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  1. Torsitch

    WoWS dying?

    Science may use math to prove a hypothesis. Math is concrete. Therefore, you have people like this that conflate the two. Up until the end of the 19th century, we didn't even know the germs and bacteria were a cause of disease. Science is never fully settled -- and to assume that you can throw statistics out there to show causation when it's blatantly obvious those statistics only show a correlation (which is a fraction of the whole story, pun intended), then you're doing a major disservice to the field of science. And doing so deceptively simply to sway minds. Stop treating science like a religion. Just because there's other science or frankly different viewpoints than your own or the "vast majority" of people, does not make those other viewpoints wrong and does not make those people unintelligent. It makes you a poor scholar for knowledge, totally unwilling to rebutt any challenge to your methods (or lack thereof), and a mediocre propagandist. Science *IS NOT* determined by consensus. It's determined by sufficient evidence that can't be easily disproven. If you have no interest in debate, then you have no interest in proving anything in all actuality. Your hypothesis can be disproven in a "number" of ways. End of story. PS: Giving a thumbs down because you are unwilling to defend my challenging your hypothesis? You should probably avoid science at all costs ;)
  2. Personally, I'm very pleased that the WOWS client is finally modernized for x64. That's a huge deal. However, there's an entire era of graphics cards before the DirectX 11 release that only support 10.0 and NOT 10.1. If the client indeed fails to run or runs poorly with GFX cards supporting 10.0 only -- that would be a serious disappointment. By limiting support to 10.1 you might as well limit it to DirectX 11 only -- because 10.1 was released around the same time the next generation of cards came out (all supporting DirectX 11). Hopefully things will work out okay, but myself and probably a whole lot of people will not be able to play the game anymore. Yes, the x64 transition may leave out some people but at least it's reasonable for tech right now. But the 10.1+ only limitation is ridiculous IMO.
  3. Torsitch

    WoWS dying?

    The graphs & statistics stuff in these past couple pages remind me of the Climate Change hoax and the "hockey stick." All you have to do is present data in whatever way that backs up your claim. Using graphs and median lines without any sort of labeling necessary in statistics, sources, and other factors involved is intellectually dishonest. Climate Change "science" is dishonest, just like when I saw people attempt to push to the layman a generality & speculation 2 pages back. Ironically, people will use that deceptive form of presenting statistics in a way that makes it just as easy to "debunk" and then claim, essentially, "OMG WOWS is dying a terrible cataclysm is coming, stop having children and panic!" Kind of like "OMG EARTHS is dying we have 12 years to live, quick kill all cows, stop having children and panic!" Right here is a parallel that makes it case-in-point as to why a set of statistics does not equal "settled science," and that science is not supposed to be a religion -- though somehow it's become one. Thanks to fabulous pseudostatisticians. If you buy this, I have a "worthwhile" free Exeter month-long quest chain to sell you.
  4. Torsitch

    New Version of WOW and the hacks are still on

    Being a victim will not help you improve skill-wise enough to be able to distinguish skills from hacks.
  5. Torsitch

    Battleship erratic damage

    Have noticed issues with shot registration as well. Aegis just makes it more apparent. I don't believe this is only a BB issue, either... Something's up, imo.
  6. Torsitch

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    Just an update... after crashing again trying to enter a battle, I was unable to enter the game again. It came up with a critical error instead, after trying to start up the game. Of course I got a 3 game pink suspension. Anyways, I decided to uninstall and re-install to at least play the game again. It fixed the critical error preventing me from starting the game, but I still am experiencing freezing preventing me from starting battle. I did a clean re-install by: uninstalling the game via steam, deleting the World of Warships folder in the steam folder (backing up replays & screenshots of course), running CCleaner to delete temporary files, clearing my pagefile, rebooting, re-downloading and installing the game. Seems to have been an epic waste of time, but what can I do... I've updated my support ticket with this information as well as every crash dump, log, and cfg file I could find. Still no response, but that's okay I guess if they're looking into it. For now I guess I will have to restart the client in between every match I play, because I fear I will get another corruption of my installation requiring me to re-install all over again.
  7. Change the region in preferences.xml from na to eu. Should be all you need to change.
  8. Torsitch

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    I feel ya. There's no way it's all of our systems suddenly having all of these failures during the exact timeframe between now and the release of The only way I have found to avoid this crash -- restart the client after every game. I'd also like to add that in practically all of the games I've played lately, after realizing some issues might be widespread and paying closer attention, I noticed that at LEAST 1 and sometimes up to 3 ships on my team are AFK for the first minute of the battle. I'll ask and they'll say they took a long time to load in. This makes a big impact on the outcome of the matches. Sometimes they're DDs that can't spot and cap right away. Sometimes they're CVs that can't spot for the team and take out the opposition's DDs trying to cap. Sometimes there's a missing BB or CA/CL on a flank farther away from other teammates. It sucks.
  9. Torsitch

