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    dont see how people can defend how op cv are

    i agree kind of..
  2. Penguinattack27

    New T6 premium German CV

    i was checking something, thanks
  3. Penguinattack27

    New T6 premium German CV

    thanks for clearing it up, i will delete my response now if you want.
  4. Penguinattack27

    New T6 premium German CV

  5. Penguinattack27

    dont see how people can defend how op cv are

    Yes, someone who understands, most people in the game are mediocre most of the time, myself included. We CV mains are the most likely to look at the game as a stragetic game of chess, next to non German ( On certain occasions, but having brawling ability makes it more tactical than strategic to play) bb players, we are strategists, we think of the game in the long run, except graf zeppelin players, they are entirely tactical in my opinion, they know how to smack down cruisers with secondarys for gods sake. We rely on looking at the map like a board of chess where the pieces say screw you to our opinions and strategies most of the time and we only have the power to screw with the enemy ships in the form of showing them for our allys to kill and dropping small care packages on them that do moderate to non existent damage if we are lucky. But we don't risk anything to get to it. We defend cv's because they are on another levle of play, we play chess not checkers. less so now as we have less raw firepower to put into play and less ability to do anything but kill destroyers and light cruisers precisely because they nerfed our ability to hit heavier ships. If all dd players were awesome gamer people and knew how every gun every torpedo every strategy worked, we would have a much harder time and would be near useless besides spotting from afar and being bored. Its not that the class is inherently op, its the people that play it.
  6. Penguinattack27

    dont see how people can defend how op cv are

    I'm not a pro CV player or a pro in anything else for a fact, but i am average and you know what ? CVs are hard to balance because the skill wall to get into them is not purely of tactics, its skill wall is of strategic thinking and minor tactical maneuvers in planes along with good decision making regarding risk reward and trade off of damage vs team support, the place they are in now, its not great but they aren't op, only pro players make them op and that's because the skill wall vs skill floor is comparing the penthouse to the first floor of the Chrysler building. There simply is no comparison due to the sheer distance and ability to perfect you can do in carriers. I agree that they are somewhat overpowered, i would buff AA type ships like Atlanta and Wooster and the others, that's quite an atrocity the way they are now. But they screw up surface combat in game because they did in real life. the Bismark worked horribly in real life, but in game its a monster when their aren't he spam cruisers. In a game some things are changed and some are kept the same. I think carriers aren't the problem right now, AA is. I think if you could buff AA to ships designed specifically for it, like what i mentioned earlier and left aa the same for the normal ships, hindy, yamato, italians, germans, britsih and other ships. AA is like a commodity, you trade firepower to get some, and you trade more firepower for an asset that is only useful when a CV is around, but when it is its a hammer of god. The problem isnt cv balancing itself, its that CVs, the moment they used float plane carriers in the battle of Jutland, they screwed up surface warfare rules, stealth dose'nt exist now, only the flight time of a plane does. You can only hope to fix cv's and tighten the skill gap along with kingmaker AA good on exclusively AA focused ships. AA cruisers, AA destroyers, american ships, enemy carriers. The way it is, carriers are like a duck, real surface combat slides off them, they can spot, damage, destroy and annihilate the piece of bread they want from across the pond but they are unstable and can be countered by someone throwing a rock (aa) in its general direction messing up its flight plan. And wargaming, their warships division has invested in these ducks to their zoo, the game, and these ducks they ruin their little fights, the ducks screw up and utterly destroy the narrative of firepower spotting armor, they ruin spotting making destroyers useless, making cruisers more important making he spam more potent and killing the turtles that are battleships. In the end people defend carriers because what else could they do ? Wargaming invested heavily in a re work and the same problem emerged from before, SKILL FLOOR TOO HIGH, STALL STALL STALL, PULL DOWN [edited] [edited] [edited]!!! If the rework that cost them probably half a million didn't work, what can, NOTHING, nothing but AA reworking for individual ships game wide could fix the problem, and they wont do that, which was our best option to make carriers balanced make individual ships that were good with AA as good as before or better so that dodging is harder and making them a no fly zone a strategic and tactical advantage for their team and teammates, somewhat balancing carriers in a game with them, but otherwise we have a constant struggle with cv's being overpowered or AA being used by every ship and having it be able to throw the game across the board against carriers. Tl:DR Carriers are impossible to properly balance due to their strategic and tactical influence and screwing up stealth and their skill gap from skill floor to skill penthouse ceiling. An AA re balance game wide on each individual ship so that good aa is exclusive to certain ships, but that make them death stars and making AA for average ships good if they get close enough for squad firepower. Wargaming has invested too much to straight up remove carriers and you have to live with it and try to get them to re balance AA. Thanks for reading
  7. Penguinattack27

    Helpful CV Video

    My god, this is the stupidest but best tip video i have ever watched in my life. Well done.
  8. Penguinattack27

    T4 Rhein - Fix this steaming pile

    From what i have heard the aiming reticle thing for all the other carriers came about as a stop gap measure, they are too lazy to fix rocket planes now, they just make them better at setting fires on superstructures and way worse against destroyers by screwing with the reticle. though enterprise players should be used to it as enterprise has had that from the re work.
  9. Penguinattack27

    Well Got Curious and Tried Secondary Build CV

    From all I have heard these carriers seem pretty powerful in the right hands, a task force made of any of these new German carriers, a destroyer and cl could have a serious impact if on a game if they rush and hold a point while the rest of the team fights for the other caps, and their planes are fast enough to spot for both sides of your team. I really am looking forward to these new cv’s, but from what I heard they are coming out to the actual tech tree in 9.8.0, anyone have an idea when that will drop ?
  10. Penguinattack27

