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  1. Potohto928

    Curious thing with PVE MM

    Played 10 games so far this morning, all at T7. Out of those 4 were all humans and 6 were exactly 2 humans. Having written a LOT of software over the years, my wild guess is that some conditional test is bugged so MM may actually find more players but only include 2 of them. And in case anyone is NOT aware - if only bots remain alive and all the dead human players exit the battle the result is a draw.
  2. Potohto928

    Curious thing with PVE MM

    Entirely possible it's coincidence, but EVERY battle I played today had either all humans or just 2. And we're not talking a small number. Probably at least least 20-25.
  3. Potohto928

    ZF-6 Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    This morning I was alternating between all humans and just 2 humans. I finished off week 1 with this battle. Not sure if I've ever had 19 defended ribbons in a single battle before.
  4. Potohto928

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Not a really high damage total, but this battle finished off the first of the dockyard directives for me. I not only got my 50th kill, but got the last 6 defended ribbons I needed - and a whole bunch more.
  5. Now that you mention it, I believe that was exactly the number of Battle Points I had left.
  6. No, but as I mentioned in another thread I got 227,504 Shipbuilding Phases. With that many phases I was hoping to find a whole fleet of ZF-6s in my port, but like your tokens my phases were nowhere to be found.
  7. Potohto928

    Update 0.10.3 - German Destroyers: Part 1

    Not sure what this is - As expected all my Big Hunt ships and commanders were removed and my Battle Points converted to credits. But I also got a notification that 227,504 shipbuilding phases were added???
  8. Even if you don't make it out you keep the battle points you earned. Exiting via the portal doubles those rewards.
  9. Potohto928

    Update 0.10.2 - Bug Reports

    Big hunt - Not sure what to call this one. Part way through the battle we ALL became disconnected from our ships. We still had some control, but we couldn't see our own ships and couldn't change the view. I was playing Gale and could still redistribute charges, and I think I could still move, but torps wouldn't reload - not that I could fire them anyway. But we were racking up damage from secondary hits. I think I even got a couple kills. I happened to be near the Aurora spawn when everything went wonky. You can guess how that went.
  10. Potohto928

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I'm posting this one because I generally suck playing Lyon. This time was different. BTW the CV was a bot.
  11. Potohto928

    Bots are cheating

    Seen this more than once - Bot Gneiss fires a spread of torps at my Kagero and misses. I figure it's safe to do a drive-by. But no - Gneiss launches a second spread of torps just seconds after the first! At least I got the kill before I died.
  12. First one is PVP only. 5 missions with progressive single battle XP of 1200 - 1600.
  13. Potohto928

    How can I see ALL the commanders in the reserve???

    Same here. I have 4/19 empty slots in my reserve so I should have 15 captains, but I can only find 14 of them. I suspect I have a commonwealth captain left from one of the rentals, but there's no way to find out.
  14. Potohto928

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I just got Anshan which puts me at 146 - but I also got the emblem for 150 ships. I have 10 empty port slots so I could buy some T1s to make if official.
  15. Potohto928

    Hizen Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Got my Hizen this afternoon. As I was some 800 xp from the last container of the day, I took it out for a spin. Not impressed, but it got me there. Lo and behold - a supercontainer did appear! Seven days premium. And while I was there I opened the santa crate that came with the next to last stage of the dockyard...and a Duca D'Aosta was within! All in all, not a bad day.