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  1. Rally_Vincent

    Killer Whale, it takes all kinds

    Don't mind me, just moving this to the PvE section. As for the battle you're talking about, we'd have to see the full replay to provide the best feedback and suggestions to you. There may have been other circumstances you didn't spot in the heat of battle
  2. Rally_Vincent

    Who are the Complainers and Why-?

    We'll be locking this one up, please don't go out of your way to cause unrest and stat-shame users.
  3. Rally_Vincent

    Map border

    A few users caused this one to come off the rails a bit. While we appreciate feedback, all feedback, one of the necessary ingredients is that the feedback must be clean of all political discussion and be constructive
  4. Rally_Vincent

    Leaving World of Warships for good, after 2+ years.

    We'll be locking this one up now as nothing constructive has developed in the 9 hours this thread has been live.
  5. Rally_Vincent

    Carriers. Do they improve the game or no?

    My job here is making sure users aren't breaking forum rules, not to point out when they're wrong.
  6. Rally_Vincent

    Carriers. Do they improve the game or no?

    Gentlemen, we get that some of you dislike flattops and we're fine with you discussing them and what could be improved. However, I'd like to remind you that we can't allow folks to insult other players just because they sail carriers. Please keep it civil.
  7. Gonna be locking this up for non-constructive posting. Please don't insult users for not being to your standards of gameplay, we all have different skills.
  8. Rally_Vincent

    USS Pueblo

    Gentlemen, due to the nature of this thread I'd like to remind you to keep things civil. This is a contentious subject for some and could easily go off the rails so we'll be watching this one
  9. Gentlemen, do not report CVs just for playing. This can be considered abuse. I'll be locking this thread now.
  10. Rally_Vincent

    CV's are ruining the experience for many people!

    Gonna be locking this one up for unconstructive discussion, among some other things
  11. Rally_Vincent

    NA server: Can't connect?

    Think I have this moved to the right section... I'll take up your problem with staff
  12. Rally_Vincent

    DDs are ruining the experience for everyone

    We'll just be locking this one up for a few reasons... I recommend everyone take a quick glance at the forum rules and guidelines
  13. Fixed that for you. Civility, gentlemen.
  14. Gentlemen, please keep the discussion civil...
  15. Rally_Vincent

    Memes and dead Memes

    Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki, Hiroshima.... not really things to make jokes about. Honestly it wasn't enough for an official warning but I'd rather not tempt fate when dealing with those two events. So, lets get back to them spicy memes