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  1. Rgtx1121

    Dipping my toes back into the water...

    Oh nice! I saw it in my port but thought it was a rental for CB's!
  2. Rgtx1121

    Dipping my toes back into the water...

    So does this mean that the Moskva that I foolishly sent to the Reserach Bureau is gone for good? I loved that ship....
  3. Rgtx1121

    Dipping my toes back into the water...

    Thanks! The Graf Spee was one of the first ships I ever got with the game (I think it came in some starter pack that I bought on Steam). I don't see myself pulling any long grinds for the dockyard event.
  4. Several months ago I decided to take a well deserved hiatus after the PR fiasco along with the disappointment in the loot boxes that I wasted money on. I think what finally sent me over the edge was how non-competitive the old "hero" ships of the game had become when pitted against the HE meta. I picked the game back up a day or so ago figuring that I would check out what QOL improvements had been made to the game, and hell, I have enough pixelboats in my port that I paid for that I may as well give it another shot. It seems like the HE meta has somewhat faded away.. is this a correct assumption? I only ran into 2 Smols in about 6 rounds of play. Graphically the game looks great and sounds even better. I happily traded some coal over and picked up the Yoshino and am pretty happy with the few rounds that I have spent in her, although I still feel much safer in my Alaska B. So what's the update folks? I noticed that there are no subs... yet...
  5. Regardless of whether this idea turns out to be a good, bad or neutral thing for the players (not that WG cares about the players), I am shocked that WG thought it would be a good idea to rock the boat so soon after the PR debacle..
  6. Maybe its downloading the second set of directives for the PR.
  7. After reading enough salty (and justifiable) posts to fill the dead sea, I decided to go play with a few of the new ships I got from Santa crates. However, Steam is busy downloading some update that is 26.4GB. What's going on? That's an awfully big file for a hot patch.
  8. Rgtx1121

    Puerto Rico grind thread

    I would love to see someone go full in on this grind without spending anything, and fail BECAUSE it would leave WG no room to say that their plan for this event was possible for the "dedicated players". Although I would hate to see someone waste their holiday season and sanity only to fail as a martyr.
  9. Rgtx1121

    PSA: Direct access to your Dockyard.

    Yep! There is the ship i'll never finish!! Seriously, ty for the link
  10. Rgtx1121

    Container Consumables

    What exactly do you mean, they show up where you cant use them? You have over 6k battles, have you always had this issue?
  11. This whole debate about people who pay to play the game and those who want to play for free is feeling very tired, especially at this time of the year for some reason. We can all site her and debate our time away about the value of a dollar (which is a misnomer, because a dollar is a unit of worth more than it is value, a subjective quality determined by the person who has said dollar). And now the debate turns to how much WG is worth, how much they revenue, etc.? If they are worth 1.6B, great! I hope they are worth double next year so that they can continue to hire the best talent to keep the game we supposedly love alive. Say what you will about the game mechanics, WG's at times confusing decisions about balance and multi-colored tracers, etc., but no one can debate the team has real talent. If you doubt that I would love to post some close-ups of the detail that is put into each of these individual models, as reflected on a 4K monitor. At the risk of sounding like a dang Hallmark card, cant we just enjoy something for once?
  12. Rgtx1121

    20 Big Santa Crates $47.99

    Buy her something nice (and priced around the same amount). Make it a big deal, you are just doing it because you were thinking about her at work, etc. Bam, and that's how you get more containers. Guilt.
  13. Rgtx1121

    Nvidia GeForce

    I see, its a streaming service akin to Google Stadia (which has been receiving very poor reviews as of recently). Very interesting!
  14. Rgtx1121

    Nvidia GeForce

    I have never heard of that. Out of curiosity, could you send me a link to this computer?
  15. I think there is a fair share between people who are legitimately complaining, and those who are more "bummed" out that they did not get something as good as they did last year. The case can also be made that it is only "fair"(I hate using that word) that a player base who will at times pay upwards of $50 for a virtual ship should be rewarded for their continued commitment to the game.