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  1. Munificient_Mumfurt

    The Vasterå is frustrating

    BTW all the rest of the higher eu dd tiers are basically the same. At higher tier you may be more gun boat but the torps are still weak. plus ya gotta deal with radar. I guess higher tiers you can try to be dd hunter but its situational. The play style is pump and dump and run.
  2. Munificient_Mumfurt

    The Vasterå is frustrating

    the problem with the vasteras is they said it was a hybrid but its not a gun boat or a torp boat. the gun reload is long so if ya try to knife fight other dd especially with friends you will shed alot of hp with your low hp to start. so dont try to knife fight unless ya have no choice. the torp reload is fast, but the torp damage is like carrier torps and you only get a two sets of 3. so if ya try to torp and hit a bb with all 6 torps by some wierd chance of luck when mercury is in retrograde. The bb will take all 6 torps burp and say cool story bro. So the weak damage on the torps doesnt make it a torp boat. on top of that the concealment isnt great, you will be out spotted by other dd first so you really cant do what other dds do. So the vasteras has an identity crisis. Because of the slow reload on guns, and the weak damage on torps, and the low hp total you have, and the bad concealment, the only thing you can do is really just sit back and go in and drop torps and then get out of dodge, and try to spot outside of your concealment range, running if ya get spotted. So it feels like you are running the whole game basically. And because of your low damage output and bad conceal, you have to basically kind of hang back, cuz if ya try to push you need support. You cant push ahead like any other dd cuz your conceal isnt great and your torps do little damage. So what this means is, as a dd you are very dependent on your team mates for support. And considering in random you get teams that sit back alot and dont give support. All you can do is what i said earlier. Go in and try to stay outside of your detection range , dump your torps and run before you get detected, reload torps and repeat. Because of this a good game is vasteras on average is 40-60k damage. And thats like with 9 torp hits in there or more.
  3. Munificient_Mumfurt

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    my take on it up tier German Degrasse
  4. Munificient_Mumfurt

    PSA: WEEK 4 Crate Mission Code

    its eu code not na code
  5. Munificient_Mumfurt

    put up your daily codes here in one place

  6. Munificient_Mumfurt

    Vasteras = Tier 2 Umikazi vs tier 6-8?

    The problem with this line is, the concealment is not great so if ya try to go up front or into caps you get outspotted first, and shed alot of hp. It has low hp as well. the guns have a slow reload and seem floaty. as well if ya go in for a knife fight since you are not a gun boat and have low hp, you will shed alot of hp, and the heals it has isnt great. the torpedos have a fast reload but they are low damage torpedos like a carrier plane and you only get 6 of them. and even with fast torpedos its still a challenge to land em. Avg damage per torpedo 5k. So even if ya hit all 6 on a battle ship 30k if rng is kind. The play style for this dd is basically sitting back 8km and shooting torps and retreating and repeating when they reloaded again. This destroyer has no smoke so if there is alot of dd, radar ships, and carriers, you are playing avoidance until your torpedos reloaded. Its difficult to play because i find the experience of these destroyer because of lack of smoke and poor alpha and not good concealment, you are hanging back or running the whole game till there isnt as many ships to focus fire you on your low hp. This destroyer i find is more dependent on having good players on your team that push up and support you because of the said deficiencies. If ya try to gunboat in this too early with too many ships that have a shot on ya you will die fast or have very little hp left. You cant take caps in this destroyer early because your concealment is not great. This destroyer is best described as a scavenger, you nickel and dime ships with a 5k torpedo hit here, a 5k torpedo hit there, maybe a few shots of your guns before you turn and run out of detection range. Its alot of work. A good game i found in this is 40-60k damage. If you got alot of campers on your team and the enemy pushing, you have to run, because even with enemy destroyers you gotta land 2 torpedos to kill them. You cant do anything other than play a harassment role if you have no support and the enemy is pushing. You better off changing flanks if your teams camping and the enemy is pushing.
  7. Munificient_Mumfurt

    Vasteras = Tier 2 Umikazi vs tier 6-8?

    just saying the play style seems pretty close to umikazi, sit back and torp , avoid confrontation unless ya have to cuz guns are slower reload, and if ya fight any dd in a knife fight you gonna shed alot of hp. plus the conceal isnt as good even. and if ya manage to land all 6 torps on a bb, the bb says cool story bro.
  8. Munificient_Mumfurt

    Vasteras = Tier 2 Umikazi vs tier 6-8?

  9. Munificient_Mumfurt

    put up your daily codes here in one place

  10. Munificient_Mumfurt

    put up your daily codes here in one place

  11. Munificient_Mumfurt

    Visby Camo missions gone?

    NVM thought it was in personal but its in combat mission, ignore this.
  12. Munificient_Mumfurt

    put up your daily codes here in one place

  13. Munificient_Mumfurt

    put up your daily codes here in one place

    so whats today daily code off streamers and twitchers