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  1. Kranky_Bear

    Community Calendar: October 2021

    As it stands now, and for the reasons cited by WG about not adding more info in previous postings, this calendar is all but useless except for shilling Twitch.
  2. Kranky_Bear

    Premium Ship Review #144 - Cheshire

    Thank you for saving me $45.
  3. Kranky_Bear

    Premium Ship Review #150 - Siegfried & Agir

    Never again I said after grinding for my Ohio. But now your great review is becoming a siren song to revisit the RB (or wait three years gaining RB tokens thru normal gameplay).
  4. Kranky_Bear

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    Thank you Mouse for your excellent reviews. You provide a great counterweight to the gushing prose that WG heaps upon its Premium offerings. I'll save my bucks for something else (or remain true to my Tirpitz).
  5. Kranky_Bear

    Fixing Co-op Battles

    This may be the better solution. Thank you.
  6. Kranky_Bear

    Fixing Co-op Battles

    I understand. That's why I qualified with "my human eyes" although I swear some co-ops ended before these conditions were met, especially after 8.11. Other players have also said as much, so I figured my perception is shared. But you're probably right.
  7. Kranky_Bear

    Fixing Co-op Battles

    My apologies if this has been covered in another thread. My play style is quick bursts of games when an opportunity happens. This is especially true during daytime. So, I don't have the patience waiting for Matchmaker to cobble together a team of humans for a Random battle, then fighting the battle over 15 to 20 minutes. I accept that the co-op battle format is quicker (usually no more than 10 minutes and often around five minutes), with bots plugging the holes when Matchmaker has trouble finding human players. And I accept the lower XP and credits earned in such battles. What I find hard to accept is the seemingly quirky ending to co-op battles when there is no definite winner established - at least to my human eyes. So, can WG simplify co-ops to something like this: The winning team is the first to reach 1,000 (or 800) points OR sinks all of the opposing ships. Unless these two conditions are met, let the co-op battle continue running. Thank you and I would like your feedback.
  8. Kranky_Bear

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Nelson

    George the V or Nelson? Which would you play more?
  9. Kranky_Bear

    Premium Ship Review #113 - Vanguard

    Hi LWM. I almost always heed your advice on which ships are enjoyable to own and play. The one exception, and to my everlasting regret, was spending the doubloons for this HMS Vanguard. Other WoW vloggers described it as the Tier VIII Thunderer. I so lusted after it. But in the end your analysis was correct, and it's now my reigning Port Queen. However, it did find some redemption in the 1 v 1 Ranked Battles. With its accuracy, great HE, British heal, and low detection, I found unexpected success with it in the short Ranked Battle format. I even smote a couple of DDs, much to everyone's surprise - including me. So it's a sprint brawler as long as it's fighting only one ship to the death.
  10. Kranky_Bear

    Benches on French BBs?

    They're on many cruisers too. And what's the the High Noon clock face as well?
  11. Kranky_Bear

    Benches on French BBs?

    I think the Russians are still sore about that while Napoleon in 1812 thing.