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  1. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Question regarding resetting ship lines

    @FemennenIy, is the one-time 10,000 RP bonus only available to those currently eligible for the Research Bureau, or will all players get the bonus upon unlocking the Research Bureau?
  2. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Smolensk = WOW, WOW, and did I say WOW?

    I think this is called the armored-by-overpens philosophy.
  3. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    I did, and I actually consider it quite worthwhile. It's fairly forgiving to play, for a high-tier DD, and it's a good earner. Pretty balanced. Not overpowered or underpowered. I had to buy a few crates at the end, I think I was short by 60 fuel tokens or something like that. But that was an OK tradeoff between time sink and whaling for me.
  4. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Free 24 hour Premium Reward

    So what you're saying is that when you select "OPEN CONTAINER," it opens the containers you've received but not opened in reverse order of how you got them, i.e. the most recent first? That makes sense, although it is a bit of an awkward workaround, since you can always see the crate that's next up to be opened but none of the others you have that are unopened. Seems like the only problem would be when you get multiple crate rewards, i.e. I got a 24-hour Premium crate that I want to save, but I can't open the other crates I got at the same time because the Premium crate is next up to be opened, so if I wanted the contents of the other crates I'd have to start the premium time.
  5. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Sabaton live!

    I liked Sabaton before I liked World of Warships, actually. But they're kind of a B band to me. Just a lot of fun, but no, not really a fantastic band objectively. I like them because it's nice to see someone find his niche. Because let's face it, Joaquim is not a great singer, but the one genre he can do OK in is metal, and the one subject he has a good voice to sing about is war, so it's working for him!
  6. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    New legendary captains for Germany and Italy

    Low- and mid-tier campaigns and operations would have been what you'd do if you actually wanted people to play low tiers more often.
  7. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Legion of Honor Crate Results, Collection Info, New Capt

    Agreed- this is what I did on the Benham grind. I wasn't going to hit 48/50 for the dailies, so I bought I think seven crates at the end.
  8. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Jaguar is terrible...

    I'm kind of torn on whether Siroco is less mediocre than Jaguar on that point, since Siroco does get MBRB, but Jaguard torps are better. I agree, the engine boost and damage saturation mechanic alone are insufficient for <T6 DDs for them to every be desirable or more than mediocre. Honestly it remains to be seen whether adding MBRB and improved AP shells is enough for the high-tier French DDs to be more than just OK.
  9. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Gamescom 2019 : Feature Streams

    What am I even watching!?!? EDIT: Actually, I TOTALLY NEED that torpedo launcher in my life. ADD TO GAME STORE.
  10. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Will Somers Be AN OP DD?

    I don't know how much we'll see of guided weapons, it would remove some of the arcade play style. Really the 1950s is as late as you can possibly push ship development in WOWS without a massive shift in gameplay that would basically separate pre- and post-guided missile ships into incompatible battles.
  11. RainbowFartingUnicorn


    This is the side benefit of karma being useless. People can't use it to actually negatively affect toxic players... but toxic players can't use it to negatively affect anyone else.
  12. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Jaguar is terrible...

    I think Jaguar is workable. Compared to Siroco, she has a few more hit points and a larger margin for stealth torpedoes. Slower reload, but extra gun barrel. She's pretty mediocre, but not unworkable.
  13. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Free 24 hour Premium Reward

    Wait, it's possible to only open containers of a certain type?
  14. I've only been playing for six months, and my highest tech tree ship is Tier VIII, and I only have one of those fully outfitted and three more I can't afford to buy. I didn't really have a problem completing the directives.
  15. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Will Somers Be AN OP DD?

    The Friesland class wasn't designed until the 1950s, it's one of the newest ships in WOWS in terms of when it was designed and laid down. It was specifically designed as an ASW destroyer, which made sense given the looming strategic threat of the submarine and the receding chance for surface torpedo actions.