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  1. Chieftain, 1st Cav and 11th ACR greetings (wheeled Scout). The over all presentation was good but the glossing over of Taffy and the USS Johnston's Heroic contribution I find as large a crime as Leaving the Fact the USS Nevada was the only BB to get underway and fight back in Pearl Harbor movie with Affleck. An entire episode could be done on Taffy 3 and Cpt. Ernest E. Evans. Hell the fact that he is not a Cpt. I can buy in game is a huge over site. His special ability would be Adrenaline Rush Free. Because well the guy Attacked the Yamato Battle group in a Fletcher alone, encouraged other to fallow and fought and a true David and Goliath Battle. He scared the Japanese away. (With lots of help from the air arm) You try the Battle in game with the ships involved and i bet the DD's and CVL's never win. Cpt. Ernest E. Evans needs to be an in game Cpt. And I would Love to see a USS Johnston DD 557 as well. (More HP and better rudder shift) or just a 10% dispersion buff when facing Yamato. ;)
  2. Dec 14th is my Birthday. So I am treating my self to this event. I have been on board before with my daughter Grace and it was an awesome trip. (Well Trip we Live in Corpus and work in Ingleside) I pass the ship every day to and from work. In game when I see a Lex on both sides I often say "I hope we have CV-16 and Red has CV-2" very few get it. ;) See you all here.
  3. So rocket planes will still be able to kill a high tier DD with one squadren then? A better fix would be to let players opt out of cv play. That would tell you just how many players don't like them. One is ok. 2CVs at one time and they own you. Nothing a DD can do to avoid being sunk. Radar, sonar RDF and planes, y play a DD.
  4. so not my PC. yes look in streams and content creators (not just me). TY for the windows thought but no. Just when i engage with torps and guns or smoke and when it happens im at under 7km away. Yes it is WG. I can get in huge exchanges in BB's or CA's high video card stuff NP. But get close with torps and guns or smoke and it dies. Not my Vid card. I 25 man Raid Tank in WOW, with no crash. But WG can't handle some torps. If it was my machine would it not crash with similar or greater game load in other RP MMOs? It does not JUST in wargaming. Not WoT, not WoWP just WoWS. Again I say typical Soviet equipment. You should expect it to fall apart or need constant repair.
  5. Sweetsie True my comment is blut anti Soviet and insulting to the game bosses. But I am a Cav Scout, Combat and well American so i do not like paying for a crap product and I have tried nece before. It failed. So now i try the the boot to the groin to see if that works. Or at least gets a response.
  6. i did not say i do not use it (RDF) i say it does not belong in game at all. If it is there of course ill use it. I have seem Jingles, Flamu and Flambass all mention the DC issue.
  7. Is the Russian creator of this game to backward or ignorant to produce a game that will not DC at contact with enemy ships? This is the worst game for DC I play. You sneak in your DD around all the hazards. Find the BB or CV you are hunting and fire torps or just turn to fire and it crashes. WG denys much of this but i see it commented on often. Put in a ticket? Nope they say send us a screen shot. OF WHAT the bloody game locked up and you can't send a screenshot. It is a typical Soviet response. Player: "The game locked up and stopped working" WG:" Show us proof you capitalist dog or we no fix." Just seems like WG does not give a crap or is not tech savvy enough to fix let alone acknowledge the problem exists. I die a lot in DC land after getting through it all. And let's face it RDF is just cheating for whiny kids that have no tactical sense. Thoughts? Yes I have a new gaming computer with the drivers updated. I'm a Shima skipper so no real guns or AA sneaky is all i got and when WG is too lazy to fix and issue this common it is frustrating. Worgan06 out.
  8. Worgan06

    The full FAQ of the CV Rework

    If aircraft and aircraft carriers are now this powerful and there's this many of them isn't rdf redundant. I was a scout in real life I know that if I am perma spotted I'm going to die. We perma spotted the enemy and we killed them we had drons they didn't. All the aircraft making them more deadly is tough on destroyers we can dodge torps we can dodge bombs we can't stay permanently spot it will die. adding rdf to this element really feels like cheating because if I'm skilled enough to sneak behind you, you shouldn't have an extra warning system to tell you I'm there use your planes and find me use your destroyers and find me don't cheat with an RTF to know I'm back their. Thoughts? Thanks? Worgen06 Out.
  9. And this appears to be your spam response to Aldi complaints it makes it more irrelevant. I haven't. Destroyer tier 6 battleship in tier 7 cruiser.
  10. I'm only in Kagaro a but I haven't won a game since the patch hit 2 CVs per game every game I'm permanent spotted by air and can get nowhere. RDF is a big cheat for people that don't know how to use tactics or play. If you can't put your own DD's on the flanks to stop me from flanking you you deserve to get flanked. With rdf you know I'm back there without trying that's cheating that's lazy. With many aircraft as you can have up now and their range of spotting it it's absolutely ridiculous I am dead in under 4 minutes. Destroyers are just designed to be stealthy. You cannot expect to ship to survive with that low hit points and environment where they're constantly being spotted it's not going to happen. I was a cavalry Scout in the real world stealth is life. If I were perma spotted by drones I be dead I know we perma spotted the enemy with drones they died. the DD with our AA cannot stop or squadrons of torpedo bombers that's what two aircraft carriers have that's what they've been doing eliminating all the DVDs first yes I realize that means if my carriers weren't doing it there probably potatoes but still. Just makes it not fun when you can't win a pack with win a game since the patch. And for the love of God get rid of RBF it's lazy yes I know I can use it too but it takes away the ability to flank completely and that's just not fair. if I use my skill to get behind you you shouldn't be able to push a button and realize you made a mistake. Thanks for listening Worgan 06 out.
  11. First, RDF is just cheating and was put in the game so you can not flank in a DD with out the enemy knowing. As to the CV changes. Why play a DD? I have not been able to stay alive more than 4 minutes usually less between the perma spotting airplanes and the rockets. I don't even put on Kenmore flags anymore cuz it's just a waste. Play my a cruiser and almost made it to the end of the game, the planes didn't get me but there spotting did I was unable to disengage. I felt like I was the Japanese Navy in late 1944.