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  1. builtf0rdtough06

    Kidd vs Sims

    Went ahead and got the Sims. Love it so far!!!
  2. builtf0rdtough06

    Kidd vs Sims

    Okay, Im sure this was covered at some point but I did not see it. I am looking at getting a new destroyer. The choice is between the Kidd and Sims. I do not want to buy both at the moment but want to get a new ship.....taking forever with getting the numbers to promote via tree to next tier. From what Ive read so far they are both comparable and fun. The Kidd usually up tiers into battles with higher tiers thus causing issues, but the Sims is underpowered for the even matchups? I am still learning how to change play style for each ship. I mainly use the Pensacola or Arizona (I know, CV and BB). The main DD I use now is the Nicholas. I love the torps and the run and gun about the DD. Seems the higher up tier from 5 the DD's are weaker. PS I only use American ships...even to my detriment. So if one was to choose between the Kidd and Sims for a right now boat. Which would it be? Thanks in advance.
  3. builtf0rdtough06

    Merican line

    Did enjoy the videos so far. Went ahead and subscribed. Merry Christmas 🎅
  4. builtf0rdtough06

    Merican line

    I actually just got done watching some of your videos lol.
  5. builtf0rdtough06

    Merican line

    So I've played this game off and on and recently got back into it heavy. I'd prefer to only sail the US ships....well because Merica. I feel like my ships are always outmatched no matter which ships I use. Any help with this? Which ships are most competitive etc. I'm pretty aggressive and tend to stay in the cruiser and destroyers. Thanks
  6. builtf0rdtough06

    Omaha — American Tier V cruiser.

    After reading this threat I understand the problems I am having getting blown up so dang fast. I only care to use US ships but it seems like they nerfed all the US ships?