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  1. MommaSheep1738

    0.9.7 PTS Bug Reports

    I was experiencing the same transaction errors as listed above, namely the inability to mount modules and open containers. Those problems seem to have been resolved. Currently I am experiencing an bug where the Credits and Doubloons credited to my PTS account for joining for the first time since 0.9.6 were added upon first login and were later removed.
  2. MommaSheep1738

    I want CVs in my matches every time.

    I personally think that this is their ultimate purpose in the game as of right now. They can't really dish out MASSIVE amounts of damage, but boy oh boy do they harass you and kill you if you stay still. I think that WG should not remove CVs because they are what keeps us from all being behind one island. Just my thoughts.
  3. MommaSheep1738

    Match Making please adjust

    I am not going to lie, I was expecting a down with T10 vs T8 thread. I am pleasantly surprised. I think this is actually a great idea.
  4. Spot on :) I helped him along and got him to the Myogi as fast as I could. He wasn't too pleased with the turret layout there.
  5. Well I didn't get a friend. I got my dad instead. It was pretty hard teaching him since it was his first video game that wasn't at an arcade. But I think he's got it now. Took me about a month. My favorite experience with him was the introduction to Kawachi dispersion, or as I call it, semi-realistic dispersion. I guess im going to go with 73. We do respond here right? @jemoore98
  6. MommaSheep1738

    And ... DONE! (AL Collection)

    Not Azur Lane, but I got a duplicate on my second item for the Ruski collection a few days after my first element.
  7. MommaSheep1738

    Single vs full broadside shooting

    I find that I am more accurate firing everything at once. Weird.
  8. MommaSheep1738

    I never thought this many Main Battery hits were possible.

    Thank you for the recommendations! And good work indeed!
  9. MommaSheep1738

    I never thought this many Main Battery hits were possible.

    Oh man. I'm happy I was not on the winning team! Good job! How much of the damage was guns? Most? I am on my way up that line now and it sure looks like fun at the top! Any recommendations on some builds for the line?
  10. MommaSheep1738

    A weirdly good game for me

    Thanks for the tip! I posted this on my phone, but I will use this in the future!
  11. MommaSheep1738

    A weirdly good game for me

    I'm not usually one to post this kind of thing, but I feel like I did quite well this game. I'm VERY new to destroyers, this is my 2nd line after all. Tried to carry a bit, but not with kills. I respect the Giulio Cesare who took 6 torps and did not die.
  12. MommaSheep1738

    So what ship does have decent AA?

    Well in that case, there are a few, but only at high tiers( except Atlanta and Flint). CL: Worcester, Minotaur. CA: Des Moines, Salem, Hindenburgs if you find out they are using an AA build. DD: Kidd, Gearing, Harugumo, Fletcher with C hull?, Grozovoi, Khabarovsk. BB: Kremlin, Jean Bart, Montana, Iowa, All the T8 Americans, République's AA is decent, Conq is good but not amazing. Note: Kidd is really the only DD I fear. It's worth noting that speed of planes and AA range make the biggest differences in whether you shoot down the planes. I can get more into that if you would like.
  13. MommaSheep1738

    So what ship does have decent AA?

    So are you asking about the ones that have AA that will crush planes? Or are you talking about just the mediocre ones?
  14. MommaSheep1738

    So what ship does have decent AA?

    Heh. I try to do this all the time... I always find the Minotaur
  15. Why do we need incentive to move through the game? We come here to have fun, so shouldn't all of the available content be represented and given attention equally? Content is content. Some may be more prized, but the rest still exists. If we want to move up, we will. Im just curious why we need to be told to move up. Sorry for making this post a bit off of the original topic.😒