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  1. Which carrier are you having problems with? Because after testing the tier 10s, hak and midway TT are The only ones drastically affected.
  2. While I am sympathize, the issue isn't as bad as you are describing on a high level. What CV and what rockets are you having trouble with? Because Audacious barely changed. Tiny Tims, the hard hitting rockets designed for Cruisers and Battleships, is trickier but manageable for those targets. Hak is the only ship tier 10 that has a serious problem vs DDs right now. From what I've heard, HVAR Midway is less impacted than the Tiny Tims so that shouldn't be as useless; then again, HE bombs are your main weapon vs undetected DDs.
  3. Reducing plane speed by 50%, including the climbing time to invincible height, is ridiculous. Please allow planes to fly normal speed up to invincible height as normal, then fly 50% slower back. EDIT: This is not a duplicate, this is intentional.
  4. Merc_R_Us

    DD's dont need help from Wargamming.

    The benefit of FDR is that it's not a DD hunter. You can spot them for eternity, you could torp an unsuspecting one, you could go for a bomb drop, but overall, its a BB/CA focused ship. I hardly take out the rockets in her. Like, late,late game when i have 2 planes in each of the other types.
  5. Merc_R_Us

    DD's dont need help from Wargamming.

    Yeah I'm talking about when it's down to 2 ships. Indeed that is where the game has taken you (and that's the part where you need to be much more tactful now in a CV; to be in a position to hit a DD when it is going to be lit). What ship vs what ship in your scenario? I do agree with you, yeah it's cv advantage, and that's where they NEED to have a secondary (optional) AA system; where the poor AA boat can leverage a more powerful, but more click/thought intensive, AA power. Idk, I would compare a Hak fighting a DD, to basically a BB vs DD, but you can only use your secondaries; difference being the CV has much less.
  6. Merc_R_Us

    DD's dont need help from Wargamming.

    I'm thinking on strategies, but whereas 1v1, Halland vs Hak was 50/50, it is now 100/0, Halland win. Do you disagree?
  7. Merc_R_Us

    Skip Bombers

    yeah gotta stay aware m8. your AA does hit them a little bit but it's def the least amount compared to any other plane type.
  8. Merc_R_Us

    Skip Bombers

    I would love to see this replay so we can see the evasive maneuver you did while you were in smoke. Or, did you sit still, maybe caught driving a straight line? It's like RNG was against you one time so you go to the forums to complain, come on now
  9. Merc_R_Us

    Top 3 mistakes new-to-medium players make.

    Sitting bow In when you shouldn't be. Staying on a side when it clearly is the kiting side. Running too fast from said kiting side. Not positioning for crossfires that could be 4 minutes from now.(can't blame a newbie though cuz that's not easy to figure out). Klebers trying to cap in a cv game. Telling CV to spot a Halland for them to shoot it with yammy guns 18 km out. Not playing with certain mods.
  10. Reducing plane speed by 50%, including the climbing time to invincible height, is ridiculous. Please allow planes to fly normal speed up to invincible height, then fly 50% slower back.
  11. Merc_R_Us

    Grand Battle mode not working

    really??? dude go to the 10.5 bug reporting and let them know.
  12. Merc_R_Us

    Grand Battle mode not working

    i changed the title as someone answered this. basically when it says active its meaning active in some part of the world lol. Gotta wait 3 hours I think then it becomes available in your server/timezone
  13. On your second line: Yeah that's what I'm saying; it's nearly impossible to attract people to a 5 year old game, so you're not going to find many players down there, on top of the reason that most people don't want to play low tier ships. First Part: I'm with you on making current players happy; I think the biggest things they just either refuse to do or just don't realize how much fixing existing stuff keeps people around more than shiny new stuff. They are making some big strides when it comes to carriers these last couple months though, RELATIVELY SPEAKING. MvR, FDR (tho that backfired lol), Immelmann, and now this Soviet line. These are all ships that are weakest vs Destroyers. So their way of fixing stuff sucks, cause they want cv players to migrate to this new stuff instead of fixing.. The rocket change was probably their first actual "fix" to the interaction. Still, I think it needs to be dialed back just a tad and address cv spotting much more, along with better AA control.