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  1. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Milestone in Ranked!

    You may say... what's the big deal? A loss in Ranked? And you'd be right! It's par for the course! Three Ranked battles today, three losses, two saved stars. That's pretty normal for me this season. But this game was special! Because... ... I HAVE FINALLY RUN OUT OF FROSTY FIR TREE CAMO!
  2. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Black Friday Ship Predictions!

    Sounds like an AA upgrade for Viribis Units?
  3. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Ships that can get 500 main battery hits in a game

    Smolensk, Friesland, Kitakaze or Harugumo are easiest. Many other ships can do it, but some lack smoke that makes farming hits harder, or like the 6"-armed light cruisers have a larger smoke firing detection penalty. Also, bear in mind that getting lots of hits and doing lots of damage aren't the same thing. The fastest way to accomplish 500 main battery hits is in co-op with one of the ships I name and a matchup that includes at least half battleships. Tier X is best for fire rate and the available HP pool on the red team for farming.
  4. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Playing against CV's

    With the caveat that I am not a unicum, and that unicum CV players will slaughter you mercilessly even if you are good at the following tactics, the following is a good start to mitigating damage from CV players who are average or worse: 1. Leave your AA off unless your AA range is shorter than your air detection range. 2. Correspondingly, only turn your AA on when you have a good reason, and as soon as you are out of air detection range, turn it off again. 3. If you are being attacked, turn into the attacking planes and try to present a narrow profile. This makes you harder to hit and reduces the amount of reaction time they have to line up the attack. Against rocket planes and torpedo bombers, turn bow-in. Turn broadside to dive bombers. 4. Learn air detection ranges. Try to be ahead of your teammates but generally in a place where you will not be the first ship spotted by air... And also not directly between a tempting target and an attacking flight - if a rocket squadron makes a run on a heavier ship and spots you once they've entered their attack run, they can just drop on you instead, whereas if they spot you after beginning their attack run, but you are off to one side, they won't be able to adjust enough to hit you and will have to come around on a second attack. 5. If you have a destroyer with passable AA, learn to set AA traps using teammates as bait. Try to maneuver so that enemy squadrons are parallel to your course just outside air detection range, then turn your AA on as they fly by with priority AA sector enabled, then turn it off when they start to turn back toward you and make a radical position shift on a different course while trying to keep your priority sector aimed at them.
  5. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Ensign Cthulhu's Quick and Dirty Guide to the 0.9.7 directives.

    My Side Mission A was Tier V-X destroyers, cruisers, or carriers with no national restriction. Side Mission B is Tier V-X Japanese, German, or American battleships.
  6. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Huanghe is Meta.

    Huanghe has always been a strong sleeper pick for all those reasons, but also because you get TRB without giving up the crawling smoke generator. I have used this many times to solo the two northwest battleship reinforcements in Aegis.
  7. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    When can we try a new ranked system?

    It was Tier VIII, and memetastic Graf Zeppelin secondary builds and Enterprise were all the rage...
  8. Press 1 for main battery HE shells, press 2 for main battery AP shells, press 3 for torpedo tubes, and press 0 to talk to a representative.
  9. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    When can we try a new ranked system?

    I ranked out with like a 70% win rate in a tech tree destroyer. I never lost a battle against a Tirpitz, Massachusetts, or CV.
  10. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Pommern/Mainz/Z38 Compensation? (Answer: Doubloons)

    Are the Kriegsmarine containers fixed ship drops, or are the giving you a random one from the droppable ships you don't own? I.e., if you roll Z-39, but already have it, will it re-roll Hipper, Mainz, or Pommern, or will it just pay out the doubloon value of your Z-39?
  11. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Kriegsmarine containers are broken?

    Welp, RNGesus giveth and taketh away. He has taken away all my reasonable matchmaking and ability to play Ranked Season 17, casting me from His presence with a 45% win rate, and in return He has delivered unto me an Atlanta from a supercontainer a week or two ago and now the Mainz from my Directive 1 Kriegsmarine container.
  12. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Ranked Battle frustration

    This season has been terrible for me, I have a 45% win rate even with pretty decent personal performance. That's literally the worst win rate I have in any game mode, and my previous average ranked win rate was 57%. I have had teams throw games in new and creative ways - had a game where our Shokaku and Cleveland were the last ships standing, and the reds had their Shokaku and an Akizuki. We had two caps to one, and all our Shokaku had to do was keep the Akizuki spotted and help Cleveland kill it. Didn't even have to hit him, just keep him spotted long enough for Cleveland to finish him off. What did he actually do? He ignored our frantic pleas in chat to please find the destroyer for the love of God and all that is holy and YOLO charged the enemy CV from his safe position in our C cap, lost the secondary fight once he got there, and failed the torpedo beats against the red Shokaku's torpedo planes while aimlessly trying to hit the red CV with the rocket planes that were all he had left, putting us behind on points with his death and allowing the Akizuki to simply kite and hide from our Cleveland until the red team won. But this season has also been good, because it helped me discover Torchlight and how much fun other games can be.
  13. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Premium Ships

    If you wanted to during the event, you could have whaled enough premium loot crates to get all the fuel tokens necessary for Benham without even playing the game, but it would have been obscenely expensive.
  14. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Please add missing ships to National lines

    I think he means he would like all ships to be shown under their national tech tree, incuding premiums and limited release ships.
  15. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Convoluted Coupon

    This is actually the greatest coupon. I am envious and wish I had one. Basically, you get double a cash purchase's value in doubloons. So if you bought something in the premium shop that was worth 13,000 doubloons for cash, you would get your purchased item... plus 26,000 doubloons for free.