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  1. So it seems that some folks around the forum have a problem with the Volunteer Moderator program.
    If you'd actually wanted to make a difference and ensure that the moderation of the forum remains fair and unbiased... if you'd wanted there to be a check and balance between WG's paid staff and the general userbase... if you'd wanted your voice to be heard and wanted to improve the quality of life of all users of the forum....
    You'd have applied for the position.    I did, and I'm sorry that I can't make your experience here better.

    1. iDuckman


      I applied, with reservations.  You seem to have a clear idea of how to best use your new status.  Congratulations and good luck!


    2. Rally_Vincent


      I've been on the other side of the moderation team's microscope before, I can't go into much more past that but I'll at least confirm that I'm not a suck-up with a spotless record.    We're thankful to everyone that applied, a healthy community is one that involves it's own users and listens to them when there are concerns and other problems. One was "Moderators don't understand the users", now we do!   :D