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  1. Mephiztopheleze

    is it just me?

    OK, the takeaway from all this is: it's not just me :) Gearing is actually underwhelming.
  2. Mephiztopheleze

    WOW Fun map I haven't seen in forever!

    i've only played that map once. was gudtymes in a Khaba.
  3. Mephiztopheleze

    is it just me?

    I'm ~35k coal away from being able to indulge in some totally balanced, not at al biased Smolensk action......
  4. Mephiztopheleze

    is it just me?

    I haz Komrade Khaba, which is a definite step up from the otherwise excellent Tashkent. Up to the Ognevoi going down the other line.
  5. Mephiztopheleze

    is it just me?

    I get this about the USN DDs, I honestly do. They're seldom best at anything, but tend to be decent at most things. Up until the Fletcher this holds true. I so underwhelmed by this tub of a tier X. WGPLZ, give it an extra consumable slot so I can have both DFAA and Engine Boost?
  6. AU players getting screwed hard. Admiral Pack Friesland? That's AUD$197.19 please! How about NO?
  7. Mephiztopheleze

    is it just me?

    Or is the Gearing a massive downgrade from the Fletcher? It's my first Tier X and I really want to like it, but I just don't. Gearing has moderately better guns while the Fletcher is considerably more nimble. Gearing handles like an absolute tub. I'm finding Gearing AA to be underwhelming, DFAA + AA Mod 1 + Priority Sector and I still lose ~1/3rd my health to rocket planes. The Fletcher was far better at dodging both rocket planes and torpedoes. Or is it a good boat that's just been fundamentally outclassed by more recent additions to the game? I'm just really disappointed in a ship I was really looking forward to getting.
  8. Mephiztopheleze

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Thank You!
  9. Mephiztopheleze

    Dear Wg...Please read...I am done for now...and why.

    if there aren't some serious 'adjustments', i can see a lot of people heading for the door. myself included. i may be a n00b at this particular game, but with over 35 years of gaming under my belt, I know complete dogshite when I play it.
  10. Mephiztopheleze

    Dear Wg...Please read...I am done for now...and why.

    The 'picture', as far as DDs are concerned, is pretty simple: against any competant CV player, they're royally screwed. against incompetant CV players, they're almost as screwed. At least with the RTS CV interface, CV players had to concentrate on multiple things. with this new interface, they only have to concentrate on one thing. DD's get permaspotted and blapped before they can make any kind of play. Try to hide? Well, not only are you not doing anything useful, but you're a sitting duck the instant some plane comes over your cover island and blaps you. Try to dodge aircraft attacks? You wind up going slowly and get lit up by BBs 20km away. With two or three enemy CVs in near every match, DDs have, overnight, become almost unplayable. Good luck getting into position to launch torpedos (the actual landing of which is less than 1/20) without being spotted. Here was me thinking that Island Penetrating Radar was bad enough. WG: "Hold my Beer......" I for one will not be buying any more doubloons and once my current Premium time runs out, if things haven't changed for the better, I will uninstall.
  11. you realise that the introduction of Carriers has completely killed off Battleships in real world navies? Modern navies essentially consist of Carriers, Destroyers and Subs with the odd PT boat and fleet oiler thrown in.
  12. I'm a bit n00b and all, but I can't say I've really noticed any difference. Probably because I'm spending 99% of every game dodging [redacted] planes from the three [redacted] CVs that seem to form the core makeup of every random team so far.
  13. Mephiztopheleze

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I play DDs. This 'being spotted 99.99999% of the time business SUCKS. WG /may/ have improved play for CV skippers. Us DD skippers are feeling kind of vulnerable.
  14. Mephiztopheleze

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    welcome to World of Carriers... limit of one CV per team please.