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  1. Penguinattack27

    Opinions on my Graf Zep Captain.

    Yea, I actually just found your Graf zep videos, You’re a genius in my opinion, all my recent games 70k damage or more with your tips. Although I disagree on bomb dropping technique, I agree the bombers play a usable role. Speed and durability it is. Thanks for your help, both of you.
  2. Can I get your opinion on a Graf captain build ? I so far on my 11pt captain have:Air Supremacy, Improved Engines, both secondary mods (Cause graf zeppelin), and Survivability expert. Graf mostly relies on her plane speed, namely her fast torpedo bombers, so would proximity fuse make sense as my next skill ? Dive bombers aren’t a main damage dealer, so bomb upgrades aren’t a focus, and my planes normally fly out of aa with only orange to red damage on one plane so armor isn’t a major problem, would getting demo expert make sense, or just proximity fuse ?
  3. Penguinattack27

    Are Japanese Destroyers Fun or Good in the Current Meta ?

    Thanks, that confirms my suspicions, Then I shall boldly go where no cv main has ever gone before! To Fubuki! In my experience in cv’s spotting destroyers is troublesome, and dealing with them is even more of a pain. Also tier 6 isn’t full of hyper experienced players is it ? That makes me feel that stealth is less of a problem regarding carriers, but I’m not that experienced myself.
  4. Penguinattack27

    Are Japanese Destroyers Fun or Good in the Current Meta ?

    I don’t plan on going past tier 6.
  5. I recently got into Japanese destroyers in the iOS version of WOWS, WOWS Blitz. Blitz has a somewhat similar gamestyle, except destroyers are more prevalent, all ships get a heal and some weird consumables, and cv’s still use rts style. Are Japanese destroyers fun or competitive in the current WOWS Pc Meta?
  6. Penguinattack27

    Recommended GZ Changes

    I just recently bought Graf zeppelin and I like her plane's speed. With a 2/3rds a torpedo squad you can drop torpedos in even overlapping heavy aa fields. The problems are low rocket plane speed, bad torpedo and bomb damage, and difference between "main" gun range and concealment. On point 1 and 2 we agree, make the speed more in line with the other 2 planes, maybe change them to Richtofen's and Graf zep can be a German Saipan with heavy secondary battery that works when you get spotted. Your 3rd point seems a bit void. Her bomb reticle sets her apart from the other German carriers, otherwise she is a condensed version of the tech tree German carriers, we cant have a mini richtofen at tier 8, that is the tech tree Percival. I think it would be better to buff the torpedo damage to something more akin to American or Japanese torpedo's to make them unique but powerful. And for the dive bombers for all intensive purposes they are scout planes. I think they should be just more kapow, double or triple the bomb damage and leave it at that. Circle reticule makes sense for being different from the tech tree ones, but still the damage that makes battleships cower. TLDR; Gib richtofen rockets to Zep, buff torpedo damage, gib dive bombers better ap bombs to make them usefull, but with same reticule, also buff gun range.
  7. Penguinattack27

    From Tier IV to Tier VI - observation from a cv noob

    I'm happy you are enjoying carriers, they are a fun class and my favorite once you get the hang of them and learn some of their peculiarities' and tricks. If you want further advice i suggest looking at Toptier's channel, he is quite the pilot and uploads a lot of carrier videos and decently often.
  8. Penguinattack27

    Need Help With Vibrus Unitus

    Ok, i will try a battle in co op shooting cruisers and the like.
  9. Penguinattack27

    Need Help With Vibrus Unitus

    I agree she turns great, but she is a little slow. I might look for a drachinfell video on her, being the only Austro Hungarian dreadnought in game is cool. What makes her a good cruiser killer though ? I see on the stat card she has a similar velocity to kotovsky's 152's and normal ballistics, but wouldn't her speed detriment her cruiser killer potential ? Dont cruiser killers normally follow a line between battlecruisers and large cruisers in style ? Enough armor, high speed and medium caliber guns ? She has the guns, and about 60mms of armor around the citadel, but her speed seems to be a strategic problem for a cruiser killer style ship. Every cruiser at t5 is a light cruiser or scout cruiser, meaning atleast 28 knots on a bad day, 32 on a good one. 20 knots would seem to be a problem against them.
  10. Penguinattack27

    Need Help With Vibrus Unitus

    Thanks guys, i expected a fair larger amount of salt.
  11. Penguinattack27

    Need Help With Vibrus Unitus

    So I'm probably going to get a serious amount of flack for this, but I'm a cv main and cruiser secondary. I won vibrus unitus in one of the free santa's containers from the free random bundle. I have no experience in battleships at all. My question is what in the world do i do, where do i start if unitus is a worthwhile battleship, and if not is there a way to get doubloon's for it ? If you offer assistance thanks for helping.
  12. Penguinattack27

    Asking for advice for on Lexington

  13. Penguinattack27

    Asking for advice for on Lexington

    Oh, Well it still sounds cool, Battlecruiser Blue Ghost it is ! Thanks For the Tips !! Much appreciated, also would it be acceptable to swap out torpedo aircraft mod 1 for aerial torpedo mod 1 ?
  14. The title is pretty self explanatory. After grinding down the American cv line from Langley I have finally aquired the Blue Ghost. I have upgraded the bombers and have a 4 point captain now along with researching the torpedo bombers, my question is what planes should I spec or should I follow jack of all trades that American carriers, what captain skills and ship upgrades should I get, and are there any need to know tips on lex that I didn’t learn on ranger.
  15. Penguinattack27

    PSA: CV fighters

    I actually like dropping fighters near friendly destroyers and ships with bad aa. I agree that spotting enemy destroyers with fighters is easier and a good tactic, but being helpful and saving a teammate a bit of health is nice. If fighters were to follow the ship it was dropped nearest to that would be a good incentive and way to make fighters more team oriented.