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  1. LGBTQ_DatingApp

    ORP Błyskawica needs help

    maybe a little buff buff to concealment or shorter cooldowns on the consumables, the latter might be warrant cause those long cooldowns are from the olden days
  2. LGBTQ_DatingApp

    Request from a wallet whale

    why open your wallet when you get them for free with your fuel tokens?
  3. LGBTQ_DatingApp

    Testing Ships / Refunding Ships

    It's moron like you and many others that refuse improvement to the game, simply to have premiums on the PTS but you even refute that. Just watch YT and make up your mind on a ship you might not like.
  4. LGBTQ_DatingApp

    Savage Battles are fun, but hiding is too incentivized

    Its braindead same map. non level playing field where some DDs have 2 player controlled weapon platforms and not even to mention how broken Hydro is.
  5. Don't bother Anesjka, WG doesn't care they only threw us this bone cause they were tired of the playerbase asking for things for lower tiers.
  6. LGBTQ_DatingApp

    Texas Battle

    Can you not read that this was a trolling attempt of me, don't get offended child, it ain't worth it.
  7. LGBTQ_DatingApp

    Stop complaining about CVs

    yeah its so complicated, ones the calculation has been programmed it will be used across the board with some minor tweaks here or there, clearly the OP has no clue about programming but comes here spouting his "knowledge"
  8. its not about the stats, the problem is the piss poor implementation of CVs, but WG doesn't care cause they make even more dollars with the reworked CVs
  9. LGBTQ_DatingApp

    Texas Battle

    looks like a meh battle to me
  10. LGBTQ_DatingApp

    Georgia Max Dispersion

    I think you miss the 7% better accuracy upgrade, i think it is slot 3 maybe 4. OR, you are a good old fashion troll
  11. LGBTQ_DatingApp

    Petition to WG to unistall

    WG can pull this crapof, cause there are to many ****** defending this garbage
  12. LGBTQ_DatingApp

    Someone have any idea how to solve this?

    you are eligible to join a good clan with your stats, seems like your clan commander is a piece of shite for pulling of the misery your clan is in
  13. LGBTQ_DatingApp

    DD Mafia Unite!

    Worcester with smoke lol
  14. SO it's justifiable for you that a tier8 cruiser gets smacked for 10k to 12k per attack run (not meaning entire squadron) and that the cruiser cant shoot down a single aircraft even with AA support around it, I have had that numerous times in the tier8 brit CL, but hey that isn't a thing according to you and the CV fanboys. Or the battle where I witnessed a Bismarck getting pummelled by tier 10 torpedo planes at the beginning of the match, the poor guys couldn't even get to friendlies in time cause of the retarded spawn point on some maps, ask that guy if it was fun for him to die to a single torp squadron? Or the fact that a DD can't gun down a CV anymore due to the retarded invulnerability, cause it ain't fair if a CV isn't paying attention to his/her surroundings and gets caught with his/her pants down.