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    I've heard of AIDA64, it's a good program to check for memory faults or hard drive errors... But I highly doubt it's your system in my opinion. I'm waiting for my ticket to be responded to as well. And BTW I already did hard drive and memory checks when I was trying to troubleshoot this issue before posting my ticket -- they were fine.
  10. Torsitch

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    It's definitely the game. You're not alone! Some acknowledgement from WG would be helpful, so more of us don't waste time (I did most of those steps as well).
  11. Torsitch

    I think there are a lot of PVP players in Co-op today.

    I'm curious, how is the exp per hour compared to Randoms? I'd imagine it's decent practice for aim accuracy. Though I'm not sure if in co-op the bots ever change their speed (that seems like a critical skill -- being able to adapt to that and read it quickly). Back in the day I played CS 1.6 professionally (Cal-I before Cal-P came out) and going against mass bots very quickly was crucial in improving muscle memory the fastest. So if the Exp/Hr can compare, I'd be game. Playing it at least half of my playtime probably.
  12. I'm getting a ridiculous amount of transaction errors tonight, and failures to enter the battle. That's the bug where you enter the battle but are stuck at the list of people in the match, without a start button to click. Upon forceably Alt+F4'ing, I'm able to go right back into the game. Where I was essentially in battle but appeared "AFK." I've tried verifying game files, defragging the folder, all exe's have fresh firewall entries, all ports are forwarded on my router. I am playing using Steam, but log into my account with the login page by the method of renaming the steam_api.dll file. Kind of frustrating considering the incredible deterioration in performance since 0.8.0 --> each subsequent patch has made it worse, it seems. The two particular issues listed in the topic, though, seem to be correlated to the load on the servers (amount of people playing WoWs). I've noticed a number of comments on the RU forums and the NA forums regarding these issues, which have existed for a couple patches. While I greatly appreciate balance issues being addressed, these fundamental game-functioning-properly problems kind of break the game (and break the will to play it).
  13. Good point, I've noticed this as well and it's happened frequently. Guess I supressed that memory somehow lol
  14. Torsitch

    Stealth Nerf to 6th sense?

    I also have had this issue. Detection indicator vanishes or doesn't pop up in the first place, hadn't fired any time recently, no current detection via plane, outside of detection range.. Makes it very hard to play destroyer. This has happened quite a few times.
  15. Torsitch

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    Still having a lot of FPS performance issues, especially when the scene gets busy with aircraft and AA fire. Sometimes the FPS deteriorates dramatically during normal firefights, and the impact is severe especially going in and out of binoculars mode. There's a delay when this happens, when this didn't happen before 0.8.0. I have recurring audio issues, basically all of the ones mentioned by others. It seems maybe this is connected to the deterioration in performance. I play almost-mute, now. The port is even laggier each update. Aim seems to be very, very off sometimes -- in that, it's now very difficult to tell when a ship is speeding up or slowing down. Sometimes it appears that suddenly the ships will "catch up" in fast motion, as if my client was behind a couple seconds. Then other times it happen the other way around. This makes a huge impact in my gameplay experience, as it's incredibly frustrating to aim from a long distance, when so much of aim is being able to lead based on what you see before you shoot. Sometimes I don't get this issue in matches. Other times it's all match long. But most of the time it's usually random. This issue makes it especially difficult to play CV or BB. Having an enjoyable experience is figuratively, and literally "hit or miss" now. How are we supposed to improve our own play, when so much of the registration is so reliably unreliable now? The zooming, firing, and sounds are all out of sync but of course mostly when it matters the most -- when there's a lot of action to tend to. IMO this is kind if a big f'ing deal in this type of competitive game, and it would be nice if this was taken more seriously than standard balance issues. A better balanced gameplay on paper is irrelevant if the working gameplay has moments where things don't align both visually and audibly when it matters most. If you can't expect things to be consistent in terms of registration on top of that, it really makes for a game that just "feels" messy. Considering how important one's skill to predict a certain outcome is.... For example a ship might be over there in a few seconds, my salvos WILL fire the same way -- now I can adjust accordingly. Or I WILL be able to hit a target because skill is the determining factor. With that suddenly being out of our control due to de-syncs and stutters, the game loses it's magic...