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  1. Geez, I feel like a noob here. Hadn't looked at Operations at all. Thanks for pointing my bow in that direction Ben
  2. Of course you can opt out of it. It would be similar to the Rogue Wave thing, which I won't play either. What I don't like about CO-OP is that most games are very short and if you have a slow battleship there is little chance to do real damage. So if you are more interested in historic realistic games then lets go historic and not have nicely even matched battles. Since humans outperform the bots, why not have more bots and in different ships There have been very few battles in history where the parties were exactly matched. How about that approach ? Ben
  3. Hi Guys/Gals/Entities If you think the random game is much better than coop and are about to flame about it, just go away and leave us alone. I have been thinking about a CO-OP game mode where the enemy is a group of zombies, maybe twice as many as there are in your team, in fast destroyers with lots of short lived smokes. Their ships have the most disgusting camos and the zombies are not very smart. When they shoot you they target your engines just to cripple you. Their goal is to come along side or touch you at low speed. When that happens then your ship will get their camo and you will lose control over it. The effect will be similar to you've been blow up in the regular game. Now they have a ship with bigger guns, and they will fire them but their aim is awful. They will mainly use it to try to board more friendly ships to turn them over. When they see a ship by itself they will all gang up on it, surround it and take it over. So our tactic should be to stick together and kill them off as quickly and efficiently as possible. An addition would be that they have one or more bases or motherships where they spawn at a regular interval. Besides killing the zombies you also have to destroy the bases. What do you think? Would that be something you would play? Cheers Pirate Long Ben