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  1. "But Gneisenau, while under construction, was heavily damaged via bombing raids " Gneisenau launched 8 Dec 1936, and commissioned 21 May 1938 ... so who bombed it during construction? For all the days Gneisenau was on the open seas, she carried 9 guns 11" diameter. During repairs, necessitated by bomb damage in February 1942, a plan was laid to replace the 11" with 15" guns, but said plan failed to come to pass, and instead of repairs, Gneisenau was sunk as a block ship. The 15" guns were never on the ship. "there was a project Dallas light cruiser, project 389" Only in WG/WoWS/Warspot. Do you have any online references beyond gaming?
  2. I didn't mention teams, and I wasn't thinking teams. Teams would happen to the extent that people play together constructively (currently about 1 on a scale of 1-10). I was thinking that the naval encounter would be more like naval history made into a game and less like some arcade abstraction that has a bit of naval flavor to it. Plus, DDs would live longer if most of the ships were DDs.
  3. Historical note: Gearing and Sumner are almost identical, with Gearing featuring a 15 foot section added for fuel. Both featured 3 turrets dual 5"/38. AA equipment (guns and radar) increased dramatically through the war. Dunno what WG would do with the class... see how different the sister ships Scharnhorst and Gneisnau are? Dallas was a Clemson-class DD, not a Cruiser at all!
  4. ComicKaze

    Question for Destroyer players

    DDs vanish before they can be engaged. It's the freaking cloaking device from Star Fleet Battles. My DDs don't have one, but all others have one and a spare. There is little point attempting to engage and destroy DDs.
  5. Rather than choosing a ship, let's choose a lineup of one of each kind (that we have). So I'll choose from my Tier <whatever> ships, a DD, CL, CA, and BB (I don't have any CV). When I jump into the queue with everybody else wanting a CO-OP or Random, the DGAF RNG will choose 1 player with a CV to play the CV (not me since I don't have CV), one player with a BB to play the BB (maybe me), 3 of us with CA/CL to play a cruiser (or maybe I'll be a cruiser driver in this game), and the rest (7) of us are in our DDs (I'll probably be here). This gives a ship-mix approximating a Carrier Battle Group in WWII (IJN/Ally), and a sea full of torpedoes and DDs just like history. If you only have a CV or BB in your linup, you wait until the RNG chooses you to be the CV or the BB. That might be a while.
  6. I think you understand how the IJN felt in 1944-1945. Any resemblance to reality would be DD-heavy. Between Sept 1939 and Sept 1945 the USA commissioned one destroyer / WEEK. In that same time frame we commissioned less than half a dozen battleships. All DD battles would be more like what really happened than anything else WG does. Call it "DD-Day".
  7. ComicKaze

    Navy ships in HUGE HEAVY SEAS!

    We lost two Fletchers to a typhoon … they'd been scheduled to refuel at sea, so they pumped water out of the fuel tanks to make room, increasing their tendency to roll, and that's what they did. (I read it on the internet, so it MUST be true!)
  8. ComicKaze

    Navy ships in HUGE HEAVY SEAS!

    "ANY porn in a storm" … or was that "port"?
  9. ComicKaze


    Anybody who goes AFK long enough should turn Red ... to both sides ... a kill worth nothing in points or coins but it penalizes nobody to blast them. Al;so they get no points or coins. Of course, if the AFKer starts moving and shooting (both) they return to your team.
  10. ComicKaze

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Updated. Game center started, but WoWW was a no-show. Rebooted, no change. Pulled down Game Settings and clicked "add to firewall". Game started normally. My experience.
  11. ComicKaze

    Seattle — American Tier IX cruiser.

    Being more a history guy than a gamer, I'm curious what is the origin of the "Seattle" cruiser looking like a Cleveland? History gives two "USS Seattle"'s, one an ACR from 1908 and the other a fast combat support ship (freighter with an attitude).