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  1. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Premium Ship Preview - Yukon (LIVE!)

    Canada never had any battleships. They just borrowed everything from the royal navy. I vote for this ship to be renamed HMS YUKON
  2. Secondary ship with useless secondary skills. No thanks. Btw stop brown nosing WG and their poor products. You are part of the issue and not the solution. WG are bang out of order for the commander rework. Changing ships beyond use from their initial configurations when first sold. You should be ashamed of yourself for peddling their narrative as something which is acceptable..... You know their is something seriously wrong with the game when you can spec the Alabama to have the same secondary build as the Massachusetts.
  3. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    California 27km take down of a Ranger

    I was expecting a full hp cv takedown, not left over scraps. You get 5/10 for trying to kill steal and presenting the achievement as your own....
  4. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    All secondary builds are pretty much useless now...

    Does the secondary module on slot 3 not reduce dispersion by 20% more
  5. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Hizen reviews?

    Hizen is a great ship as is Musashi
  6. I just bought out the hizen, no time to wait for it.
  7. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    About the secondary nerf, did anyone test it?

    Why wont American bbs be affected as much??
  8. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Coupon Time

    Dont waste your time on marceau. You will ultimately regret it......
  9. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Air Raid Pearl Harbor! America Enters the War

    America was late to two world wars, nothing really of note to speak from America's perspective.
  10. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Permanent ban at 2nd strike

    As far as I am aware the only action that would incur a perm ban on the third offense is the detected use of hacks. 1st Offense: Warning 2nd Offense: Temp ban 3rd Offense: Perm ban WG new 3 strike policy against hackers
  11. No you just suck in Alsace is what is happening here. She for me is the most OP ship at t9, if you know what to do.
  12. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    ST 0.9.10, Arpeggio of Blue Steel and Black Friday

    No Musashi for you only skin
  13. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    ST 0.9.10, Arpeggio of Blue Steel and Black Friday

    Please noooooooò