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    Best Anime of 2018?

    Top 3 anime I watched in 2018 (may have been released earlier) 1. Made in Abyss 2. Devil Man Crybaby 3. Magical Girl Site (literally NO ONE knows about this anime because it's on Amazon, but it's so damn evil and good!)

    Best Anime of 2018?

    Nothing too special really to report.. except that I got to play the voice of a couple of cat meows and a little boy in the dubbed version of Made in Abyss. I've been wondering if I actually sound like a little boy ever since LOL

    Best Anime of 2018?

    Just getting to this forum now. I actually got to interview the producer of Pop Team Epic at Anime Expo last year which was pretty dope :) *Crossing fingers for a season 2 of this insanity*
  4. If y'all want some free stuff then you better turn your notifications on for our social media posts
  5. Definitely not My Little Pony. ;)
  6. Radar is still alive and kickin' but he's running the community show while Sea_You and I are running the social media show.
  7. Haha this is awesome except the pronouns are a little off ;) But yes... post all the memes!! (I actually posted your "going mid on two brothers" meme on FB yesterday, so thanks for that amazing content!! )
  8. Congrats on being the first winner of my brownie points! Sorry, they aren't redeemable for anything useful, but here's a digital brownie instead. And for everyone else, thank you so much for the warm welcomes!
  9. I kept my introduction short and sweet and to the point, but please feel free to ask me if you have any questions! :) For those a couple of you who may be interested in knowing my background prior to joining WoWs, I was the Social Media Manager for a major anime company. However, I am more of a gamer than an anime fan, so don't expect me to go into an in-depth conversation about the millionth episode of Dragon Ball Z. :P Ps. You get extra brownie points from me if you can tell me what game my avatar is from.
  10. Sup Captains! I just wanted to introduce myself as the latest addition to the World of Warships team as the new Social Media Manager. As someone who has been an avid gamer for most of my life, I'm really excited about this opportunity to be working with you all both digitally and at IRL events. If you have any dank memes that you would like featured on the WoWs social media pages, feel free to send them my way.