    German Carriers, Essex and Enterprise

    Yea sorry, escort carriers don’t really work well in the current state of the game, they are fragile and most players won’t group up. The independence class cvl could be included in the tech tree, but in a meh state, but I think a premium version would work better to represent it, The problem is smaller squadrons to be practical need to be either fast or near their carrier for efficient and decent matches. If we use bouge the carrier has to move closer to the front line, in a slow and fragile hull. We could keep independence in the alt tech tree line as a ranger counterpart at t6 .Bouge would be a bad carrier and would suck in any way if it is implemented above t4, just like in blitz. We cant use independence as a t6 counterpart because it is just a worse ranger, it is faster by 2 knots and it’s hanger is somewhat smaller. That’s why it should be a premium baby Saipan. I think if we try we could have Bouge be a alternate Langley at t4, you could have the option to research either from Clemson, but independence doesn’t fit in at any tier normally, it is just a worse ranger at t6 or an op fleet carrier at t4 or t5. I think unless we do some serious digging and we find something to make Independence better than ranger is some meaningful way it dose nothing in the way of balancing the alt carrier. Bouge is possible at t4 if we have small squads of t6 planes, in the alt line. BUUUTT we could do something I have wanted for a long time a alt SUPPORT CARRIER LINE, Yes you heard me say it, SUPPORT CARRIERS, put out fires, drop smoke and consumables, pilot a real fighter squadron, drop depth charges, all the carriers are the lightweights of their tiers, Bouge, Independence, Yorktown and Essex. I will explain more in another comment,I gtg.
  11. Penguinattack27

    German Carriers, Essex and Enterprise

    I might sound Like an idiot but What about the independence class ? Honestly the idea of super small squads made of t10 planes on a t4 carrier hull at t6 doesn’t sound great or noob friendly. What about the class the Saipan was made to replace ? We make independence a t6 (Which it was before the reeeee work) with t8 planes from Lexington, dive, torpedo and even the tiny Tim rocket plane. Exact same way Saipan is made, next tier planes on a decent and fast Hull with small squads. Buuuuuuuttttt we should incorporate Lindsey’s idea of buoy consumable and the heal. So to recap my idea, Tier 6 premium: 🇺🇸USS Independence: Nickname 🔥 The God Of Perma Hell Fire 🔥 🇺🇸 T8 Dive Bombers T8 Torpedo Bombers T8 Rocket Planes Tiny Tim edition Quirks: All bombers get T8 Heal Instead of fighters all planes get a sonar buoy consumable that detects all ships and torpedos in a smoke screen within 3 kilometers of the buoy drop site. Very small squadrons and a small hanger with average regen, only two flights of bombers and 3 flights of rocket planes. What do you think about this idea ? I know we talked about Bouge but it is such a bad platform and t10 bombers would be overkill. A scaled down version of Saipan would be nice at t6 to compete with Ark Royal.
  12. Penguinattack27

    German Carriers, Essex and Enterprise

    Ok, yess that sounds like the most awesome carrier i have head about in a long time, buuuuuuuuuuutttttttttt we have some problems. T5-T8 Destroyers now have another carrier than if rng is on the carrier's side can insta delete their dd, the hp regen would mean that the planes are for all effectiveness indestructible at their tier, and the buoy would be a serious problem as bouge would have no chance to contest a cap with fighters or support friendly destroyers who are getting killed by the enemy carrier. The buoy while cool would mean dd's that live on stealth firing torps and their guns in smoke now have near no power whatsoever to play the game. I think this could be solved, I just don't know how.
  13. Penguinattack27

    German Carriers, Essex and Enterprise

    Ok so I checked Wikipedia. Their standard air wing consisted of F4F Wildcats I don't know what variant, we could probably use a F4F-4 or something, and TBF Avengers as their torpedo bomber, again I don't know the variant, We could probably use a buffed version of the enterprise Avengers for torpedo bombers, it could use F4F's as the fighters so it do sent bully ranger and the other t6 carriers, since the wildcat is also the rocket plane and fighter of ranger, but it didn't use any designated dive bombers so we either use fake helldivers which wouldn't work on it irl or we use a F4F squadron that works like Saipan's BTD destroyers, we have a squad of 6 F4F Hellcats that attack in flights of 3 and each plane drops 2 100lb High explosive bombs, similar to how it can be done in real life. Meaning we have the wildcat also be fighter and rocket attack plane in addition to being our dive bomber.
  14. Penguinattack27

    German Carriers, Essex and Enterprise

    Mabye we could just smack small enterprise squadrons into bouge for balancing. Everything, even the fighters. This bouge gets the tbd s with t8 torpedos that drop in flights of 3 and the squad is 6 long. Bouge gets enterprises dive bombers in the same way as the torpedo planes are implemented to bouge and we skip the rockets, and bouge gets the fighters and a meh regen rate to balance out the horrendous carrier the planes are based on ?
  15. Penguinattack27

    German Carriers, Essex and Enterprise

    Yea That’s sound interesting except I have a few problems with that. 1 Bouge is an escort carrier, so almost no hanger space and horrid speed, a worse Langley at ranger’s tier . 2 rockets, I’m pretty sure Bouge never used them. This leads to a Saipan , Langley and indomitable hybrid that’s American at t6 with bad regen, small hanger capacity, slow speed and bad maneuvering, no rocket planes, and t8 planes. It could work, just it would require a lot of testing to see how it performs in actual matches rather than theory.