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  1. Mechanagne

    Please Nerf the Ridiculously OP Russian Battleships

    We do understand balance is always a concern on players mind, however we also ask feedback remains constructive and specific. If you have a specific concern, please feel free to post about it. Thank you!
  2. Hey everyone, as a reminder please keep posts constructive in order to remain compliant with our forum guidelines. Thanks!
  3. Mechanagne

    Wargaming, You Owe Me

    Hi everyone, as a reminder please refrain from insults and non-constructive posting. We do understand there is considerable frustration from some of you around the CV Rework and do encourage you to use an existing thread on this topic to discuss it. Thank you!
  4. Mechanagne

    WG...STOP! you are killing your "game"

    Hello everyone, while we understand many of you feel very strongly about certain aspects of the game, we would prefer you express these with specific concerns in threads on that topic. While it's easy to say "This sucks!" please help us understand why you feel that way. Given this thread really hasn't targeted anything specifically, I'm going to close it.
  5. Mechanagne

    Definition of Unicom

    Hello everyone, there are a number of forum guideline violations in here so I'm afraid we must close this thread at this time. Please be sure you are following our forum guidelines to avoid further moderation. Thank you!
  6. Mechanagne

    what grade reading comprehension do you have?

    Hello everyone, while it understandable there are many opinions around CVs, we ask you please remain constructive when sharing your opinions and keep things specifically related to gameplay. Thank you!
  7. Hello everyone, we have a lot of current CV threads to continue discussion on so in order to help consolidate feedback we're going to close this thread. Thank you!
  8. Mechanagne

    Notice to CV players

    Hi everyone, as a reminder please keep all topics and posts constructive. We know CVs can create divisive conversations but being constructive helps create better solutions for everyone. Thank you!
  9. Mechanagne

    Why not let the players choose?

    Hi everyone! As a reminder, please keep posts constructive and avoid personal attacks/trolling. Thank you!
  10. Mechanagne

    Anyone else favor a Romanov restoration?

    Hello everyone, while this is Off Topic, we do prohibit discussion of politics on the forums so I'm afraid we need to close this.
  11. Mechanagne

    The Saga of Giulio Cesare

    Hey everyone, unfortunately there have been a large number of insults and off topic posts so we need to close this thread. We do know this is a very important topic to you and fortunately there are numerous other threads you can continue discussion of the GC. Thank you for all of your feedback!
  12. Mechanagne

    Change my mind WG. Ball is in your court

    Hey everyone, this thread really hasn't been very constructive and with the number of personal insults and non-constructive posts we are unfortunately going to have to close it. We know this is an important topic and we do want your continued feedback in one of the existing threads but do ask it's constructive.
  13. Mechanagne

    Why i'm done with Wow

    Hey everyone, while we do want feedback on the game, this thread is a bit all over the place in terms of topic. If you have concerns, MM, CV balance, DD play, and much more please post in an existing thread or start a new conversation. We look forward to any constructive feedback you have!
  14. Everyone, it appears this thread has reached a point of no return. While we do understand the controversy around this discussion we ask you please remain constructive and avoid personal attacks when posting. Thank you!
  15. Mechanagne


    Thank you very much for the feedback surrounding the recent update. Please refrain from petition threads as those really don't provide us specific feedback to adjust the game.