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  1. Merc_R_Us

    Battle pass let's track it.

    Hey are you going to be able to save this before they shut the forum off? This would still be good valuable tracking and could be posted on Reddit.
  2. Merc_R_Us

    DevBlog 464 - Trade-In - Closed Test 12.7

    Come on..
  3. Merc_R_Us

    DevBlog 460 - New Ships - Closed Test 12.7

    Everyone is always too doom and gloom with new releases EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It's like every single person is going to be out there with these ships. One or two here and there is it. Which won't change sh*t.
  4. Merc_R_Us

    Carrier Aquila

    Aquila is arguably the hardest tier 8 premium to use. However, the best players often do very well in her because she rewards correct play. I'll div with you since this post reflects an interest to learn.
  5. Merc_R_Us

    Air support without sanctions

    hey same here lol.
  6. Merc_R_Us

    best DD killing ship

    I just assumed tier X and I can't imagine OP was asking advice for killing bots in Co-Op.
  7. Merc_R_Us

    Air support without sanctions

    How to say you have no idea how to play CVs without directly saying it. There's so many reasons not to drop fighters to cover allies. The apparent ignorance you have of them convinces me that listing them out to you would just be a waste of time and oh my god I've turned into El2azer. Listen, watch good CV players play, keep an open mind that you don't know what you're talking about, and post thoughts in a more learning mindset rather than a "CV so selfish" sort of way. That'll illicit a more helpful reply from the constructive people here. I like to count myself as one but your post... Ugh.
  8. Merc_R_Us

    best DD killing ship

    Can't agree with those saying cruiser. To hunt a DD you ideally want to be a DD, something small and maneuverable enough to not get citadeled by enemy BBs. That said, I'd say best DD hunter is going to most often be Småland, Vampire, Marceau or Daring. This is excluding CVs of course as Midway and Audacious are best DD hunters all time.
  9. Merc_R_Us

    Somers 62k minimum win

    For but it's worth. I don't think you were going to have fun in a DD that has no AA on it in this world.
  10. Merc_R_Us

    Invisibility is [edited]

    I typed 3 different sarcastic replies for this and backspaced them all. Please, give more details. And fyi, it doesn't reflect real world, it reflects necessary game balance.
  11. Merc_R_Us

    WG keep Tina as updater.

    WG use whoever you want.
  12. In the news article for "Youtube Membership - Terms in Update 12.5, the "WoWs Admiral" subscription gives players, 6 "Wings of Freedom" containers. Also mentioned in this article "https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-125-asymmetric-battle/" Doing a search for Wings of Freedom containers in the devblog brings up nothing. There are no drop rates posted anywhere about "Wings of Freedom Containers." However, there is a "Wings of Liberty" container in the devblog, which is also about update 12.5 https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/443 The containers look exactly the same. Is this a title issue or are these separate containers, one obtained through youtube membership, and the other obtained in a different way?
  13. Merc_R_Us

    Question for Pro CV players

    Easy, you play thousands of matches in them. There's also like, what 8 of them? so it isn't too hard to figure it out. The only one's that throw me off the most are the Hak rockets.
  14. Merc_R_Us

    secondary build for german CV viable?

    My MvR has always been a mostly secondary build. I don't take that 2 point secondary captain skill though. The torpedo plane/AP bomber heal buff is worth it. That said, don't expect miracles from your CV secondaries. You still have to predict torps, change speed, constantly ensure the DD is spotted, etc. Always be cognisant of when your ship is spotted by a ship vs just being spotted by planes. Edit: also, it may not be worth it soon. The unique upgrade in testing helps the torpedo planes so it may end being worth it to pick up the anti torpedo protection instead of the manual secondaries. Haven't used it yet though.
  15. Merc_R_Us

    Best Secondary BB?

    The detection is higher than the secondaries but not by much. To OP, yes Schlieffen wins specifically because of the secondary range being so close to detectability range. Plus it has so many.. If only the thing has a bit more armor.