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  1. Right. Don't we (users) think this is a new game deficit and should be restored? Perhaps install a simple right-click pull-down menu for "reset skills" on each ship type tab of the commander's 'All-Skills' page.
  2. In 0.10.0 update, I'm not seeing a way to reset a commander's skills that is not assigned to a ship like you could before. For example, a commander you sent to the reserves because you got rid of its ship and you want to reset the skills on those occasions when reset is discounted instead of later when you finally assign the commander to a new ship. This is even more important now because of four skills sets per commander.
  3. Dashing through the waves In a low-tier battleship Past the islands we go Cursing all the way... Bells in pilothouse ring Making crewmen run Oh what fun it is to jump and swim In a sinking ship tonight... Warship grind Warship grind Battle all the way Oh what fun it is to grind for Christmas crates all day...
  4. Haloxrag

    200% cashback ???

    I just got his 200% coupon also. I think you get it once per new account after playing a while (enough to climb the tech tree well into a Tier V ship, and you haven't purchased anything yet ever with doubloons - just a guess.