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  1. Well then based on your logic remove flood chance from all torpedoes Ariel and ship and remove fire chance from all HE. Once again using your logic.
  2. WGSUX

    8.0.3 CV results

    lol you are the one fighting with everyone and crying about YOUR game and YOUR ship and YOUR AA. Maybe you should try out farmville I think that my be good for someone your age, then you can cry about YOUR Farm.
  3. WGSUX

    8.0.3 CV results

    you know it's funny all I really hear is you think the game revolves around you the whole "fix my ship" and I never asked for this or that. something I don't think the millennial generation has gotten through their thick skulls yet, is that things aren't just made for them. It's not YOUR game it's A game, it's not YOUR ship, it's A ship technically pixels on computer screen but you get my point. the only thing that seems to be yours is your me me me attitude my 19-year-old has the same issue.
  4. WGSUX

    8.0.3 CV results

    So you are having a hard time adjusting to CV's so they must be OP. Sound more like player unable to adjust to change so cry about.
  5. WGSUX

    had to change topic info

    lol.. what game are you playing.... and I'm not sure it the CV's that are making you do bad
  6. WGSUX

    8.0.3 CV results

    Yeah just read the upcoming CV changes, still not seeing any use of common Sense. So are squadrons are still going to take damage and be wiped out by invisible ships? Did you fail to pass on any information to developers from the over 400 comments that were left to you buy players? How about you either buff the invisibility of the magical powers of ships to just vanish, or Nerf the attack planes but doing both seems a little excessive. Nerfing the damage done by Midway torpedoes and the chance for flood once again pick one nerfing both seems excessive. And how about if you're going to buff everyone's concealment how about buffing the carrier and their planes concealment as well if you're trying to be balanced and fair. On that point the only ship it should have actually had the concealing buffed was the DD's not all ships. And once again do you and the developers not understand what kind of disadvantage a tier8 CV is facing when put into a tier 10 battle, or a Tier6 CV being placed into a tier8 battle how are these not making themselves painfully clear as poorly thought of. These are just a few common sense things you should dry in your update. So how about in some of these so-called hotfixes you actually do something to make players want to play CVs.