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  1. hateboat

    Interesting Sniping Technique

    I'm sure it has been used, if deliberately and accidentally, everyday since this "feature" was included in the game. It is only an "exploit" from the moment WG decides to call it a bug.
  2. hateboat

    Interesting Sniping Technique

    how long has this "bug" been in the game for?
  3. so WOWS is reinventing the pay2win economy, the future is pay2history. +1s and so on to the OP for bringing this sad news to the forum masses.
  4. subs have been canned for the forseeable future, there is only so much upset the game can deal with. The Commander rework will take at least 12 months to settle in, the CV rework is still work in progress, each and every new tech tree addition requires immense amounts of thought (ordinary heal or super heal MBRB or speed boost or both?) While it has been officially stated that the art department has a hard time drawing new captain avatars (especially Indian ones). So I imagine that subs require too much effort, energy and ability from the dev department.
  5. Shiny Sheff has no chance of being implemented, because devs are blinded by her stainless steel glory.
  6. hateboat

    Italian Battleships Premium Containers

    feedback : please publish the drop rates and add a parental advisory (gambling). otherwise I think they are fine, (as long as the ship drop rate order is not tied to a shortlist, and is purely random).
  7. hateboat

    Strategy fans rejoice! Rome Total War Remastered announced!

    great news, but I am still waiting for the best my favourite TW ever, Total War Napoleon, to be remastered and extended with some dlc goodness.
  8. try to bend the rules in some original way be silly try to sink stuff win
  9. hateboat

    cv vs dd and mm

    a) I don't need to border hump to do this (why do that when it slows you down?). b) There is no hoping, at worst I get distracted by other targets and perma spot much of enemy, especially enemy team players who are trying to break LOS/enter concealment. At best of course, I sink 2 x enemy CVs, plus a number of other ships. Asashio torp spam from behind target ships, (that's to say, from where they least expect it), is a tactical win/ Mileage varies, but between the best and the worse seconarios, there is much useful stuff that can be done. If I get sunk by a better than average (the average is low./.) CVer, before this happens, good on them. I guess for what you think fun, to each his own, some prefer to be passive at the bottom of the map, others prefer to be doing something, active. tldr, the best way of breaking the CV rework when in a dd, is by balancing the enemy CVs, and ensuring a nicely imbalanced battle.
  10. hateboat

    cv vs dd and mm

    Asashio has many ways to be played, but until you are able to get a gun kraken in a random battle (i.e no torps, but ramming, main artillery and fire damage acceptable) in your Asashio, you cannot call yourself an Asashio main! Once you have succeeded in this young padawan, then you may try the art of sinking BOTH enemy CVs while driving an Asashio (which has next to zero air defence). While if you think that taking out 2 x the most powerful capital ships on the enemy team, is not the job of the Asashio, or that sinking 2 x the most powerful warships on the enemy team is a waste of time, then you are in the wrong boat. Don't call yourself an Asashio Main until then, this profession has standards you know. Seriously, what does it take to call yourself a Main in something these days? Hmpf/
  11. Yeh I've been feeling the effects of bb SAP on my dd gameplay today. Only one shell needs to hit.
  12. this is interesting, is it because of the shotgun style dispersion/number_shells = "can't miss a barndoor at point blank range" principle applies? What ranges are you comfortable with when finding enemies? But this isn't. Until we get a dozen players stats with 100+ battles, the above info is of very limited value. Although congrats for doing so well anyway.
  13. hateboat

    cv vs dd and mm

    it is definitely not "legitemate", neither in the eyes of allies who hate to see a dd go off on a long flanking manouvre, nor in the eyes of WG which has done much to ensure CVs are hard to snipe because they want "balanced" teams. btw, how do you play a mid tier dd during a double CV match? Do you sit back passively waiting to be dropped? Do you cling to friendly BB skirts? Do you have fun? indeed, but CV sniping is not new. I used to snipe CVs back in RTS days, while either Cving or DDing. Was fun then, is slightly less fun now (I can't effectively sniper enemy CVs while Cving). Still, BOOM! no more CV, is still fun. GG
  14. hateboat

    cv vs dd and mm

    5 minutes which both decide and greatly shorten the battle outcome, and that sink not one, but TWO cvs. Following which zero enemy CVs to frustrate behind enemy lines torp rampage. Yup, can confirm is fun. Contrast that to 15 minutes of a dd unable to leave protection of friendly AA, or perma spotted while trying to contest caps and so forth. We can all agree, that is not fun. Are you a CV player by any chance? Obviously, both enemy CVs being taken out by a dd snipe early game, is not what WG intended, which makes it even more fun.