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  1. AvengerBak

    Match Making Paradigm Shift

    Being someone who plays solos a lot, I have to disagree with you. While it is easier to win a 3 man div of unicums, even then you can lose to blowouts. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to win a game no matter who you have on a team. Over the last 21 days my solo WR is only 2% lower than my division WR, so I don't think CPR playing in a division has anything at all to do with his opinion on MM. Also like munch said, why would we want long wait times. I used to want skill based mm, but that was when I had very few games and now that I've played more I don't think it would help anything, especially in randoms. The only place I could see it being useful in would be ranked.
  2. AvengerBak

    The Des Moines should no longer be Tier X

    wouldn't joke about such serious matters. Bismarck should be tier 6. ;)
  3. AvengerBak

    The Des Moines should no longer be Tier X

    Just make it a sub so it can't eat torps. problem solved
  4. AvengerBak

    The Des Moines should no longer be Tier X

    Nah, they are to strong. Send them to tier XII.
  5. The boat is trash... Only 9 guns, 5 second reload, only decent AA, overpens smolensk at 2km. Doesn't dev strike BBs. And secondaries suck to top it off. Buff or send it to tier 5 where it belongs. satire
  6. I would agree with you on the Kleber, it is still viable although it's ambush playstyle is sadly not relevant anymore unless it uses islands. Only major complaint for Kleber is how with its increased AA detection it is even harder dealing with CVs in it. However the Henri is really suffering. It accelerates worse then some BBs. Turning just slows you down and it is so difficult to juke shots now. If anything they should've touched what made it strong, it's speedboost and not nerf the actual ship. It plays nothing like its previous ships in the line now.
  7. AvengerBak

    Recruitment containers suck

    I'd rather have those signals and camos. They actually do something. At least that is how I view it.
  8. I have opened 8 of the veteran containers, and all but one of them has been the 1,500,000 credits reward. This is just a joke, I can earn that in one match why is that even a reward? I'd rather have 5 special signals. It's starting to get annoying, and if you are trying to get us to recruit use through prizes use actual awards, not this nonsense. And honestly after this entire PR incident and the way it was handled I rather not recruit more players, I'll keep playing but yeah its kinda dumb.
  9. AvengerBak

    Constructive Feedback on Puerto Rico Grind

    What I mean is there should also be some anger, because this just is insulting to the playerbase. They think we are idiots, don't claim something is free when it really isn't.
  10. AvengerBak

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    Don't call it a free ship then, and clearly make it a money grab and put nearly impossible directives for even the unicum players to complete within a reasonable deadline. They shouldn't even have put it as a directive reward then, just made it cash only.
  11. AvengerBak

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    This has to be the most disgusting thing I've personally seen been done by a freemium game, this isn't even something they can defend and I hope no one tries. It's literally an FU to the entire playerbase. I have the time to play upwards of 8 hours per day, but I honestly don't see myself completing this. I don't think I even want to anymore because it will just take all the fun out of it. It's meant to be christmas time, how are we meant to play the game 12 hours a day just to get a "free" ship instead of spending time with our friends and families? I honestly wish the NA staff would respond to this, if they already haven't. They aren't responsible for this of course, WG main office is. This is worse then anything WG has ever done, NTC included.
  12. AvengerBak

    Constructive Feedback on Puerto Rico Grind

    There should be no constructive feedback. This is just a disgusting money grab, and an FU to the playerbase. There is no way of defending this, and I hope the NA staff don't try to because this is just disgusting.
  13. Need I say more? 350,000 Free XP. Come on WG what is this madness?
  14. I've played since February of this year and I have 18000 steel already and I have 1/3 of the number of battles you have. Maybe look to see what you can do to improve which makes it a lot easier to obtain steel.