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  1. TomCat2019

    Naval Oil Battles

    I am done with this freak of a Cheat game, i have already uninstalled 3 other accounts, going to uninstall this one also. Screw you War Gambling.
  2. TomCat2019

    Naval Oil Battles

    No they do not, they get a advantage by starting early on Friday morning before we start, now WG changes the rules and don't say a word. We are still playing a EU clan, it is god damn monday morning there What the Hell.
  3. Since when did War Gaming change the rules for the weekend Naval Oil Battles ? It has always been that 8PM EST the other servers were done for the weekend, they are playing Naval Oil Battles on Monday morning there wth.
  4. TomCat2019

    Update 0.10.7, Clan Battles restrictions

    This has got to be the most redundant statement yet from WarGaming other than the Missouri problem, i played 13 battles last night in Gale, not once did i see a My Score, London, or even a Perth. WarGaming why don't you sit in on some battles and open your damn eyes for once, these ships are in over population in Clan Battles ( Pensacola, Nuremberg) every battle alot of players are using them. This looks more to me like another money grab so you can force them to pay for other ships at tier 6 in the Amory. Not going to happen WarGaming. The money or ** BUCK ** stops here and now.
  5. I have a question that was asked of me this morning by a fellow new Clan Member, The Battle of North Cape containers shows a collection item called ( Forward Radar Set ) for the Scharnhorst. First of all, the Scarnhorst has no Radar, then why are we led to believe it does ? This game is becoming more redundant and we are being mislead by War Gaming on so many fronts. Why can't this company keep some of the things accurate for the ships or is there something else going on.
  6. TomCat2019

    NA CC Update, Yuro Comments

    @Mademoisail, and you don't think you from War Gaming are in any violation of the rules? Really ?
  7. TomCat2019


    And just to add to this War Gaming " There are NO economics " in this game anymore so quit using that phrase.
  8. TomCat2019


    As far as i am concerned about the Missouri, yes i did want it and would pay Tier 9 Gold 🥇 for it, but not jumping through more hoops again, just keep the damn thing. Peddle it somewhere else.
  9. TomCat2019

    CC Wargaming Official Apology

    That's what i have done, i will play until my gold runs out, and maybe not even participate in Ranked.
  10. TomCat2019

    CC Wargaming Official Apology

    Did we honestly expect anything more from WGaming. I think not, they will not address the problem.
  11. TomCat2019

    CC Wargaming Official Apology

    We won't hold our breath while waiting for another response from WG. More LIES.
  12. TomCat2019

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    And to beat it all this morning the update to Missouri is worded ( our feedback ) bullcrap. Now they want to change what we originally said, the LIE grows bigger.
  13. TomCat2019

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    This is still a joke from WarGaming, you still have to play special missions to be able to buy the Missouri. Does not change the original LIE that was told.
  14. TomCat2019

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Sounds like to me they wrote this or copied it from the same script that the ticket staff uses for all problems in the game. Sorry excuse.
  15. TomCat2019

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    What a joke and a slap in the face to all players, i could have wrote that sitting on the crapper in 5 minutes and it took WarGaming 2 days to hammer this out.