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  1. Same here - but I don't play World of Tanks.
  2. Potohto928

    Enjoy the scenery

    The sawmill in the Fault Line map. Having worked at many sawmills back in the days (scanning and optimization software) it looks quite familiar.
  3. Potohto928

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    A fun battle with my QE - 5 kills and 43 planes shot down.
  4. Potohto928

    I'm convinced now Bots have been "improved". (PVE Thread)

    Maybe not all of them, but I have to suspect this one is smarter than the average bot. The Hosho played pretty well too. I usually ignore bot CVs, but this one hit multiple rocket attacks.
  5. Potohto928

    Enjoy the scenery

    A hillside of flowers (?) on the Shatter map
  6. Potohto928

    Enjoy the scenery

    Didn't think there was anything on the Shards map except rocks until I found this
  7. Potohto928

    Which Ships Delete You The Most

    Russian BBs. Last battle my Algerie lost ~95% health in one salvo from a Sinop.
  8. Potohto928

    Red sky at night...

    Haven't seen that one but I did encounter a glitch where ship wakes were rendered in a rather blocky style. Restarting the game didn't fix it. Had to reboot the computer before the problem went away.
  9. Potohto928

    New Fjord Harbor Looks Great!

    Adding my congrats to the devs for the new port. I think Hipper looks especially at home here.
  10. Haven't seen any other ARP ships
  11. Potohto928

    Heart of Oak Deadline

    Heart of Oak was still available as of 15 minutes ago. I made sure to grab the tokens before it goes away.
  12. Potohto928

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Just celebrated my 1 year anniversary and have 83 ships and 3 empty slots. All but 17 are tech tree ships, and I'm currently grinding 23 more. I'm researching every line except CVs.
  13. Potohto928

    Conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity.

    Fuso co-op battle
  14. Potohto928

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Cruisers

    Maybe not a great reason, but I want Flint because my dad was born and raised there.
  15. The Hall of Fame hasn't changed since I got my London. The total number of players and the top % numbers have been the same for at least the last couple hours. Others are reporting the same thing and restarting/rebooting hasn't helped.