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  1. ChevalierClass

    Common BB complaints categorized by skill + solutions

    Who is this amazing guy and why is there not more rhulkb27 content ??? ChevalierClass
  2. ChevalierClass

    Patches to end the Year

    Are the patches Different this year ? It sounds like 0.9.11 will be in December and Dockyard / snowflakes will only be in January ? Am I interpreting the articles on the website correctly ? ChevalierClass
  3. ChevalierClass

    Legendary Modules

    Hello, Now that we know a lot of the future legendary modules seeing as the old ones were not really changed much in testing. Do any of these look like must have's for competitive anymore ? I am thinking Yamato, Moskva, Des Moines, Hakuryu, Midway and Shimakaze look good but besides that........? ChevalierClass
  4. ChevalierClass

    How about that for achievements

    Yea uploaded it to wows replays so that I can save it :D ChevalierClass
  5. I may never see this many achievements at once again. Time to enjoy the moment :) ChevalierClass
  6. ChevalierClass

    IFHE All Night Long

    What about IFHE on the new Russian Cruisers? I assume that is IFHE worthy because of the 180mm and the high number of shells ? ChevalierClass
  7. ChevalierClass

    Congrats to 07 and whatta Match!!

    Yes, o7 07 ChevalierClass
  8. ChevalierClass

    King of the Sea Collection (Solved)

    Oh Thank you !
  9. Is there a flaw in the King of the Sea Collection ? I have been doing the missions but the crates are dropping Duplicates. ChevalierClass
  10. ChevalierClass

    Armory Upgrades

    Thanks Guys
  11. ChevalierClass

    Armory Upgrades

    Greetings, Been looking at more armory upgrades recently. I noticed the Damage control party upgrade. I was thinking it would be good for Russian BB's as the immunity to fire after using that thing would be longer. However I don't really see many posts about that. Anyone have thoughts on it. Second thought was on the Perth and the Haida. As they have time based smoke and I was wondering if the Smoke upgrade would let their smokes last longer as well. Third though was on Using the radar upgrade on the Salem to extend the Salem radar duration even more. Not sure if regular Damage mod 1 is better. Interested in hearing your thoughts commanders. ChevalierClass
  12. ChevalierClass

    Replays Steam

    Just as an update in case the thread helps someone else. Lots of good tips here. However the easiest method for me was to drop the replay on the desktop. Then drop that replay onto the 64 bit warships executable file. Works and does not take a lot of steps. A combination of the replays file path and running it with the correct .exe together seem to cause the issue. ChevalierClass
  13. ChevalierClass

    Replays Steam

    Thanks for the help everyone. I will give it a shot. ChevalierClass
  14. ChevalierClass

    Replays Steam

    Hello, I have been using WOWS on steam. However I can't for the life of me get replays to work. I feel like I must be missing something obvious. Knowing that and if there is a way to parse through replays would be amazing. I have tried dragging replays from the replay folder onto the various 32 and 64 bit EXE files. Dragging replays onto the client runner. Double clicking on replays in the replay folder. Reading forum threads. The best I have gotten is the replay to try and open and then give me a steam message asking me if I recognize the replay trying to open I click "OK" and it says "client is already running". Looked over other threads etc but I can't see a way to fix this even replays from today do not work so I don't think version is my issue. ChevalierClass
  15. ChevalierClass

    Somers Question

    Awesome everyone. Thanks for the info and Videos Much appreciated, ChevalierClass