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  1. bunsmcuds

    1932 IJN Kaga "Yearbook"

    Thanks Tailor for the terminology! Sorry for my ignorance - still have lot's to learn.
  2. bunsmcuds

    1932 IJN Kaga "Yearbook"

    My grandfather is the one standing on the far right of the photo and the bottom right photo of the ship is the British ship I'd want to ID.
  3. bunsmcuds

    1932 IJN Kaga "Yearbook"

    Hey guys, I love WoWs and it really got me into Naval history etc (youtube videos on historical battles, etc.) Well I knew my Grandfather was in the Navy for part of his service and I was just sorting threw the family archives and found a 1932 IJN Kaga (Carrier) "Yearbook" from the time my grandfather was the head doctor on the ship. I say "Yearbook" because the book style is a lot like the Yearbooks given out at university at the time and has a the photo of the entire crew and list of names from Kaga and supporting destroyers/cruisers. Before I post these up wanted to clarify a few things: I found these last night - I fly out to Boston in three hours from Tokyo. These photos are not "top-notch" as I scrambled to take these before my flight. My Grandfather was not on-board the ship in the 40's as he was transferred to Manchuria and Singapore to do research on dealing with Malaria issue for the Japanese troops in South East Asia. So no, he was not a part of the Pearl Harbor bombing etc. However, I do acknowledge that this would put him on the Kaga during invasion of China. I am not trying to glorify the old IJN beliefs etc. rather respect the ships and the sailors of all sides of the war. I am now a US citizen and love visiting ships like the Salem and the Massachusetts on my free time. My grandfather was the head doctor of the first division of the Japanese Airforce at this time, which put him as the head doctor onboard of the Kaga during 1932. One of the pictures with the white ship pulling out/into port is supposedly a British ship according to the caption. I'm curious but can't identify the ship, can someone help? I had a lot more photos which I can post but also did not want to clutter