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  1. SJGUNNER_invader

    PSA: A Message from Sub_Octavian regarding PR

    "Sorry we communicated badly." That really isn't the problem, Sub. This event is so exclusionary it's borderline impossible. It's a blatant cash grab. Maybe 10 people in the entire player base will actually get this thing for free. And that's being VERY generous. The rest are expected to fork over optimistically a hundred bucks for it. For a copy paste up tiered Alaska. And no mention about how blatantly he lied about the "ease" of getting Gorizia? The ship that's supposedly easier to get than Prinz Eitel Friedrich, but has requirements ~700% higher? No, War gaming is lying through their teeth and deflecting this situation because they really don't care about their player base. Nobody should be expected to grind this hard during the holiday season. And who has a spare $300-400 around this time of year, and what kind of depraved whale would spend that much on a digital fictional warship? This non-apology is so asinine that I'm tempted to uninstall the game and walk away. I'm certainly not giving War gaming another cent of my money until they shape the [edited] up. And See how they changed the wording in Advertisement
  2. SJGUNNER_invader

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    how Autumn Season Missions are there LIke i completed Autumn Season 1 and Autumn Season 2 and again it show autumn season 1
  3. SJGUNNER_invader

    Promo Codes

    So yesterday WG released two codes TEAANDMEDALS TOTHESALTMINES First one was supposed to give a T3 Royal Navy Battleship Dreadnought and Second one was supposed to give a T6 Royal Navy Battleship Warspite But the codes just don't work The TEAANDMEDALS code when entered says "Its invalid" & TOTHESALTMINES code is accepted but gives nothing in game!!!!!!!! So if you all have any idea feel thanked to reply
  4. SJGUNNER_invader

    Update 0.8.8 - 4th Anniversary!

    @Bualar When does the SuperContainer Bonus for Tier 10 ships end cause i am not able to play till 27th of sept. #SADFACE #IMISSBOATS
  5. SJGUNNER_invader

    test server tier 6 ship boxes

    Still no sign of any news related to this
  6. SJGUNNER_invader

    test server tier 6 ship boxes

    are we going more PTS mission like this in near future cause that will be really nice
  7. SJGUNNER_invader

    Update 0.8.6. Feedback and Performance

    @Kami weren't the ones who completed the Summer Season challenge on PTS(0.8.4 , 0.8.5, 0.8.6) promised a T6 Premium on release of 0.8.6 i was waiting so bad for my T6 prem ship as it means alot for a free to play person like me
  8. SJGUNNER_invader

    The Mighty Jingles!!!

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/193368-make-jingles-crap-again/?tab=comments#comment-4533749 please make this thread as popular as we can #makejinglescrapagin
  9. SJGUNNER_invader

    The Mighty Jingles!!!

    Hey Mate sorry to say but he is not as crap as we expected him to be as a commander He still uses regular Captains Lines (like : Action Stations) He still identifies ship very correctly which is unacceptable WG made him boring
  10. SJGUNNER_invader

    Make Jingles Crap Again!

    That we will do
  11. SJGUNNER_invader

    Make Jingles Crap Again!

    This Message comes from all of the minions in salt mine so pretend like you read it We demand The Mighty Jingles who is also Rock-star , Horse Thief , Brain Surgeon , Noob Gamer Extraordinaire to be a very very very crap commander in World Of Warships. War-gaming Its a humble request to make jingles as crap as much possible we want him to Call out "Jolly Good Show we sank an enemy aircraft carrier" whenever we sink a destroyer Jingles being a disciplined and boring commander is unacceptable by the salt mines community and if our demands are not fulfilled we will STOP THE SUPPLY OF SALT IN World of WARSHIPS #makejinglescrapagain
  12. SJGUNNER_invader

    Automatic termination of PT program

    It terminates itself as well just stops to respond Print Screen Attached Here By:
  13. SJGUNNER_invader

    Remember the 'Mericans - 27th - 3rd

    As it is season of ranked so i thought why not ranked results + Your Blue hair is very beautiful
  14. SJGUNNER_invader

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    Armory Not working Its say "Internal Server Error 500"
  15. SJGUNNER_invader

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Feedback

    Dear Devs CV Delay launch system has not fixed the problem though it worked as band aid on issue and I heartfully present my thanks for that The map Greece is pretty thought there is a new map I never saw before its Riposte Idk abt that now to the elephant in room CVs in ranked no no very bad idea so there so less players in ranked battles that CV can wreck everyone 1 by 1