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  1. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    French Destroyers announced

    Its 16 torps total but actually 8 torps per side so not sure how it will compete with the shima?
  2. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Venom's personal appreciation thread

    OP updated xoxo
  3. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Venom's personal appreciation thread

    That is not a great ship
  4. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Venom's personal appreciation thread

    What are you talking about??
  5. KOTS Bonus Code: LONGLIVETHEKING Thanks for swinging by
  6. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    The future of Premium Ship Balance

    You dont actually think WG like you enough to work for free do you??
  7. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    The future of Premium Ship Balance

    You cant balance premiums that were sold before only future ones. Dont touch what people paid for...
  8. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Midway - I'd like to see some WoWS staff players...

    Delete all CVs or join WoWP
  9. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    USS Georgia Model - Man those guns are longgggg

    how can a ww1 design be a tier ix ship?
  10. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Jean Bart $80 Really

    You are basically paying for the privilege to use the ship thats it, kinda like if you walk into a brothel. You dont own the workers, you are just paying for the ride.
  11. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    1.CV 2.CV 3.CV Delete all CVs
  12. im talking about this one you dekweed
  13. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    USS Georgia Model - Man those guns are longgggg

    Those secondaries better be strong or you gonna have 747s bombing down that gap
  14. ___V_E_N_O_M___

    is it safe to come back?