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    AL Yukikaze Mini Review

    If you are want a mid tier IJN wait for the Yudachi, i seen it in game testing so probably coming out soon. If you want a good IJN tier 8 i would say assashio. The Yuki is problematic because the current meta and mm where you will be facing alot of carrier planes, radar, and hydro as well as other destroyers in tier 8,9 and 10 matches. So with short range torps being handicapped 2km and forcing you to get closer to shoot your torps and have a chance to hit, it puts you in very risky situations. The logic of WG cutting the torpedo range down 2km to 8km range is boggling. As well it does not have the torpedo reload booster. And its not like they gave it a quick torpedo reload to compensate for this. So factor in its an IJN ship, which means its not particularly fast, the AA is horrid, the reload on guns is not fast so you cant out dpm other gun boat dd, and considering its a torp boat but with less range on its torps. It takes it out of the role of what an IJN destroyer is, which is a torpedo boat. So it goes into that no mans land category where the reload on guns is not fast enough to make it a gun boat and you cant out dpm or compete with other dd gun boats in a knife fight. And its not a torpedo boat because the torpedo range is inadequately short with mm where you will be fighting other tier 8,9 and 10 ships most of time at 8m range. For the average player what this means is they made it a camping destroyer where it hides out till most of the radar ships and other dd are gone before it can move in and try to get damage mid game. In essence a destroyer that will have to have passive play for first half of game.
  2. Munificient_Mumfurt

    AL Yukikaze Mini Review

    In simple terms, its a handicapped IJN premium destroyer, cuz its gets 2km shorter torpedo range.
  3. Munificient_Mumfurt

    AL Yukikaze Mini Review

    I don't think you have to say its easier when you are top tier, cuz that is the case for all ships in general. I would say all DD are better when they are top tier lol. The issue really is how often are you really top tier in say 20 games. Also although max damage is high on it, it is also subject to rng, I would not say its always gonna kill a dd in a single hit. RNG is +/- 25 percent range. I think the straight description of what this new IJN YukiKazi is. Its like an up tiered Kamikazi, except for its tier, it has short range torps of 8km but torps are fast. What does this mean for you if you play it. Well in the world of carriers, radar and hydro and other destroyers in game you have to be very careful and for you to be effective you have to play at dangerous ranges where if ya get spotted you likely get deleted or take heavy damage. As a typical destroyer player 8km torps means unless ya using the torpedos for denial of area or hoping to get lucky, at 8km range torps, you are going to get as close as 5km to 6.5km to get your torpedos off to have a good chance to hit em. You are not gonna be launching your torpedos at 8km unless they coming towards you. This close range of attack means its gonna be very dangerous. Against other DD, the problem is it has 2km less range than some DD per tier or even lesser tier. So they other dd can hit you from farther away. As well the reload being what it is, although the guns are good, you cant out dpm other gun boats. So you are in this no mans land kind of, you are not a gun boat, but you are a torpedo boat but you have short range. So its like in a way a Japanese Russian destroyer hybrid, reload doesn't make it able to gunboat and out dpm other gunboats, and range on torpdeos is short. Or you can just call it an uptiered Kamikazi with short range torpedos for tier. Would you choose to play this over other IJN premium DD? Probably not unless ya bored. Is it noob friendly? With matchmaking what it is, and with the amount of planes, radar, hydro, and other dd you gonna face most of the time, I would say no its not noob friendly.