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  1. im low on credits because i want to buy back some of the ships i sold to get to the next tier in a line, i also need credits for modules and prem consumables!
  2. Thanks for the reply, i am considering buying the admirals bounty which will give me 12.5k dubz and 30d prem so premium time isnt going to be an issue, doubloons is what i am going to purchase the ship with and i am very torn on what to buy, i enjoy both battleship and cruiser gameplay but seeing that the Alabama has a measly 701m/s velocity compared to the more faster shells of the german battleships that i am used to is making me doubt my ability on her as i have struggled with the same velocity of the american cruiser line before, it seems Atago is the clear choice for me it has impressive concealment, Health repair and amazing torpedo angles, i will read a bit more comments before making my choice!
  3. Thanks for your reply, i am accustomed to T10 gameplay as i have a Grosser Kurfurst and i love it, i get consistently good game ( 100k or more damage)so im alright at it, i am considering this option since its really my GK that is draining my credits and is one of the reasons why i wanted to get a credit grinder in the first place
  4. Got any reccomendations for a ship from T7 and T8?
  5. Hey guys, im running low on credits and decided to get a T8 premium ship to grind them out, the problem is i dont know what ship to get that will give me consistent good battles and credits, so far i have heard good things about Alabama and Atago so i dont know which one of these to get, any other ships are welcome for suggestion aswell! Edit: Hey guys! thanks for all the replies, i have read every comment and despite many people recommending ships like Scharnhorst and Tirpitz due to my experience with German Battleships, i have decided to get Atago, i have seen a couple of videos of it and looks very fun, the concealment, access to health repair party and great torps are very appealing to me. Reasons for not getting scharnhorst or Tirpitz is because i dont really want another close range Brawler battleship, Bismarck and Kurfurst are really fun but i do want to explore other game styles aswell. Thanks again for all the help, i didn't expect this many people to reply and help me out, what a great community! P.S: dont say Missouri 😂