlan_

    Ship still in battle

    Hi Guys, Forum is a place for opinions, respected, constructive criticisms to help develops the game better, of course it have to go both way. However, WG got their own forum rules. Please see the violated rule regarding the issue below: Making non-constructive posts, or creating threads on non-constructive topics Harassment, Defamatory remarks, Personal abuse or attacks Cursing and profanities, Inappropriate language, Circumventing the profanity filter Distribution of other forum users' personal information without their prior consent Insults towards Wargaming Staff (including moderators) Discussing moderation or disciplinary actions Inappropriate image, avatar, signature, or link I would like to call out to everyone be civilize, do not make a "hotly debated" post get lock and throw in the bin. regards,
  14. lochlan_

    The New Meta for DD is just not fun.

    Hi guys, The original post had been derail so badly. So i will go ahead. Making non-constructive posts, or creating threads on non-constructive topics Harassment, Defamatory remarks, Personal abuse or attacks Cursing and profanities, Inappropriate language, Circumventing the profanity filter regards,
  15. Hi guys, Just reminding everyone, please keep in mind of these forum rules: -Making non-constructive posts, or creating threads on non-constructive topics -Harassment, Defamatory remarks, Personal abuse or attacks It very easy for us to lock thread and "bin it" and couple more actions we can take. I would prefer that everyone having their opinion and freely expressing it "in a nice way". regards,