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  1. ChevalierClass

    Somers ?

    Just wish my Sommers Chances was not 0% RIP American DD line completion :( since you can't get it for steel etc. ChevalierClass
  2. ChevalierClass

    Somers ?

    Will we ever get a shot at the Somers again. Looking at Santa crates it is not even in the list yet, but similar ships like the USSBlack and others are already in the pool. While it is not guaranteed to get the ship by any means it is still nice to know you have at least some kind of chance. ChevalierClass
  3. @DolphinPrincess Annapolis seemed rather so so what do you think makes her strong assuming you can't get the back guns in play ? Also curious as to why Super BB's are less optimal. Would the extra HP not be useful or is it too similar to regular BB's. More curious about upcoming optimal setups based on what we know currently assuming no changes. ChevalierClass
  4. ChevalierClass

    Merits of Super ships in Clan battles??

    Any strength scale ? ChevalierClass
  5. ChevalierClass

    Merits of Super ships in Clan battles??

    Better than tech tree counter parts though ? ChevalierClass
  6. ChevalierClass

    Merits of Super ships in Clan battles??

    Kind of my question as I am not sure which will be good. ChevalierClass
  7. Greetings, Having trouble deciding on which super ships are strong in clan battles...........do people have a few reasons why specific ships are strong in terms of Super ships ? My opinion thus far is that Conde is strong in terms of DPM and kiting. Where as Annapolis seems so so since getting the rear turrets in play is not a given. In terms of Super BB's since they don't offer more overmatch I am not sure they are worth it. Super DD's I have had less experience but again something like Ragnar seems on par or even a shima. Super carriers( dare I go there) seem strong of course but not sure not sure they offer a huge benefit over FDR or Hak. Regards, ChevalierClass
  8. ChevalierClass

    T6 Clan Battle season

    Thoughts on how the T6 Clan Battle season will play out ? Seems like Double CV could just isolate and kill enemy ships. Then in T6 there are quite a few cruisers but on these small maps smoke might be essential. Thoughts ? Chevalier
  9. Who is this amazing guy and why is there not more rhulkb27 content ??? ChevalierClass
  10. ChevalierClass

    Patches to end the Year

    Are the patches Different this year ? It sounds like 0.9.11 will be in December and Dockyard / snowflakes will only be in January ? Am I interpreting the articles on the website correctly ? ChevalierClass
  11. ChevalierClass

    Legendary Modules

    Hello, Now that we know a lot of the future legendary modules seeing as the old ones were not really changed much in testing. Do any of these look like must have's for competitive anymore ? I am thinking Yamato, Moskva, Des Moines, Hakuryu, Midway and Shimakaze look good but besides that........? ChevalierClass
  12. ChevalierClass

    How about that for achievements

    Yea uploaded it to wows replays so that I can save it :D ChevalierClass
  13. I may never see this many achievements at once again. Time to enjoy the moment :) ChevalierClass
  14. ChevalierClass

    IFHE All Night Long

    What about IFHE on the new Russian Cruisers? I assume that is IFHE worthy because of the 180mm and the high number of shells ? ChevalierClass
  15. ChevalierClass

    Congrats to 07 and whatta Match!!

    Yes, o7 07 ChevalierClass