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  1. Tier IV: Wolf-class DD Tier V: Admiralen-class DD (Second generation) Tier VI: Admiralen-class DD (First generation) Tier VII: Gerard Callenburgh-class destroyer Tier VIII: HNLMS Jacob van Heemskerck Tier IX: Onderzeebootjager 1947A 1947 design 1 Tier X: Friesland-class destroyer All ships get DFAA/Hydro in one slot and smoke generator in another slot. Starting at T6, DDs are equipped with HE Bomb Airstrikes (similar to those of Tromp) and from T9 their is an option to switch out the smoke generator consumable with radar (similar to that of Freisland)
  2. This would make the perfect T7 DD - give it a spotter plane and a weakened version of Tromp's airstrikes and you're set
  3. Elijah2159

    Upcoming Update Release Dates (2023)

    Changelog: 2/2/23: Changed the status of the PTS
  4. Elijah2159

    Upcoming Update Release Dates (2023)

    Upcoming ship line release dates (Not final, subject to change): Pan-American cruisers will enter early access with 12.2 and will be fully released with 12.4 Russian submarines will enter early access with 12.3 to be fully released with 12.5 European gunboat DDs will enter closed testing with 12.2 and will enter early access with 12.4 to be fully released with 12.6 Spanish cruisers will enter closed testing with 12.4 and will enter early access with 12.6 to be fully released with 12.8
  5. Elijah2159

    USS Illinois and the Great Secondary Oppression

    Typical WG... fixing things that don't need to be fixed and ignoring things that do need fixing
  6. Elijah2159

    Best German Premium

    I own Weimar and I really enjoy her. She's heavily situational but she slaps. I've heard that Munchen isn't that good. Prinz Eugen and Mainz are both good. Agir is ok. I've heard that Schanhorst and Tirpitz are good. Don't buy Brandenburg - she loses the iconic German hydro and she has less HP compared to Tirpitz. Same thing with Anhalt. Pommern and GK are good picks, and you can effectively get GK for free if you grind the coal. I've also heard that Mecklenburg is good if you can afford her
  7. Elijah2159

    Waterline: Winter 2023

    @Ahskance do you know if the support CVs are going to have chaff as well? I know that they had it in their original testing configuration and they said that they would retain it but they didn't say anything about the carriers having it in the waterline video
  8. Elijah2159

    Waterline: Winter 2023

    Yeah... If they're like the minefields in Operation Dunkirk then they'll either be super effective (by blocking off entire sections of the map to the enemy) or they'll be ineffective and easy to counter (by just going around them) What I'm also worried about is double support CV games because you can have both CVs teaming up and mining large portions of the map But then again if they implement it right, then I hope to also see ships with mines in the future
  9. Illinois took quite a beating
  10. Elijah2159

    Waterline: Winter 2023

    Really? Minefields? Ugh... Sure, it's better than magical stun bombs, but seriously? It's going to be a P A I N to deal damage to ships when all you can do is drop minefields in their face in hopes that they run into it and don't dodge. Kinda happy that you guys are adding a hybrid DD but at the same time I'm also kinda disappointed that it's not the iconic USS Pringle :( Spanish cruiser line looks fun Super Petro? Going to be interesting to say the least
  11. Elijah2159


    Probably pretty expensive seeing that all you have to do is drive your car out your window onto the bridge
  12. Elijah2159


    I'm pretty sure that the water isn't supposed to change color out in the bay... And I'm also pretty sure that you aren't supposed to see inside the passing ferry... from both directions... And I'm also pretty sure that the Brooklyn Bridge doesn't start in an apartment building... Please fix the Port of New York - the more I look the worse it gets. This is all in the base game - no modifications - and it can be recreated by previewing a large ship (ex. Vermont) then using the freecam to pan around your ship
  13. Elijah2159

    Early Access to U.S. Hybrid Battleships

    Seeing that their goal is to eventually get a supership at the end of each line, it's only a matter of time
  14. Elijah2159

    PSA: New Waterline video premiering tomorrow

    Judging from the thumbnail and the short trailer I have some theories: Commonwealth cruiser line (They show a reworked Leander-class cruiser, similar to Perth, in the bottom right of the thumbnail) Reworked arms race with more/different buffs (In the trailer they show a current icon from arms race with a line connecting it to a dark-themed version of the same icon. They also show AA and aiming icons that are in the same style as the icons that are currently in the arms race) AA mechanics rework and new carrier line(s) (changes have been in testing for a long while and in the trailer they show a little AA logo - this could either be for arms race or hinting at something larger) New map (the background to the trailer is a topography map)
  15. This hasn't been announced anywhere but...