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    I've played these European DDs exclusively since I got home yesterday. Besides the torpedoes, the European DDs are incredibly mediocre for the current role dds have in the game. The Meh: Gun range. Gun alpha damage. Ok fire starting ability. Middling concealment. Middling agility. Low-to mid level straight line speed. AA is Ok but it's insufficient to ward off strikes, much less to adequately get rid of fighters in a timely order. The Problem: Base health is between the lowest and third lowest when compared to all other tech tree destroyers. At tier 6 the Guepard almost doubles the base HP of the upgraded Visby. The heal is a good mitigating factor to the low hp but the low overall damage from guns makes it hard to survive a dd brawl in the opening parts of the game. The heal might help you scrape through it, or recover after it, but it is not as good a tool for ensuring survival as it needs to be to enable these ships to consistently knife fight. What they're good at: 1) Screening enemy dds and torpedoes for your cruisers. Drawing fire for your broadsiding support that's actually doing the dpm. The Ostergotland is actually pretty tanky in most kiting situations where it draws fire while turning away from an enemy that's starting a push. Your AA is just enough to be good support and can regularly limit carriers to 1 full strike if they're concerned about losses. 2) Knife fighting when retaking/defending caps or kiting to draw out the match. If you know your enemy is already injured and you can plan a route for disengaging, then they're good for capping after the 10 minute mark of the game. Anything before that and your enemy almost certainly has enough health and support to outlast you. This is largely the result of the excellent torpedoes that regularly force your enemy to reassess their push. They're great for forcing enemy cruisers to broadside your BBs and for getting people to use damage control on a flood. What they need: A tool that makes them useful at the start of the match. I think 10-15% more baseline HP would be a sufficient improvement. They have around 25% less hp than the Soviet DDs at the point when Soviets get access to the Repair Party heal. They have upwards of 80% less hp than comparable DDs at other tiers. Just addressing higher tiers, is 25% less base HP really an adequate trade off for guaranteed access to a heal, concealment, and better AA? It's not quite sufficient for me as of yet. Maybe this will improve as I get closer to a 19 point European captain with better traits than just SE and CE.