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  1. That is a good guess since it IS my favorite ship in the game. . . but you'll have to wait until the stream tomorrow to find out.
  2. I may or may not be cosplaying one of the Azur Lane commanders tomorrow. Who will guess which one it is?
  3. Greetings Captains! You may have seen we recently celebrated National Tattoo Day with a unique contest celebrating the naval tradition of tattoos from within our playerbase. Now that the submission phase is over, our staff has voted and we've narrowed the submissions to our top 10. Now it's up to you to decide who will receive the $1,000 tattoo voucher Grand Prize! Help us by voting for your favorite player submission and we'll reward 100 random voters with a variety pack of camos! Vote Now: https://gleam.io/YKXyy/voting-inked4wows More Info: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/national-tattoo-day/
  4. My explanation is pretty simple. I want to say it was my first week of working for Wargaming (or close to it) and @Chobittsu asked if he could draw me as a Russian commander. So of course, I agreed to it and couldn't possibly think of a better avatar to use. (Let's also not ignore the fact that I am the resident weeb of the NA office) That being said, one of the best parts of the job is collecting all the small tokens of appreciation from you guys! I actually have a shelf full of random things players who have attended our Anchors Away events have given me, and I cherish each and every one of them. <3
  5. In the grim darkness of the far future... there is only.. OCEAN MAP! Can't wait to see you all on steam tonight :)
  6. There are a ton of programs out there that are capable of video editing. Unfortunately, I can't speak for a specific Windows programs since all of the ones I use on a regular basis are non-windows/paid video editing programs. However, I'm sure a couple of google searches, or maybe even someone in here could help you out. Alternatively, depending on what phone you have, you could even import them into your phone and edit them on there. I do this a lot for my own personal content just from the native video player on my phone. Hope this helps!

    Earn Even More with Alienware Arena

    I'm sorry, you feel this way, but this is not necessarily true. The main purpose of this initiative is to provide an incentive for new players to try World of Warships from the Alienware Arena. In which the artwork still applies since new players do in fact receive a Charleston. We've just added an additional bonus of Shadowlurker Camos so that even existing players would be able to have something to redeem from this promotion.

    Earn Even More with Alienware Arena

    Right, there are 2 different types of codes you can generate. One which includes the III Charleston bundle = New Players Only The other which includes 8x Shadowlurker camo = New and Existing Players are able to redeem Each key-code you generate is only good for one-time use. Meaning, once it has been used, no one else will be able to redeem that code. Therefore, posting your codes on here are going to be ineffective for other players. I hope this provides some more clarity.

    Earn Even More with Alienware Arena

    As mentioned previously, each code generated is a unique one-time use code.

    Earn Even More with Alienware Arena

    Hey guys! I'm sorry you are having some issues here. I'm working behind the scenes to try to add some more clarity to the valid concerns you have brought up. Here's what you should know for now. You will need to first create an Alienware Arena account to access the giveaway pages. You'll have to use the following link in order to be eligible to receive the 25 ARP bonus: https://na.alienwarearena.com/account/register?promotion_token=85307556-8985-4445-aa35-b5afe99cbdb6 Once you've signed up using that link ^ you will likely be taken to the Invite Code landing page. However, if you scroll down just a little bit more, you'll find the Shadowlurker Camo giveaway page. From there once you've completed the actions, you should receive 8x Shadow Lurker Camos, not 3x. If you are receiving 3x for whatever reason, please share a screenshot with me so I can address the issue and make sure that everyone is getting the full 8x camo. O7
  11. Aww sorry, I am just seeing this now. For future reference, there is no limit for ship puns Bring it!

    Anchors Away Tour 2020 - Master Thread

    Attention Captains! I regret to inform you that we made the decision last night to cancel AAT stops at USS New Jersey and USS Turner Joy. I just want to say that this has been a very tough decision to make for the whole NA team, as we have grown to love working on these events and being able to meet you all face-to-face. For a lot of us, these player gatherings are the best parts of the job! However, due to the tighter restrictions that have been put in place across the country we wanted to air on the side of caution to keep you all safe, as well as our staff members. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused, and we hope to be able to come to some kind of resolution to reschedule these events once the current situation has settled down. All refunds have been issued as of last night for the canceled events. Thank you for understanding, and stay safe out there!

    The master list of Shipboard Easter Eggs

    *checks to see if Easter Egg from London has been mentioned yet*
  14. We have made the tough decision to postpone our Anchors Away tour stop at the USS North Carolina to a later date. The COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread, and with the guidance of local, state, and world health authorities this decision was made to reduce the risk for our community, as well as for our staff. Refunds for both days of this Anchors Away stop have been issued out. We'll update everyone on the new date for this event at a later time. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused, and hope that you will understand given the current circumstances.