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  1. Munificient_Mumfurt

    Anyone else having problem logging into premium shop?

    can log into the game fine, but logging into premium shop gives error on email or pw which is the same for me, my guess its on their end.
  2. used the same pw to log into game but for some reason when ya try to log into premium shop with email and pw you use in game which is the same for me, it gives error reading.
  3. Munificient_Mumfurt

    The Hypocrasy of Campers

    So playing a dd, i try to cap, the enemy is pushing cap so i bail. I realize its a team of campers so i decide i am gonna show them that camping is bad by camping in a dd. What happens the camping bb and cruisers sitting 15-20km back start getting angry i fall back to A line cuz its gonna be loss. They start saying report the dd for camping. Go figure the hypocrasy of campers, they want the dd to go up and tank for em while they sit way back and miss their shots, thinking thats the dds job.
  4. Munificient_Mumfurt

    Multiple Games No DD's

    you wanna know why? 1) world of radar and carrier rockets that take out half your hit points in 1 strike. 2) no support and clueless player base that thinks sitting 20km back or on A or J line is support. 3) Rampant camping, and clueless players at tier 8-10 that no clue on what a cap is. Chasing ships north or south instead of taking caps even though they are way behind in points and 5 min left.
  5. Munificient_Mumfurt

    Z-35 Final Review - Better than I thought

    Compared to other dd out there, its quite lackluster. It what world WG is 6km torp range on a dd ok in the world of radar and cvs? I like to see you stick that 6km torp range or less on a tier 8 russian dd or higher and see how that flies in russia. If ya gonna sell a premium ship, dont give it a negative. Wg giving 6km torps is like giving 14km gun range on a russian premium tier 8 bb. Of course Z-35 is not russian so its ok for it to have basically defensive torps at tier 8. Get a clue WG dont put in stupid gimmicks if ya want to sell premium ships. Fire your Dev staff cuz they got no clue. Your Dev staff should have been fired WG for releasing that trash bb California for 4th of july thinking they would sell even though its trash. Hire competent Dev staff and programmers WG, ones that have common sense. You get what you pay for.
  6. Munificient_Mumfurt

    ETA for Canadian Carriers?

    dunno there is 29 fake/ paper russian ships in game so if you talking about historical accuracy that already went out the window with WG long time ago.
  7. Munificient_Mumfurt

    Stream Code for German Carriers - Updated

    code only works during stream, also its the same mission for all of them so if you got one, and do another you already got it, so you dont get extra missions for inputting all the codes.
  8. Munificient_Mumfurt

    How are they gonna nerf the GZ AP bombs then?

    They cant change premium ship stats after that court ruling on Wot after its sold, or they gotta give cash refunds. Reason being court ruled they changed the product after purchase which violates what the consumer agreed to pay for. Therefore if you do it, you must offer cash refund option.
  9. Munificient_Mumfurt

    Got Alasaka for a cheap price

    Alasaka is that the love child between the Alabama and the Misaka?
  10. Munificient_Mumfurt

    USS Keeling AKA "Greyhound" an USN Mahan class DD

    I saw it it, maybe for a navy person or enthusiast it would have been good. But I found the movie kinda of gets bogged down in too much coordinate lingo. I watched about a third of the movie and stopped. I think it would have flopped in the theatres. My thoughts on it is, its boring, but professionally done. Its not in the horridly bad category of that Russian Tank Movie t-34, that one was really bad and wasnt even fit for tv viewing. I dont think people would have watched that t-34 movie if they paid em to it was so bad.
  11. Munificient_Mumfurt

    german carriers container

    no worries mate if ya missed it, its just pre release regular ships you will be able to grind in 3 weeks. Dont waste your money on buying those gambling bundles that give ya a low chance of a ship mission. Ya there will be someone that comes on here and says i got all of em when i bought the bundle. But thats like saying I won the lottery. Pixel ships that you will be able to grind regularly save your cash.
  12. Munificient_Mumfurt

    ETA for Canadian Carriers?

    I dont see why not. most of the Russian Tech tree lines of all classes is fake paper ships anyways where they took generous artistic license in making them better than they would have been in reality., So i dont see why not make a full Canadian Carrier Line in commonwealth to fill out that empty place holder. If you can ignore historical accuracy for the Russian tech tree, do it for the rest of the tech trees so all the lines have parity instead of bias. After all the russian tech tree is fake paper ships anyways. Didnt reflect the historical reality.
  13. Munificient_Mumfurt

    Agir vs Odin

    Battle ships and cruisers have different dispersion. Battleships have worse dispersion than cruisers. The exception being the Thunder which is a uk bb that has cruiser dispersion.
  14. Munificient_Mumfurt

    USS Keeling AKA "Greyhound" an USN Mahan class DD

    just wait till july 11, dont matter if its on apple tv, 1 day after its gonna be on the free streaming online sites.
  15. Munificient_Mumfurt

    Why was Legenary modules changed?

    resetting a line costs about 1 million xp give or take. 1 million free xp cost ya 150 dollars usd in doubloons. multiply that times 5 for 1 research bureau ship, is why they did it, and moving other stuff into it. games got maybe 4-5 years left max so they milking it. with server populations declining globalling, they trying to milk every last drop of cash out of the player base. when it gets to world of warplanes state or even 5 times world of warplanes population during prime time games dead basically, you getting more bots than players on. Wowp has about 1k players if they lucky during prime time. so they see where wows is going along with wot and they milking that last 3-5 years it has left. plus they talent they hire for marketing and development is subpar, but you get what ya pay for. example is the California released on 4th of july during pandemic. If they had made it decent it would have been alot of sales for Wows on 4th of july with california bb. But they released a trash bb called california on 4th of july and missed out on profits cuz their marketing and development departments lack the capacity to realize just throwing stars and stripes perma camo on a trash bb isnt gonna translate into sales on 4th of july.