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  1. YeTiTry

    Steam Patching Resetting Repeatedly

    I am having the same issue, says completed 100% but cycles through updating, patching, verifying, and repeats over and over.
  2. YeTiTry


    I run a secondary build on it. That ship is made for knife fighting so why not? And until recently the main guns weren't doing you any favors.
  3. YeTiTry


    It has been much better in the games I have played since the update. Probably the most noticeable difference of the whole line imo. Actually surprised me.
  4. The question is regarding IFHE though, whats the actual advantage? What can it pen with IFHE that it otherwise could not? They have 1/4 pen for secondaries if I am not mistaken. So, without IFHE 105s - 26mm 128s - 32mm With IFHE 105s - 33mm 128s - 41mm Am I correct and is it worth to use it?
  5. As the title says. Is it worth running IFHE on secondary builds? Free commander respec currently so I am wondering if I should change anything with the build.
  6. I also noticed this, in clan battles too. Detonated in my Bisi and GK by a single torp. Never been detonated in BB in randoms in about a year of play (and im a torp magnet at times) and been popped twice now by 1 torp in competitive play. Now I run the flag when running competitive.