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  1. SnowBuck1

    second bonus code

    Worked...Thanks...Dont yet know what it gives...lol
  2. Correct. You can set up to a 5 point Auto Pilot course on the Map and then set your speed. Course will run while you fly. While back on the ship, any manual course change disables the pre set course.
  3. SnowBuck1

    Salem or Napoli?

    The thing that really sets Italian CA Napoli apart...Those aren't just great secondaries, they are accurate SAP 152mm and SAP 90mm secondaries with good range and excellent dispersion. Assuming you brawl close in, it's pretty normal for Napoli secondary guns to outscore her big 254mm HE/AP mains. It's a fun cruiser.
  4. SnowBuck1

    Napoli Build question

    Napoli is all about the super effective secondary battery. WG themselves advise using Secondary Battery Mod 1 & Aux Armaments Mod2 for Napoli to max out the ships best feature...12x 152mm SAP and 12x 90mm SAP secondary guns that absolutely shred out to 9.2 KM with Flags. Those secondary guns are actually fairly accurate compared to most other ships, and they will often outscore Napoli's 9x 254mm HE & AP Main Battery in close or medium range combat. Decent armor and 4x torps a side help Napoli make enemy coming close pay a price, but torps also have range out to 13.5 KM for longer shots. Still learning how best to fight the boat but I like the ship so far. Better armor & HP, better concealment and better speed than Venezia.
  5. SnowBuck1

    Updated can,t login

    Using Steam, you can go to your Game Library list, place your cursor over World of Warships game and Right-Click for the Options...and Select Properties. In Properties, Select Local Files> Verify Integrity of Game Files. This launches a 10-15 min examination of your local game files with a progress bar. If Steam finds any problems or missing files, it will automatically download and repair the problem for you. If there are no problems, it will Verify the Files. Try that before any other steps...Not unusual to be missing a file, or to lose one via file corruption. 9 times out of 10 that usually takes care of game problems for me.
  6. Despite the WoW article explaining how Cyclones between the 4th and 15th minute of battle in this CB season would help to balance/limit CV aircraft spotting, my clan has yet to see a cyclone appear as promised. The warning about a cyclone has frequently appeared during CB, but it never actually shows up.
  7. SnowBuck1

    Tirpitz Norwegian Camo

    I have the same Tirpitz Norwegian Camo problem...Very cool looking camo on only one side, but it's just plain white /unfinished on the other side...