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  1. Merc_R_Us

    Rockets need another Nerf (Proof)

    Well done mate. I think shooting with ijn rocket planes is equivalent to shooting us battleship shells at a DD 12-14 km away; not hard, not a layup for the average player.
  2. I agree but the CC made it clear he was not informed and was clearlly reaching. And now I saw the clip was made by Flamu, the person most possibly buthurt from WG lately.. We can get ticked about so many things and THIS clip, this farfetched rationalization, get's reshared blindly by people..
  3. Oh FLAMU did the clip hahahahahaha. Yup, unsubscribing from that guy now. Complete 100% mislead attempt.
  4. Yeah so in effect, we can't be basing history into looking at game design. I don't have hundreds of planes and this guy is saying "Well, historically speaking..."
  5. Wow you guys are really blowing this and it is getting kind of pathetic. First off, we all know the reason, they want us to spend credits and play more so let's not beat around the bush. Secondly, this clip conveniently doesn't show the part where this CC clearly says that "this isn't the answer" and "there are many reasons why", and adds "WG sees the bigger picture." So how in the hell are you going to come on here and say "well we have an official reason everybody!" That is straight misleading bull crap man. The business wants to make money, we all know it. Why the hell are you guys all surprised that a company doesn't want to outright say "Yeah we think we'll make more money if we remove free flags in this manner and replace it with a less optimal form so that players will have to spend more money over time potentially."
  6. CV still has better chance vs a DD than a US/IJN BB if it were 1v1 so we can't complain about this tbh.
  7. Again, they cherry pick to keep it balanced. If CVs were catered to all the time, I'd be able to kill a Yammy with 6 bombs and 11 torps, or 3-4 flights from Midway. You're saying we should have that too? EDIT: To be clear, ship deployed fighters should do something more than what they do now, but not to the level you are saying.
  8. shhh,.. if you don't take flak, a torpedo plane, consumable mod IJN flight group can heal through the catapult fighter :) . Kaga does it well vs tier 9 ships.
  9. Let me give you an example so you can better describe your thought here: Montana deploys its fighters. Hakuryu comes in with a full squadron, 12 planes, 2 in an attack flight. How many planes should be shot down by the 4 fighters of the Montana? Don't get on the historical/not historical thing please. We all know the game cherry picks historical elements.
  10. Some planes are fast enough that they can get the drop off without taking fighter damage. Good example is 5 MvR dive bombers. You only need five to get one full strike off. In other words, by the time you make it to the Yamato you will lose two planes but have three to do the drop. If you lined it up right, make ship deployed fighters won't latch in time. Ship deployed fighters never really stop the first attack wave.
  11. "About time" is about as nice as I can express my reaction to this. Would be nice to easily access replays in game, in a replays section of your captains logbook, than having to go to folders.
  12. Merc_R_Us

    So tired of OP divs

    the mechanical difference is, what, 14 more actions per minute?
  13. Merc_R_Us

    So tired of OP divs

    Sounds like we're wayy off topic from what was originally posted but this did catch my eye. Calling the management in this game a skill is too much imo. 80% of the best fire control management knowledge is "Don't Put out 1 fire 95% of the time" and "Position your ship so you don't get caught on fire most of the time." There's little technical skill in this game; it's mostly knowledge. However, I am unfairly comparing it to Starcraft 2 lol. Maybe compared to other games tailored to the plus 45 crowd there's a relatively high level of skill required, but idk.
  14. There is a solid, SOLID, difference between dumb players and the playerbase here. You know the average age of players is north of 40 for this game? (someone correct me if im wrong there). The issue that arises with this game is that they need to cater to 3 generations of playerbases. Typically, those older want something more casual (ends up being more rng), and the younger crowd (more apm, more reward for skill, technical and not). I been saying it, I think RNG fixes should be reserved for Co-Op & Operations, and less RNG mechanics in Ranked, Clan Battles, and ideally Random battles. Not gonna happen as they don't want a "game within a game." Then again, they can change their minds as we know, so we'll see.