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    If you were compelled...

    Oooo, fun discussion, for me I'd probably pick Italy, USA, and Japan. The nations that I wouldn't pick would be Pan-Asia, UK, and The Netherlands. I just enjoy Venezia and Napoli too much no not play them, also Montana, Worcester, DM, Salem, etc... too much fun, and Japan has my favorite DD line as well as my favorite BB.
  2. Ello RighteousRhyno! Personally I do not own Tone, however one of my clan mates does and we play divs quite often. He likes it quite a lot for the reasons that you presented; the concealment, torps, and planes. You also brought up how it has questionable maneuverability, this is true and you can take upgrades to improve it. But to be completely honest, if you are looking for a good t8 japanese cruiser, I would recommend Atago. It's guns are amazing, the concealment is just as good, and the torp angles are better. Sure you may not get planes, but that allows you to focus on your role as a cruiser. I run my Atago as double rudder shift and I still have 10.4km conceal, which I find to be plenty. Also Atago can handle it's self at all tiers due to the accuracy of it's guns and fire chance. So in summary, Tone isn't a bad ship, but nor is it too good and I would recommend Atago in it's place if you are looking for a t8 IJN CA. Hope this Helps, Maj
  3. In the current state of the game it feels like BB's have been neutered of their true potential in resistance to fire, damage potential, and most importantly fun. As a multi-tree high tier BB player I can say that I have come across some things that seem off. When a CC or DD shoots a BB from over 10km away and starts a fire, it is not accurate to what should happen, or what did happen. When I picked up my two BB lines (German and Japanese for anyone wondering) I expected a ship that can take hits and dish out damage. I have found that when I play my tier 6 CC's I get more damage per game than I do with my tier 8+ BB's. This is sometimes due to my play style or the incompetence of the enemy team, but when I citadel 10 times in a match with a BB and I get more damage from setting 5 fires and nothing else in a CC TWO tiers lower, there is something very wrong. To address the first problem that I gave about the resistance against fires I propose that the further you are away from a target, firing HE, that the chances of setting a fire go down proportionally. This gives both CC's, DD's, and BB's a reason to push forward. CC's and DD's for fire chance increase, and BB's to know that they won't become a dumpster fire the instant they are spotted. There is another reason given for BB's further on. But overall this would increase the depth of the game and also create a new dynamic that all ships would have to learn to deal with. And just so that people don't misinterpret this the wrong way, this would apply to all ships. If a BB, CC, or DD shoots or gets hit my HE from a long way away, the fire chance would be decreased, and as the person shooting the HE gets closer, the fire chance gets proportionally larger. For the second problem I must explain it fully, this is because not all people play high tier BB's, believe it or not. The fact that a Bismarck, or any BB for that matter, can give a full salvo into the broadside of DD's and select CC's and do damage that is insignificant is completely ridiculous. In the war DD captains would fear getting hit by a single shell because it would leave a MASSIVE hole in their ship, that in some cases tore their ship in to two pieces. Examples of these can be found in the USN's damage records if you want to do your own research. https://www.history.navy.mil/research/library/online-reading-room/title-list-alphabetically/w/war-damage-reports/destroyer-report-gunfire-bomb-kamikaze-damage.html This should be remedied by the increase of damage done by large caliber shells that over penetrate their targets, those shells don't just pass through nothing. They hit several important "modules" on their way through and completely destroy them. Also, when shooting at a CC with secondaries, regardless of the BB, the guns should do at least half of what the in game equivalent does, not a few hundred here and there. As a quick example the secondaries on a Bismarck, which is known for its secondaries, are 105mm and 150mm. Yet when they hit a cruiser, they do almost nothing if anything. Those are 4 and 6 inch shells hitting the side of ships and doing nothing. Yet a tier 6 cruiser Budyonny, with 152mm guns, can shoot HE from over 16km away and do over 2k damage and over 3k with AP. The secondary pop-up for the Bismarck may say 1.7k possible damage but the reality of that, I have NEVER seen. In my personal game-play, replays, or streams. This needs to be addressed seriously, consistency in damage needs to be prevalent. "But Maajra" you may ask "Those two ships that you compared were from different countries, so of course they will have different values." To that I say, if you look in the German tech tree line and look at the destroyers, they have 128mm guns that can do more damage than the secondaries on the Bismarck hit for hit every single time. This needs to be addressed, if a ship comes within 6km or so of a BB and are presenting themselves and get shot, they should be deleted. The whole point of a BB is a massive amount of firepower in one place. The secondaries on BB's were designed to deal with DD's, yet in game they do near nothing in damage. For the final problem of BB's not being as fun anymore is more of my opinions and my observations. When I talk to my friends who also play WOWs and I say that I am a BB player, they look at me and tell me that I could be doing more damage in CC's or DD's. Also when I queue up for games, I notice a significant disparity in the numbers of BB's compared to any other class besides CV's. To add onto that, when I get into games, people make jokes about how BB's are only good for farming damage off of and can't do anything anymore. To the people who are inevitably going to tell me to "get better at the game" or "then play a different class of ship", I say go and play a BB above tier 7 for a few hours and tell me how much you hate HE spammers and super-cruisers literally doing more damage than you do in just fires or having more health than you do. Please don't respond to this with hateful comments and do respond if you support this argument. I would like this to get more attention so that this can be fixed sooner than later. Thank you.