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  1. eagleye111

    CV air attacks-

    Cannot figure this out, during game play opponemts CV sends out Air fighters that take out 1/2 my squadron. #1- How do I use air fighters from my side if that is the case as well? I get the rest of it, and watch a bunch of videos on CV gameply in Midway- but cannot figure out how to use to my advantage. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. eagleye111

    French DD Tips Guide!

  3. eagleye111

    French DD Tips Guide!

    How do I purchase or research the French DD's? I see some of them on Tech Tree, but when I click on to purchase there is no option?
  4. eagleye111

    Armada: Bayard

    How do I buy these new French ships? I see them on Tech tree and click on them, but there is no button to purchase or research? The Bayard is not listed on tech tree as well?
  5. eagleye111

    Update - Feedback and Performance

    There is a new version of the Mac wrapper, you can go here to download it: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/de/products/wows/hot-issues/24823/ It's from our EU site but the link should be available to all players. Give it a try and see how it works. #anchorsaweigh THIS WORKED, A BIT CHOPPY BUT I CAN PLAY AND ITS WORKING- THANK YOU.
  6. eagleye111

    Update - Feedback and Performance

    To the people who can not launch game if your pc uses DX9 only the game will not work for you they removed support for it. DX 10.1 or 11 supported cards are needed. wth- they just change the requirements in an automatic update and dont tell you this? I have a 2 year old IMAC- which I guess is totally useless now- SMH- excellent idea.
  7. Surprising how non MAC friendly this game is- even before the update it would continually crash but at least you could play a little. Oh well- it was fun, glad I didnt invest any $ then. I guess its uninstall time- WHy would they not tell you that with the update -
  9. eagleye111

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    This SUCKS on MAC- AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048 MB- 6 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 I play on PC when I can in my office, and at home on Mac. Few issues on PC- with low settings, MAC is impossible- occasionally i get a couple of games in, then the freezing and shut down begins- sometimes 2-3 times in one match. Of course all settings are at very low- to no avail. What a shame and sham- glad I never spent the premium $.
  10. eagleye111

    ENSIGN newbie- 5 weeks in.

    Thanks for the replies- I appreciate the wiki link someone just gave me that info. I get it, but its odd- i am in a long or mid range volley with my Battle ship or Cruiser and i am going back and forth clear LOS- then the ship disappears. Still well within shooting range let alone detectability range. It literally happened when I was in spectator mode earlier, after I got killed off i was watching the over all game- and the destroyer was firing then disappeared but his guns were going off anyhow then he popped up again . No smoke open water, maybe its just me- Thanks for the help- except for sendit2me30- WAD- and I checked and its actually been a little over 2 months so break that down for me and send me the stats. LOL
  11. I need some help, and I get the detectability, smoke screen radar- etc. But I cannot get a grasp on disappearing ships. I was just playing in a match with a DD- set smoke in open water just in front of rocks, and i had 4 enemies 10KMs out, and clearly could see them. So I set it, shot torps out of it for 90 seconds no issues. But all of a sudden 4KM out a DD pops up out of nowhere? How does that happen and how can i do that with my DD in that case? I have also been in battles where I am shooting at a ship and each other for a good 30-45seconds- back and forth and he disappears then comes back- these are ships I am zoomed in on and doing damage to- no smoke, no rocks- I just dont get it- but today with that DD coming u 4.5km away while i was facing that direction the entire time has me scratching my head. Any help would be great, thank you. I love this game- but the crashing is nuts on Macs-
  12. I am a newbie only 3 weeks in, I am playing on my IMac Retina 5K 27' running OS siera 10.12.8- (AMD Radeon r( M390 2048B). If I get lucky I get 2 games in before it freeze or just crashes on its own. Midgame, pre game- random shutdowns. Its a bummer for sure as I love this game, but this is just so frustrating, and I am worried about downloading the wrapper fix based on the most current comments. I run it on my Dell PC in the office, and its not perfect, but a crash is rare on the PC. I cant run the game on high graphics setting, but it runs fine. The mac is a disaster and I am surprised they have not fixed this since this thread goes back to 2017??? FIX THE MAC ISSUE