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  1. tzerhyn

    Whale your way through the new techtree

    any thoughts on if they will do a head start kinda thing for the Russian cruiser release ? Might be worth getting it for that one given how powerful they appear.
  2. tzerhyn

    Smaland and stealth radar??

    A dd that stealth radars, has enhanced heal, enhanced speed boost, and out dpms other destroyers is a dangerous combination. Yueyang was nerfed for less
  3. tzerhyn

    Why so many Smolensks in ranked?

    A coal ship that was touted as overpowered, encouraging Everyone with enough coal to get. May be one of the few tier tens people have
  4. tzerhyn

    Ships with the most carry potential

    Enterprise, don’t have it, but a skilled cv player can carry in it in most scenarios.
  5. tzerhyn

    What will it take to get Smolensk nerfed?

    Should of had Minotaur citadel so it takes citadels from everything.
  6. tzerhyn

    Release the Slava already please

    We got it, it’s called the Thunderer
  7. tzerhyn

    UU Question

    Probably better off grinding them all since they will be moved to Research bureau and may be made better or worse. Possible try to grind the grind easiest ones so you can do more.
  8. tzerhyn

    UU Question

    Would you sacrifice that maneuverability for the small increase in dpm and range, given khaba rudder is poor?
  9. tzerhyn

    UU Question

    The khab uu is a must have in randoms? Since when?
  10. Bayard, squishy but is fast and maneuverable. Dpm machine with 1/4 he pen.
  11. tzerhyn

    Should I buy the Terrible?

    Le terrible is pretty much a fantasque with 1 sec faster reload and worse aa, both have bad aa so I consider it better, good trainer for fr dd captains.
  12. Can we petition or have them unchanged?
  13. tzerhyn

    Le Fantasque is fantastic.

    The guns improve at tier 8 with higher velocity and better arcs.
  14. tzerhyn

    Help me choose my main ship for Ranked Sprint Tier VIII

    What about a Hsien Yang with radar?