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  1. Potohto928

    Doubloons in SC

    A few weeks back I got 1K doubloons AND 5K doubloons from SCs on the same day. Was tempted to go buy a lottery ticket.
  2. Potohto928

    US Independence Day Mystery Achievement(s??)

    Looking back I'm pretty sure it was my 5th battle of the day in US ships as well: Dallas New Orleans Fletcher Iowa Dallas again for the achievement.
  3. Potohto928

    US Independence Day Mystery Achievement(s??)

    I just sank a London with my Dallas and got the achievement. But based on your evidence that's not it. Maybe it's as simple as sinking some number of ships with US ships? Then it would be like last years anniversary achievements where you had to sink 3 of the same type of ship to get each achievement. I played 3 battles with US ships today but don't remember the total count of ships sunk.
  4. Potohto928

    US Independence Day Mystery Achievement(s??)

    Saw a US DD get one this morning, but no idea why. Best idea I've heard so far.
  5. Is it bad that I'm old enough that I remember seeing it when it first aired? Still one of my favorite episodes.
  6. Potohto928

    For those who know........

    I went and bought the 360 days of premium at Christmas. And in the first 5 months of this year I've added an additional 72 days just from Super Containers.
  7. Potohto928

    Prinz Eugen vs. Hood, who did you pick?

    Already had Hood so I picked Prinz Eugen. Then got a free Azur Lane container from Prime Gaming. And got another Hood.
  8. Potohto928

    Atlantico Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I'm just looking for the 100K FXP. After that I don't care.
  9. Potohto928

    If you see an IKEA DD player in Co-Op, give the guy a +1 Karma

    Back when team damage was still a thing you could hit friendly ships with those torps and NOT turn pink.
  10. Potohto928

    Spring Bundles in the Armory

    Went ahead and bought the rest of the bundles. SC contained 1000 doubloons, which brought the net cost of the 14 bundles down to 4786 dubs. And the Firepower Container yielded this:
  11. You got me beat. At one point in the Yamamoto collection I had 39/40 items with 165 dups.
  12. Potohto928

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Not the most impressive results, but not too shabby for T4. I haven't played Phoenix in a long time but I just reset both US cruiser lines.
  13. Potohto928

    Spring Bundles in the Armory

    I bought the first 5 bundles for a total of 695 doubloons. That's $2.78 in real money. Seems like a pretty good deal. The Distant Voyages container gave me a Lunar New Year camo for Loyang.
  14. Potohto928

    Free Italian Container Codes

    I think this was my best. At one point in the Yamamoto collection I had 39/40 items with 165 dups. I know I could have finished it at any but I was curious how long it would go. Plus I was in no hurry to finish and was happy to get paid for the dups once I did complete it. I was much luckier with the current collection. The last 4 containers I opened yielded 3 new items giving me 15/18 and 13 dups.
  15. Finished up this week's Italian Cruisers missions and got 4 more creates. To my complete surprise 3 of the 4 contained NEW collection items. So now I have 15 items and 13 dups, enough to finish the collection anytime. Now I'm debating buying Leone with the 25% discount coupon to net 1025 doubloons.