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  1. eMercody_Viveleny


    Basically all your planes are audacious rocket planes, they can’t avoid flak worth a damn, but unlike audacious rocket planes you are rewarded with a ton of damage. They also get eaten by fighters but generally are great at soaking up continuous AA. So basically how strong an FDR is depends entirely on how many people are running Fighters and DefAA. As well as enemies being oblivious to the turtle planes of death crawling towards them. “Bane of BBs” holds abit of truth though. Predropping and F key isn’t particularly useful with your abysmal plane speed and small attacking squadron, however you can attack multiple times with your health pool and squadron size, which is what the 25 second cool down is balancing.
  2. I go 128s because I run gun build. Z23 can’t use 5 128s for some reason, very annoying.
  3. eMercody_Viveleny

    Audacious rocket planes

    Gonna have to agree with you, this is at minimum about a 25% damage nerf against any target broadside or not. Simply put there are less things that you can hit and penetrate with a horizontal spread than a vertical one. You will find a lot more success outright not using them, I mean they aren’t really faster than your other planes. The damn things need so much space as well, they are at best flak fodder.
  4. In an Asymmetrical Battle with the lower tiers being T10
  5. eMercody_Viveleny

    Mixed Navy Tegelberg

    14ish hours later I drew a boat, new found respect for the art team, I don’t think I could do this as a job. My main issues was the scale of things as I was only using a ruler/ oval tool in an art program and my mind doesn’t exactly grasp what the hell goes on in a superstructure.
  6. eMercody_Viveleny

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    Long overdue, the current system is indeed kinda garbage. It’s neat that the stealthy battleships are getting a dispersion buff, especially when most of them have difficulties with dispersion. Of course it only makes concealment expert more mandatory, seriously why is it still in the game and not baked in?
  7. Imagine if Rossiya had a bonus chance to knock out engines to emulate that barrage. TBH I’ve only really heard good things about Rossiya, mainly that she is less shotgunny at range, but alas it’s probably too early to make a proper opinion.
  8. 1940-1941 I suppose. Freedom botes would give biscuit a hard time.
  9. eMercody_Viveleny

    The Halland is B-R-O-K-E-N

    Honestly, I think the bigger issue is that this AA is on specifically this ship. Carriers do not want to spot this ship because they cannot spot it for very long, if you run into it unprepared, don’t even bother. Destroyers don’t want to spot this ship because it does get a formidable main battery, if they lose this fight, this thing can disappear and come back like nothing had happened. I’m not saying this doesn’t take skill, but it is absolute hell to fight against and it gets easy access to unrepairable damage from stealth even if it isn’t very bursty.
  10. eMercody_Viveleny

    T4 Rhein - Fix this steaming pile

    I found the best way to get exp is by slapping other Rheins with your rockets, you seriously can’t miss that citadel and can easily land all six rockets into it. The other T4s are sitting around with tiny citadels and here comes Rhein with half of its side being entirely citadel, I’m not even exaggerating.
  11. I think I fall in the camp that the Richelieu class could take on the Bismarck class, especially if both were in their prime. I mean the French decided that they would take the same ship, move a couple things around and that would be their Bismarck counter, hence Clemenceau and Gascogne. Also if you take out the turret traverse, couldn’t Riche just turn in place of the turret, I mean sure it limits the volume of fire and accuracy, but theoretically the gun would still work if loading survived the hit. Of course don’t forget the two turrets one mount thing. One in a million shots aside, according to the examination of the Bismarck wreck, the underwater protection appears to have been unsuccessful and even a weak point. That isn’t exactly a small target. I feel that a ship class believed to have a chance against biscuit duking it out, exploiting a weakness nobody at the time knew of, would win the majority of the time. Either way I don’t think it’s debatable that Richelieu is a superior design to Bismarck, despite being smaller this discussion about if it could beat Bismarck exists. As well as being more efficient and there weren’t major flaws that couldn’t be fixed with a retrofit unlike armor or obesity.
  12. eMercody_Viveleny

    Help me Pick a Coal-Ship: Georgia or Thunderer? Or Something else?

    By picking Georgia, you optimize your credit income, and of course, it has a lack of downsides.
  13. eMercody_Viveleny

    Hawkins and Onward.

    I liked the Hawkins, that armor is the stuff of memes. I have put British CAs back on my todo list as I’ve gotten abit tired of of grinding battleships. From what I gather, can be tanky as hell and can damage anything it wants, also has been represented well in the AL side of the collab.
  14. eMercody_Viveleny

    US Battleship split!

    I could get along with slow battleships with a ton of firepower behind a 40 second reload. But the lack of armor according to the leaks I seriously don’t agree with, battleships without the ability to shatter HE have such difficulty surviving that the Montana line just has better survivability then there is The British and French that get compensated for their lack of armor. It’s a bummer as I actually like the standards. You would think something of that size would at the bare minimum out tank the fast battleship line. well, fortunately because this is a game where Georgia, Massa, and Alaska exist, these are guaranteed to be buffed by quite abit. However they don’t exactly raise armor all that often, so I’m probably not going to go down yet another 32mm line.
  15. eMercody_Viveleny

    Facts, Speculation, and Fixes: The USN Battleship Split

    I for one enjoy the way standards look, and how difficult it is to overextend in one. That scary alpha despite the negligible accuracy drop looks fun to mess around with. I feel like people are forgetting about all the times that the community was incorrect when looking at just the stats, for instance, French DDs. I guess real or not, as long as there is a devil, the community is in crusade mode. I do indeed plan on grinding them for what they are.