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  1. Blaubeeren

    How do most of your battles go? Express it in a song.

    As in ancient Greece times
  2. Blaubeeren

    The music thread

  3. Blaubeeren

    RIP, Meatloaf

    ... Love and Rock´n Roll ... RIP
  4. Blaubeeren

    Rocket Man

    edit: another version
  5. Blaubeeren

    The music thread

  6. Blaubeeren

    it's wow

    Nope, it´s "WoWs", WoW is something else, but no criticism about that towards the TE as even wikipedia got it wrong. The topic name lacks what the topic is about!
  7. Blaubeeren

    Are PT boats really next?

    Can ships in the game WoWs run out of Ammo? No, ammo is endless in WoWs. Did I say those will become playable for humans? No, I sayed this are those (logically of the enemy / red bots) in Operation Dynamo (which is no more playable since shortly before CV-rework), they had been ingame therefore back then. As WG pointed out in there roadmap news they want to bring back some of the old scenarios, if Operation Dynamo itself we gona see. You could have notice that ... ... was relating to some other posts above mine.
  8. Blaubeeren

    Are PT boats really next?

    Player 34 in Game 12 made it to the forum, started some kind of conversation. Those of Operation Dynamo: Blaubeeren
  9. Blaubeeren

    Wait, the next Commonwealth ship is Canadian?

    Just a little well-meant hint [EU], so you see how well I know WG. And yes, alot of 3D-model of "salat bowls" a.k.a. radar equipment and a like, smokers and some other things ingame do not work out of balancing reason.
  10. Blaubeeren

    Wait, the next Commonwealth ship is Canadian?

    -> Give a TVI CL radar and it becomes TVII or even TVIII looks at Cleveland More AA, less main guns LWM already mentioned that and then there is balancing vs. reality (WG does not stick to the later at all)
  11. Blaubeeren

    Wait, the next Commonwealth ship is Canadian?

    Making her similarly to Huang He (ex HMS Aurora, Arethusa-class light cruiser, a.k.a. Tchoungking, Pei Ching, Kuang Chou some ships got renamed to often)? Or giving her some other gimmick(s)?
  12. Blaubeeren

    Wait, the next Commonwealth ship is Canadian?

    ... and HMNZS Gambia a Fiji-class that could mean copy and paste or testing new features
  13. Blaubeeren

    BB Rio de Janeiro

    Already ingame: