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  1. Merc_R_Us

    Do CVs have a counter?

    So the counter to CV is not as easy as the others, but is still the same counter vs the ship itself. This is the same in a BB vs a torpedo destroyer. You mitigate the damage of torps through bow in actions, repair party, heals, HP, until you have a chance to shoot it. CV is of course much different because you are playing vs it's offense most of the time and weakening it's offense as much as possible until you may or may not get to the ship. So what I told the guy is still applicable in my opinion.
  2. Merc_R_Us

    Do CVs have a counter?

    You mean like carefully worded? Lol
  3. Merc_R_Us

    Do CVs have a counter?

    To counter a CV you shoot it, but that's common sense so I don't know if that should be mentioned lol. How would you answer a question of, What is the counter to a battleship? What is the counter to a cruiser? What is the counter to a destroyer?
  4. Merc_R_Us

    Do CVs have a counter?

    Do you feel you've played CVs enough at the highest tier, where AA is strongest, to understand their gameplay style? To you question, the AA interaction isn't engaging enough for the surface ship, and that's mostly due to the Accessibility doctrine WG has. You main counters are Priority Sector, DFAA, HP, ship positioning, and angles correctly when able. I highly recommend using a matchmaking monitor. I can elaborate if you've taken anything I've said thus far seriously.
  5. In which case it's operating like a Shima with less torps. Idk, I haven't looked at the damage #s this thing does yet, and I'm keeping in mind stuff always gets nerfed as it goes through testing.
  6. Sure, let's completely disregard the 5 km max range of tracking torpedoes.
  7. Merc_R_Us

    3 subs 2CVs Match

    They stated if someone waits forever that this is possible so... It sucks for sure but just saying, they didn't lie nor is it the norm.
  8. I was going to ask you to clean up your first post so it can be a bit more clear, but then you start complaining about music... The easiest thing to change in settings
  9. Merc_R_Us

    Audacious: War Crimes in 14 minutes

    This is how records get made: afks, 1 fire healing BBs, and some luck :)
  10. Merc_R_Us

    Audacious: War Crimes in 14 minutes

    Make sure you're focusing your bombers on British, American, and French battleships. You usually can't pen the decks of Japanese, Russian, and German decks.
  11. Merc_R_Us

    Audacious: War Crimes in 14 minutes

    https://youtu.be/kkYmtlKZPXM doesn't work?
  12. Merc_R_Us

    Audacious: War Crimes in 14 minutes

    Really, it doesn't load?
  13. Quality comment PotatoMD, come on m8.
  14. Merc_R_Us

    The issue with the economic update

    I think you're way off. In online games everyone loves to show off their camo's. There's a 90% chance they will start releasing camo's that have 30, 60, 90 day expirations, transferrable to different ships, for varying prices of doubloons. It's practically Guaranteed and an easy way to make $.