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  1. I dont see anywhere to reset my commander skills for free. Can someone point me to where this is?
  2. ZX5M

    CV so OP now

    As a dd player, can't even get to flag before i have to stop and put up smoke. Timer on smoke isn't long enough. Timer between smokes is too long. Get harassed repeatedly and get to half health smoke again repeat until i'm dead. Maneuvers don't help much, P key won't save you. The class is overpowered and broken and ruins games over and over.
  3. This game has been ruined ever since CV's. Remove them and I"ll start paying for premium again.
  4. ZX5M

    CV Rework Feedback

    I've said it a million times. As a dd player. Fix CV's and I'll pay for premium again. I refuse to give money to a broken game. I only play for the games lucky enough to be cv free.
  5. It's the dumbest thing in game, besides CV's. You don't always have detonation flags. I don't care if it happens in a real life. It's a damn video game and randomly blowing up is completely uncontrollable by the player. This adds zero fun to the masses. The only worse thing is cv's vs dd's which they will probably never fix no matter what their claims are.
  6. You already have an "I WIN" button when you see a dd. They smoke, doesn't matter you wait for timer and kill them anyways. Their only chance is if its one of the few dd's that have better than crap aa. Do you want the I WIN button vs BB's now too? So you can kill them in 2 passes like a low hp dd?
  7. If you're dd doesn't have good AA, you're screwed, even if you have good smoke. 2 cv's in game have ruined this game even more. HERE'S AN IDEA WG, if you are so set on having CV's in the game no matter what, give us the ability to manually aim our AA at the damn planes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. I stopped paying for monthly premium after CV's came out......
  8. Most game companies never "get it" You can't change who people are. Non team solo style players will not change, just like team players will not become solo players. This is solely related to the personality and style of the individual. For me the most broken part of the game is CV's. DD's which are obviously the ship most likely to solo can't go off on their own to scout ahead especially in dual cv games. 2 CV's per team is the dumbest thing they have done.
  9. As a DD player, I quit paying premium when cv's ruined the game. After the rework, the game is still ruined. I play only for the games that have no cv's in them which i can't control. WG lost my subscription soley bc of CV's. Get a clue WG.