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  1. Raven_Floki

    Too many gimmicks & fake ships

    LOL, you do realize this is a game and not a simulation. It's not meant to be historically accurate or real to life. Get with reality kid. This game has been far from realistic from the start with smoke screens and blind firing. I mean come on, posts like this have been around from the start, you think you're actually making a statement/ Go play something else if you're tired if it. I could care less if they keep adding ships that never existed, it's not about whether its real or not its how you have fun. And this Russian Biased crap, what a load of dung that is. Those are the words of people who are just unhappy that they aren't getting what they specifically want. So sad.
  2. Raven_Floki

    OK I have been wanting to ask this pretty bad what's with all the MLP stuff?

    I just chock it up to lonely men who never grew up. Probably walking around with fluffy tails and pinned on ears and wearing skinny jeans.
  3. Raven_Floki

    Lies about the Kremlin

    You poor thing.
  4. Raven_Floki

    Rentals in Ranked

    Oh joy here we go again with another rental whine.
  5. Yep, just adds to the toxicity of the forums
  6. Raven_Floki

    Chat Bans during ranked

    That definitely wasn't me, I have no rentals. I don't even have Tier 8 yet lol. I'm enjoying the low tiers. After seeing some of the ridiculous posts on here about Ranked, I definitely won't be found there.
  7. Raven_Floki

    Chat Bans during ranked

    Wow, the intelligence of some people astounds me
  8. Wow, now they want to insult the Supertest Program, lol. What a bunch of shills who if they're so unhappy about the game go play something else. Oh well, just shows the mentality of online gamers now days.
  9. LOL, I work for an analytic company here in Europe, you might want to look at how the EU does things. Nice try though.
  10. You need to learn economics and how to research. WG didn't show me anything, the international market did. Because it is a private company they are required to show loss and gain. Those are also analyzed by outside sources to verify so WG couldn't fudge any of those numbers otherwise there would be international business laws in effect. All your post is doing like so many is voicing an opinion which is perfectly fine, but when you try to pass your opinion off as fact it makes you look foolish and appear as whining. Its all good though, I could care less either way, I play the game and enjoy it greatly despite the problems so many people cry about here on the forums with uneducated speculations and opinions. I haven't had problems with CVs or any of the complaints that so many have faced. Its about adapting and the majority of the complaints i have seen are based on the fact that a player who was god like in a certain field or class has lost their advantage and want to cry about it now. The same thing happened when they changed smoke mechanics. I'll just sit back, enjoy the game and watch all the internet economists spout their tripe and laugh. I hope someday you're able to find satisfaction in the way YOU want it regardless of what others who have been sitting by quietly watching say or those who don't even come to the forums to avoid all the drama in the first place. Very entertaining from an economist's point of view.
  11. Interesting........considering this current quarter's returns show no loss. Must only be alienating a small group.
  12. Raven_Floki

    The Cluster that is ranked...

    Yep, it has begun. The tears are flowing heavily now that ranked is here. LOL, I think the best part of a Ranked Season is are the posts complaining about everything about the game. I mean seriously, if all anyone does is complain about a game then why do they continue to play and plague the forums with negativity other than to entertain us I guess. Time to go get some more popcorn.
  13. Raven_Floki


    And here we go, the greifing about Ranked has taken over for the CV threads. I love it, every season its always the same