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  1. KGBTerminator

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    i have over 200 ships
  2. KGBTerminator

    Naval Christmas Story Contest!

    The one day we were all looking forward to.The day that reminded us of peace love and joy.As in the second world War where the fighting stopped for that one day which spared the lives of those that fought for our freedom and to just be in their shoes for a moment how great it would have been that at that certain moment the fighting finally stopped and the madness turned around to celebrate every year not just on that one day but all days.I would like everyone who had served now and then to have a wonderful Christmas from the bottom of my heart and I greatly thank you for your service.Peace to all.
  3. KGBTerminator

    Recommendations for Black Friday ships

    wdym tuesday? just say never lol
  4. KGBTerminator

    [ALL] Georgia B

    @12345678790 i can fix this skin with the PNF mod. I would like to know how to edit the camouflage xml files so that i can add the misc items of possible but with pnf i can paint all guns radar director etc
  5. KGBTerminator

    Recommendations for Black Friday ships

    I would love the Enterprise B variant
  6. KGBTerminator

    [ALL] ModStation

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask a question I'm a skin modder myself and was wondering if I can manually add my custom skins to the modstation this would be ideal . Thanks in advance
  7. KGBTerminator

    How to use a PnFMod?

    Thank you brother I really appreciate what you are all doing for the modding community. Thanks again KGBTerminator
  8. KGBTerminator

    ContentSDK Repair Scripts

    Can you please add screenshots or a video tutorial on where to put these files please I did try to follow the pathing kinda got confused and I tried to launch my game and it broke.lol Thank you
  9. KGBTerminator

    ContentSDK Repair Scripts

  10. KGBTerminator

    Update 0.10.1 - Bug Reports

    Unfortunately you have to unlock it with tokens and you will receive 950k in credits and a ship slot which is kinda disappointing even though I got it from a crate as well
  11. KGBTerminator

    How to use a PnFMod?

    Thank you brother BTW will you be adding more primitives to be extracted once bugs are fixed? More or less like misc cranes attack planes etc? Thanks again KGBTerminator
  12. KGBTerminator

    pnf mod loader

    Thank you
  13. KGBTerminator

    pnf mod loader

    Just curious since I've been using the PNF Loader which made skinning tons easy for me will that be fixed anytime soon? Just wondering Thanks guys KGB
  14. KGBTerminator

    Public Test 0.9.10

    I say bring back last years Halloween events imo
  15. KGBTerminator

    pnf mod loader

    Just curious if wargaming fixed the pnfmodloader.py I've been using this method to extract ships i singally texture Thank you