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  1. C10Khon


    I think your looking at just a few statistics instead of how he is saying they are taking everything into consideration for MMing. He is saying how long has it been since you logged in, money spent and how long it has been, along with win rate, ship type and what we normally expect MM to he based on. The game keeps track of all those stats so why would you not think they could be used for MMing.
  2. C10Khon

    Examining Benham. Is she worth the grind.

    At first I wanted Benham badly so started the dailies and working to get every fuel token I could. Unfortunately I am so burnt out on these endless grinds that I am barely getting 2 daily crates now. The more I see the stats and discussions about it I think I'm done. If it was the must have DD that kills all challengers then I would do it but it's not. The only ship I'm even remotely interested in now is Friesland just because it seems so different, unfortunately that is FXP and will probably be 1 million which im not even close. Sorry went off topic but just now realized I'm not having fun anymore.
  3. C10Khon

    8.6s "Random bundle" - 1,000 doubs!?!?

    But what he is saying is you need to do the grind for all the event tokens then after that you can use doubloons. Once again WG forces us to do a massive grind then spend doubloons.
  4. C10Khon

    p2w clan wars

    This is CLAN battles so if the people he is teaming up with accept a low tier player buying his way in that gives the opposite team the advantage. I dont see why that is an issue for you unless it's your clan allowing it but you could always refuse to play then.
  5. C10Khon

    Willing to purchase a tier 7 ship

    If your through Steam check their summer sale, has some great deals
  6. C10Khon

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    WG is coming with something to help, I guarantee that. It will cost real money to do it too. So be careful what you ask for.
  7. C10Khon

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    But those buffs are consistent for the class of ship not just premium. With that logic they were also nerfed sometimes but once again that was across the whole line associated with it. Those are acceptable changes but being singled out is what is considered wrong. I do agree they should not be buffed or nerfed as premium ships so if that makes them weak or strong so be it
  8. C10Khon

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    It does not matter what you use to compare it is a product you pay money for as advertised from the seller. When that product is altered after you bought it and does not perform the same the customer loses faith in the seller and will not buy from them again. Now if that does not bother you I have ocean front property in Arizona at a very cheap price. I just described the product so now send me money and I will give you the address. I promise it is there.
  9. C10Khon

    Good Job on WG

    I'm glad they seem to have "seen the light" and make the NTC for cosmetics and ships but what is really interesting to me is how soon this was supposed to be implemented. NTC was to be the 8.7 patch and now they are redesigning it? From how its described this was a major thing that took a lot of work and 48 hours after its introduced it's going into a major redesign. My main concern is WG has shown over and over they are in a cash grab mentality now and this was supposed to be a big one but they will majorly redesign it because the community complained. What about all the other big concerns we have that are not getting fixed due to the redesign of this thing? Seems like this could have been just a major distraction to get us on the "thank you WG for listening" train so they dont need to focus on old problems.
  10. Since the NTC will not be for buffs how does this effect changing the premium consumables to normal? These were a big point in their presentation why the NTC would work and not impact balance. So are the free consumables being removed and the premiums will be the free one still or does this stop the change?
  11. C10Khon

    Tour of Duty Tuesday - Current Warship

    Jutland & Grozovoi, obviously a DD main. Jutland because I feel absolutely comfortable in it. The Groz I'm not as comfortable but it was my first T10 and it is still fun to play.
  12. I dont know what game your all playing but it's not this one. I played 4 games with CVs yesterday out of 7 total in Grozovoi. Every game the CV was able to make 3 passes on me with DFAA on and a cruiser close to me. So this "freedom" you speak of was just eliminated with the patch. Maybe next time before you complain how DDs wont go cap make sure you know what your talking about first.
  13. C10Khon

    My thoughts on the ranked season

    When it started there were many more CVs, most matches had one. Due to it was much easier for them to save a star most ranked out quickly which is why you hardly seen one later in season. I would say for me it was 65% frustration with 35% fun due to the save a star system. That system promotes self centered play from the beginning. I do think XP rewards need to be recalculated for the game as a whole which would greatly impact ranked play. I main DDs and if no CV my main jobs are spotting and capping, not doing damage. If I can get some torps on something I will but I need to keep enemies spotted so cruisers and BBs can focus them. There rewards for doing that are miniscule compared to damage done. I did get to rank 9 and I am proud of that but I never felt like I had a legitimate chance to make it to 1
  14. I believe this says it all.
  15. C10Khon

    This rank season is a disaster

    This sums up DD play nicely in ranked. Our main job is to spot if no CV and torp for damage or area denial but everyone is playing to save their star. I try to do things to help the team but there are very little or no points awarded for that. As long as the primary number is damage the system will never be fair and CVs will have the greatest potential to save a star.