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  1. eMercody_Viveleny

    Oklahoma ,first battle.

    I’ve found myself slinging AP around most of the time, you are low enough to find cruisers to citadel, and you can get 10k shots off against BBs. Not many BBs you can citadel though, pretty sure you can’t pen Konig’s belt even in a drive by. Just get a feel of what you can and can’t do here, upper belt is still quite juicy. Basically keep an eye out for cruisers to citadel and try not to waste shots on angled BBs, your reload can hurt. She does want to be closer, but I’d advise against throwing your ship away just to get some secondary hits in.
  2. eMercody_Viveleny

    What are the differences between cruiser lines?

    The role each cruiser plays is of a cruiser in some way. What kind of gameplay are you looking for? Within reason of course. You’ll find a fair amount of overlap with most things you look at.
  3. eMercody_Viveleny

    Monarch is a Ghost Ship!

    I knew Monarch’s concealment was good, but not that good. It might have been filtered out like if you were playing with a div.
  4. eMercody_Viveleny

    Oklahoma ,first battle.

    Maybe I’m slightly biased, but I do enjoy her. The turret layout is very nice for her tier with fairly decent angles to work with. Secondaries are there and does help some, especially with a secondary build, not really the main armament though. I find many of her weaknesses exaggerated, for example: sigma is identical to most of the tier, are her guns really “exceptionally inaccurate?”
  5. eMercody_Viveleny

    Lines you stopped advancing because they were uninteresting

    I’m not someone who gets overly motivated to play DDs, just kinda have to in order to reduce the number of suicide DDs on your team by one. As a result I have quite a few lines I stopped just trying to find something I liked, which weirdly enough was the German 128 line. Removal of JoAT sucks though. Whoever said USN DDs were good for beginners because they fill a hybrid role is a liar, that only happens in higher tiers. I guess I just decided the line was shrouded by blind nostalgia and walked, or something along those lines. Either way that was the most note worthy one that I left, other than I found it boring.
  6. eMercody_Viveleny

    FDR worth it?

    From what I’ve seen, probably not. She has scary alpha but that plane speed does shave off a ton of impact by gutting versatility. Her squadrons are huge which makes them eat flak, her attack runs also fly in a way to eat flak, each loss means that you are closer to taking that voyage to the enemy team again. Odds are, you will struggle if enough of the enemy brings Def AA. There is a silver lining where she gets the ability to hook those torpedo bombers like the British can, really catches people by surprise when you suddenly change directions during an attack run, like around an island or snagging a broadside of a different target. Also there will at least be a couple times where you hit someone really hard, there isn’t enough AA to completely prevent a strike that I know of.
  7. eMercody_Viveleny

    Why wood on Yahagi

    Wood also shows up onboard for a second reason. Wood is outright amazing for damage control, wood expands when wet so in the event of a leak they would hammer wood into holes for a seal, and beams can hold up weight. Barrels use this property of wood to be water tight despite each plank not being connected to each other, a midevil technology we still use today.
  8. eMercody_Viveleny

    Carrier: What are we now?

    Carriers can get fair total damage for the slot, of course the length of time it takes to do that damage really hinders its impact to a match, but as unglamorous as it is, you have to keep your numbers up in order to win. At this point, this generally means don’t waste your time with DDs, randoms have trash teamwork, there is no point in spotting a DD if they aren’t going to shoot it, plus there isn’t much economic reward if they do decide to shoot the DD. Much like a cruiser shows broadside to a battleship, there is certain ships to target over others. Thanks to their plane speed, they make a great pick class despite having lackluster alpha at times. You can repeatedly hit a lonely ship to keep you damage up with minimal losses and trips, and low health ships aren’t safe to run away either. These sorts of targets are what to look for, however you don’t have time to be indecisive as you are expected to contribute quite a bit of damage.
  9. All this change has done is make it absolutely ok for the carrier to completely ignore the DD, you will be better rewarded for damaging a cruiser than hoping a teammate shoots at that DD. Of course this means rockets lack the damage of other aircraft and are only scout planes if they are even that. Regardless, if your DDs speedrun back to port you will lose and all you can do is salvage.
  10. eMercody_Viveleny

    Drake : Tell me the best way to play this trash fire

    Sure you don’t have the step, but there are larger areas to overmatch Drake, being a tier higher really hurts as there are less guns you can bounce with your sides. Feels more like a crutch than an improvement, then again, that’s pretty much how I view Drake, only a test bed so you can learn the guns.
  11. eMercody_Viveleny

    Hindenberg - What am I doing wrong?

    Are you using your AP? Hindenburg is pretty reliant on making that AP work as her HE isn’t the greatest. While she spends much of her time at range she does have the armor to enter close range in certain scenarios. Really, the problem you are probably finding is that T10 is cursed.
  12. eMercody_Viveleny

    Drake : Tell me the best way to play this trash fire

    Drake is pretty much an Albemarle with different guns, spongy armor, improved superheal, and horrid torpedo angles. Your armor doesn’t increase in any meaningful way so you can only tank what an Albemarle can, at a tier higher. The trick to these cruisers is to slow the hell down, they benefit a lot from knowing what will shoot at them, this dictates how they play.
  13. Oklahoma evades my port, seriously, are those containers never going to become available again? Of course this is because of AL Oklahoma and IRL Nevada class. WoWs gameplaywise, I’m still searching, but it obviously won’t be above tier 8.
  14. eMercody_Viveleny

    Desired changes for WoWs.

    Alright I’ll bite Another Skill rework, DnD style commander classes, instead of choosing what you get when you level up, you automatically get something based on the build you chose at the start. Which should multiply the builds we have access to, be easier to balance, and remove false complexity. Low tier content, it is just sad that you need bots because of how few players are down there, give players a reason to be down here. Improve the economy, perhaps give out a low tier exclusive reward, stop limiting everything to t5+. A low tier operation would be nice too. A little optimistic, but some rework to concealment, it has repeatedly broken the game and is constantly clashing with new content, I’d say the system we have now is outdated and doing more harm than good. More attention to operations, they could be so much more like an all DD operation or something. Rockets need a rebalance, no reason to use them this patch, can’t realistically hit DDs, can’t really damage bigger ships. Some can’t even scout. If we have to lead at least revert the accuracy nerf so there is some form of reward.
  15. eMercody_Viveleny

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    I agree with the statement that DDs are no longer the carrier’s problem. Sorry, I am far better rewarded for salvaging a game than hoping you shoot at the DD. First they killed the spotting, then they killed the accuracy, and then they drastically lengthened attack time. Zero compensation, I’d rate rockets like how CVs were when they first adopted that AA works on one plane at a time. There just aren’t very many uses for rockets now, of course if you are British, that number is lower because they aren’t even scout planes.