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  1. ImConfused666

    Where is My Eeendracht?

    Super! Thanks everyone for setting me straight. Well, straight for another day or two. Unfortunately, I had a really bad motorcycle wreck at the end of 2013 that resulted in some brain damage and about a year of relearning how to talk and walk. Sometimes, I don't remember what I just learned. However, every day is another chance at therapy and WOWS actually helps. You all are terrific.
  2. ImConfused666

    Where is My Eeendracht?

    That would explain it.
  3. ImConfused666

    Where is My Eeendracht?

    I'm obviously trying to live up to my name. I bought the Eendracht bundle in the Armory last night and it still does not appear in my port. When I filter my port listing to only show ships from the Netherlands, I only see my other three ships. I'm definitely confused. Do I also have to finish off every task in the Blindfolded phase or something?
  4. ImConfused666

    WOWS website issues

    I was living up to my username of ImConfused666. Without realizing it, the article I was clicking on took me to the Eu server and not North America..... My logon did not work there. I feel even more stoopid now.
  5. ImConfused666

    WOWS website issues

    When I go to the website and try to do anything that requires logging in (except for the forum), it tells me that my email address does not exist. I get emails from them every now and then so that doesn't seem right. It then tells me that my email does not match my nickname but it allows me to manage my account. And on my account, it shows me the correct email address and password although it will tell me that my email address doesn't exist if I try logging on with it.... I'm totally confused. This same situation exists at Twitch. You would think that means it's me but my email address and password works at every other online site where I have to provide an email address. Both sites also make it impossible to enter a ticket for this problem. If you don't believe me, try entering a ticket saying that you have problems logging in. You have to choose certain error conditions from a dropdown list and any choice you select tells you to try certain things that pertain to that problem. Since there is no condition that specifically says you cannot login (only that you have forgotten your password or been hacked or had your account stolen), you cannot proceed with submitting a ticket. When I retired, I had more than 100 professional programmers working for me. If any of them created websites this bad, I would have shown them the exit door.
  6. Man, all these Navy swabs out there and I understand the appeal of the game to them. I was a ground pounder that didn't pound ground. Army 74-77. Did my basic at Ft. Jackson and the rest of my time with the 2nd Armored at Fort Hood before it was shut down. (The 2nd.... not Ft. Hood.) I worked (served) in Air Conditioned trucks that held a big mainframe computer. Somebody had the bright idea of having the option of taking a computer with them into a war zone. That bad boy had 128K of memory in two boxes the size of a refrigerator. The whole thing filled two 53 ft trailers. Had about 100th the processing power of a cellphone from 10 years ago. Couldn't even imagine today's computers and smart phones. Anyway, the dang thing usually broke down every time we hauled into the woods on maneuvers. Spent tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance every year proving it was a great idea to do this. Did meet Gen. Patton when he commanded the 2nd AD. That's right. Not the George C. Scott version. He was the son of the original and they gave him command of his daddy's unit shortly before they retired him. BUT - He did carry the old man's ivory handled pistol on his hip in honor of his father. I like TheFriskyLady's post about 5 or 6 replies before mine. I want some of her torps to use from a battleship.
  7. ImConfused666

    Dockyard Missions Automatic?

    Aha! You are correct. Those little pictures on the requirements showed that I have to be in a specific tier and type. Thanks. Now, I'm getting somewhere.
  8. ImConfused666

    Dockyard Missions Automatic?

    Funny but I am now getting no credit for my Dockyard missions. One of my mission requirements now is to score 100 hits on a citadel or X number of fires started. I have been hitting the heck out of citadels and getting the ribbons along with fires started, but no dockyard credit. I've only been playinf for 5 weeks and have a lot to learn, but have no idea why I'm getting no credit on this my 12th phase of the build.
  9. ImConfused666

    Things a newbie might think

    I have to admit that one of my biggest problems is tunnel vision. Once I start firing and dodging, I lose situational awareness. I either get blasted by a DD that pops up or I run aground. I don't know who keeps putting those danged islands in the way. I am, however, not taking things too seriously. Although I have been playing every day for a bunch of time, I don't get mad when I die or get freaked out trying to get every thing out there. I do appreciate the comments from you guys. All is very helpful.
  10. I've only been playing for a few weeks so I have a lot to learn. I wondered for a while why it behooves you to get higher level officers. I finally realized it's because your ship handles better and faster. See.... I'm slow. I blame it on the brain damage I suffered in a serious motorcycle wreck. However, I spent some time and more than a few battles checking a theory out. When I go into battle with a vanilla ship. You know; one that has no camouflage and no pennants flying that would improve my financial take from the battle, I do pretty good. I will usually sink at least one ship and do a lot of damage to others. But if I go in there with all my financial pennants flying that would improve my take by a 1,000%; then I'm dead early on. My theory is that they have an algorithm that checks into how people will do. If it looks like you'll do well, they sic all their bots on you or make you one of those "All ships target the enemy vessel" messages. I've done it more than a dozen times just to see how things go. In every case I've died without sinking a single vessel or getting to do much damage. In two cases I never even got within range of my artillery before I was dead from long range broadsides from multiple battleships. I'm also trying to build up a personal fleet of ships of all levels. If I ever survive long enough to get good, it'll still be fun (and instructive) to keep going back to "beginner" vessels and playing around with them. Heck; I love the Dresden and yet there are lots of ships out there that are better in many ways. I just love going back and using it in close encounters with the enemy. It also looks like you can spend a bunch of money and oodles of hours learning the things there are to learn. I find that it is easy to look at the clock and realize you've been playing for 4-6 hours without a break. I'd be interested to know what you veteran guys think about this.
  11. ImConfused666

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    Not many skills because just got the ship and don't have many good caps with experience in American cruisers. But, I do appreciate the info you've given me. Gives me something to play with. Like I said, only been playing for a couple of weeks. I'm glad I don't have a timer keeping track of what I have done. As an old retired guy, who just got both my big toenails removed this month, I've had a great excuse to bury myself in this danged addiction. 4 to 6 hours at a time.... every day.
  12. ImConfused666

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    Well, I am a noob so anything I say must be taken with a couple pieces of rock salt. I've only been playing since May5 of this year. I have to say the game is super. So much went into the realism, playability, rules and graphics. After reading a few things, I decided I needed to play long and hard and get to where I could buy one of these things. I have to say it's absolutely a P.O.S. I've taken it on just 5 or 6 missions so far but in every case it only took one hit to sink it. From 100% to 0% with one hit. There's something wrong with a warship that's made of aluminum thinner than your average bassboat. I'll have to hang on to it for a while a just use it in COop missions, which seem a lot easier. After all, I spent money buying doubloons so I could afford it. But, If there was a way to transfer it to someone for $5, I would. ImConfused666