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  1. SafetyPatrol

    Teir X CV play

    Captains, This thread has turned into a back and forth that is not acceptable for the forums. Please in the future keep it civil. I will be locking this thread.
  2. SafetyPatrol

    Just about done playing DD...

    Captains, Seeing as this thread has taken a turn for the worse, I will be locking it down. Please do not advocate for teamkilling other players in the game because of the type of ship they are playing. In the future please refrain from attacking other captains.
  3. SafetyPatrol

    Remove BB HE

    Closing this necroed thread. Thanks!
  4. Captains, This thread is being locked, cross-posting a thread that was already posted.
  5. This thread is going off topic. Thank you to those that stayed on topic but this is degenerating. I will be locking this thread.
  6. SafetyPatrol

    Sick people come to the ship

    This thread is being locked for obvious reasons.
  7. SafetyPatrol

    The reason why you think CV is OP

    This thread is heading in the wrong direction. Please stay on topic and do not make stat-shaming posts. I will be locking this thread.
  8. SafetyPatrol

    CV's need to go killing the game.

    This thread has ran its course and is beginning to veer away. I will be locking it down. Thanks.
  9. SafetyPatrol

    Improve chat and karma

    Captains, This thread is being locked before it gets out of hand. Thanks.
  10. Captains, Seeing as this thread has gone off-topic. This will be locked. We appreciated the on-topic conversation that occurred here.
  11. Stay on topic please. Constructive conversation is ok but not personal attacks.
  12. SafetyPatrol

    why DD is so op in wows making Battleship useless

    Stay on topic. If this thread goes sideways, it will be locked.
  13. Captains, Please do not insult other captains. Conversation is fine, keep it civil.
  14. SafetyPatrol

    CVs in CBs, yay or nay?

    I will be closing this thread. Please in the future make polls that are objective, thanks!
  15. SafetyPatrol

    Why the brew-ha-ha over the GC

    Captains, This thread is headed towards uncharted waters. I will be locking it down.