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  1. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Lunar New Years - 10 Containers

    I got the Loyang camo from my ten, and that was about it. I already had all four of the pre-existing Pan-Asian premiums as well as the LNY camo for Huanghe, so while I didn't really get much value out of my ten boxes, I did get the camo I wanted, so the consolation prize was pretty OK.
  2. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    The Perthfect Opportunity - Free Premium Rental

    See, that's what my interpretation was, too.
  3. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    My Results from a 40 Crate LUNAR This Morning...

    I did a ten pack and got the permacamo for Loyang, about which I have very mixed feelings, because that is in fact the permacamo I wanted most, but... I didn't really want it enough to pay $22 for it, and I didn't really get anything else worthwhile.
  4. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    When to Grind and when to Pay

    Yes... and no. I ground the FXP for Alaska in about a month. The key is learning efficient grinding. It is hard in the beginning with no signals, but as you play, you'll gradually accumulate economic signals to help speed the process. If you run a Narai operation and get five stars with optimized camouflage and signals, you will easily clear 750k credits, 25,000 XP, 15,000 FXP, and 35,000 Commander XP per win. Even without optimized camouflage and signals, a smattering of readily and freely available camo and econ signals will get you 2,500 FXP easily per match. Grinding in Operations is the most effective way to get credits, FXP, or ECXP. The win rates approach co-op levels, while the abundance of target ships means most players will easily do damage that would earn you heroic achievements in random battles. If you're completely free-to-play, complete daily combat missions and as many directives, campaign tasks, Twitch missions, etc. that you can for the rewards, and you'll quickly have a tidy pile of signals and camos. Only use them in Operations, since co-op gives a poor return on econ signals and camos, and random introduces a high chance of loss.
  5. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    My God! It's full of st... er, ships!

    Last fall they had a special deal on premium LNY 2019 crates. I think it was $5 for 5, and $1 for 5 standard LNY 2019 crates. I think I got two ships and a permacamo from them. Drop rates might actually be relatively good.
  6. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    My God! It's full of st... er, ships!

    I think it's so that people can grief in chat and say that "YOU GOT SANK BY THE SILLY WANG, SON." Because I would do that.
  7. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    ST, Patrol Fighters consumable, Loop and Bering Sea maps

    I think this change should have been tried on catapult fighters simultaneously.
  8. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    My God! It's full of st... er, ships!

    I think the little green number of reputation might not take into account the type of reaction emote you get, because I see people who mostly get yawns or rage faces who have very positive reputation numbers...
  9. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Weekly Combat Missions: Lunar New Year

    The irony is that everyone has such low expectations for Wargaming in regards to understandable communication that we always expect there to be a catch, and that catch always drastically changes (always for the worse) the original estimate of how good something is. So rampant speculation on the various social media outlets ensues, and Wargaming says nothing to clarify until the patch notes release, and only the community's distrust for anything Wargaming says keeps people from getting their hopes up too much.
  10. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    Early access ships are permanent. If you got a drop, you keep the ship, permacamo, and the upgrades you got for free with it.
  11. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    How Do You Not YOLO and Push to Much?

    I think it's fairly straightforward... Are you within supporting range of the group of friendly ships you're with? If you're not, do you have a good reason to not be? If you don't, then you're overextending.
  12. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Ranked... the thing I'll do to get Flint, I guess

    Smolensk will probably be wild in Ranked if your team stacks reload buffs. I had five reload buffs on a Minotaur on that game mode in the last PTS, and I literally melted a GK. I looked like a fire hose of 152mm AP.
  13. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Thunderor or Georgia

    So one is for the boomer players to eat with a pocket knife, and the other is for millennial players to spread on toast?
  14. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Weekly Combat Missions: Lunar New Year

    I think you're right. The + signs are super confusing there, but I'm almost certain it's just a chance to get a ship or camo. I really want the other three permacamos I'm missing.
  15. RainbowFartingUnicorn

    Where do people put their Yamamotos?

    Destroyer seems like a good choice. Don't Japanese DDs have poor turret traverse? The Expert Maintenance would go a long way toward module protection, and First Blood is fairly common in DDs.