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  1. I'd like to see the level up the players required to hit Rank 1 this season. When you get multiple bad teams in a row, what kind of player does it take to still turn the odds in your favor? Rank 6 back to Rank 9 over several days is infuriating when you have lopsided teams and your own team gets obliterated. WG continues to not take stats into account on matchmaking.....You might say, well its your fault too. True, but I'm also not a Super Unicum which is probably what it would take on some of these teams... What happened to the mid range Irrevocable rank?? Does WG only want the very best players to be able to get the best ships? That's my interpretation of this new ranked season. As a 54% random battle player, I don't know if it's going to happen. I could maybe do it with the Haida since my best ship class is DD's, but I'm not going to buy a Haida for the "what if" chance... The absurd amount of steel required for those ships is taking years to earn. Not everyone wants to join a hard core clan where you gotta have discord and put up with political [edited] within the clan. Nothing against clans, but that was the one experience I had when I joined a more serious clan than the one I'm in now which is good for the discounts.... The game is really starting to lose it's appeal to me. And again.... the unicum players probably won't understand where I'm coming from bc you have enough success. Not everyone can be as good as you all.
  2. Matchmaking is rigged. So is RNG. WG has done this intentionally. You can be sure the reason is for $$$.
  3. I played my first round to see what it was like to play against subs. After seeing i only get to play against 1 other sub on a 12 person team, i no longer have interest in playing another round. Not worth my time playing t6 for the chance to fight aginst 1 sub.
  4. ZX5M

    Submarine tokens where?

    Dumbest idea ever. Who comes up with this crap. I play my first sub 12 person game and 1 sub on each team......
  5. Subs really need to be a class that are specialized in killing cv's and radar spammers. WG, if you can figure out how to to do that, you will make more money than you'd ever dream of. I really hope they don't end up being a total failure. If they fail, just remember its not bc of lack of interest or mechanics. It's because you didn't make them powerful enough.... This token thing to have to wait for a good roll just pisses people off. It's dumb. Either launch them or don't.
  6. I reach rank 1 each season I play, but it is very frustrating and probably the most stress I experience in this game. I do it for the steel. I figure in about 3 years from now, I'll have enough steel to buy my first steel ship....When WG discontinued some steel ships due to "lack of interest" WG, you do know steel takes a long time to get right? Unless your in an elite clan....
  7. You are not seeing the humor :) I'm sure there are quite a few people in my same boat.
  8. Rank 9 Rank10, Rank 9 Rank10, Rank 9 Rank10, Rank 9 Rank10, Rank 9 Rank10, Rank 9 Rank10, Rank 9 Rank10, Rank 9 Rank10, Rank 9 Rank10, Rank 9 Rank10, badteamgoodteambadteamgoodteambadteamgoodteambadteamgoodteambadteamgoodteambadteamgoodteambadteamgoodteambadteamgoodteam Next Day Rank 9 Rank10, Rank 9 Rank10, Rank 9 Rank10, badteamgoodteambadteamgoodteam ^*&#$@^ ^*&#$@^ ^*&#$@^ ^*&#$@^ . Orange Message: You are now chat banned until 05/21 due to player complaints about your language
  9. I dont see anywhere to reset my commander skills for free. Can someone point me to where this is?
  10. ZX5M

    CV so OP now

    As a dd player, can't even get to flag before i have to stop and put up smoke. Timer on smoke isn't long enough. Timer between smokes is too long. Get harassed repeatedly and get to half health smoke again repeat until i'm dead. Maneuvers don't help much, P key won't save you. The class is overpowered and broken and ruins games over and over.
  11. This game has been ruined ever since CV's. Remove them and I"ll start paying for premium again.
  12. ZX5M

    CV Rework Feedback

    I've said it a million times. As a dd player. Fix CV's and I'll pay for premium again. I refuse to give money to a broken game. I only play for the games lucky enough to be cv free.
  13. It's the dumbest thing in game, besides CV's. You don't always have detonation flags. I don't care if it happens in a real life. It's a damn video game and randomly blowing up is completely uncontrollable by the player. This adds zero fun to the masses. The only worse thing is cv's vs dd's which they will probably never fix no matter what their claims are.