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  1. Rally_Vincent

    Aim assist mod

    Here, lemme lock this ol' thread away nice and tight There's been MANY advances in anti-cheat measures for WoWS since this thread was made. I wouldn't worry about it too much
  2. Someone somewhere along the line. Who? Dunno and at this point I don't care cause the damage is already done. But taking it out your rage on the guy that bought the iPhone x9600 just because he's using one and you don't like how the company handled the product doesn't especially make much sense, does it? Someone in the company is to blame, but it's not volunteers like me, it's not the CEO cause there's no way he's micromanage something like this, or the fault of someone like Fem or even that guy in the Chicago office that handles hiring new staff. All we as the community have right now is picking up the pieces and deciding what we do about it. I for one don't want to see everything ruined because we didn't proceed with a cool head and calm, steady hands, fighting each other in some sorta tribal conflict when we have problems that need solving. Boycotting WG and the Puerto Rico is their choice, I'm just here to make sure that the community is protected from itself in these trying times. That said, if anyone is bullying or teamkilling others over ownership of this controversial ship, report it and we'll handle it
  3. Heyo folks, just slipping in here to remind everyone that regardless of the situation it's not okay to bully users, regardless of reasoning. They didn't ask for this, they just wanted a ship and decided they would buy it like any other product.
  4. Rally_Vincent

    CEO of Lesta comments on PR complaints

    Oh I hear ya, and I have some pretty strong opinions on the matter myself, but there will always be groups within the community that are fine with it and that's perfectly reasonable. It's just my job to stop the difference of opinion from turning into a brawling riot. So we mods simply ask that you don't use this situation to attack or insult other players, such as folks who decided they had the cash to burn for buying the Puerto Rico outright, and that you don't attack company staff. I don't know who made the decision for this event but it certainly wasn't the guy in the Chicago office in charge of hiring new staff, and I doubt the CEO himself decided on the specific details of each directive, his response is pretty characteristic of someone looking out for the company's interests. Tone-deaf though it may be, it's not unsurprising.
  5. Rally_Vincent

    CEO of Lesta comments on PR complaints

    I'm just gonna step in for a moment to remind everyone to keep the discussion civil. The moderation staff is well aware of the situation, and hell, I personally entirely agree with the community on this one, but we have to keep things tidy if anything positive is going to happen
  6. Rally_Vincent

    Fubuki — Japanese Tier VI destroyer.

    He's not, I am. And while you do have the right to complain, I'm stepping in solely because of that last sentence. This forum is a place of discussion, not argument
  7. Rally_Vincent

    What in the ever living hell, WG?

    Hooooo boy this is gonna be fun to dig through. Guy's, please keep touchy subjects and political talk out of your posts, I understand this is a pretty controversial branch of destroyers, but it's no reason to post like this. OP makes a very good point so I won't be outright locking this thread, but there's a lot of comments here that are about to vanish, please stand by.
  8. Rally_Vincent

    Manic American Girl Captain.... Please?

    Eh, don't worry bout it, I've been keeping an eye on it~!
  9. Rally_Vincent

    Mass B personal Op not recorded?

    So is everything cool here then?
  10. Rally_Vincent

    DDs need their concealment nerfed hard

    This thread doesn't seem to be going anywhere productive... If you can ponder up a way to balance DD concealment, I'm all ears, but you guys will have to do so without the petty insults and fisticuffs
  11. Rally_Vincent

    Holiday Tier 6 ships and permanent camos

    La la la la~ Don't me, just cleaning up the thread~! Keep things civil please!
  12. Rally_Vincent

    Why is everyone so negative?

    We have rules to follow as moderators, but the forum users also have rules... this isn't a free-for-all MMA brawl.
  13. Oh boy~ Another night, another thread full of petty insults! What do you guys think about stopping with the smack-talk and going your own ways, sound like fun? Certainly more fun than the alternatives.
  14. The key word is both of you. The forum moderation staff is going to be digging through this thread... you won't be thanking me for the results. Okay, that's it, I'm locking this mess.