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  1. Pablos_TacoBar

    The strongest AA for Tier 4

    Orion has the highest AA rating of 42 The Italian T4 cruiser is 25
  2. Pablos_TacoBar

    Dear WG please stop this

    Did this happen in the middle of the night USTZ? I get these late night type matches even without a CV. They're usually over quick and re-que.
  3. Pablos_TacoBar

    which captain skill first for cv?

    You'll probably end up with both but maybe armored 1st to help from losing planes on approach.
  4. Pablos_TacoBar

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Not what I meant, if you have to get within 2 km of the DD to spot, it can put your planes at risk from anything 5-10 km away.
  5. Pablos_TacoBar

    Poll on the state of CV's

    DD's are hard to spot from the air. It's ~ 2km +/- detection from what I've observed. Which means a plane can't really start his attack run immediately when he spots you. He has to do a circle back around maneuver. If you're near other ships as you should be, he's going to lose half his planes. DD players should adapt to this new meta and stop running off alone when CV's are in game. But, I still see it happen every day.
  6. Pablos_TacoBar

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Yes, DD's should stay out front but within or near an AA umbrella. If there are CV's in the match then they can do the spotting.
  7. Is there any plans to add some 10 pt Italian Commanders to the Armory? All the other Nations are represented so it would be a welcome addition. Thx,
  8. Pablos_TacoBar

    CV Rework APPRECIATION thread

    I never enjoyed playing CV's in the past mainly because I wasn't good at it. I started playing them again this week to see what the changes were and it seems to be what was needed to bring CV's back into the game for more players.