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  1. Is anyone else having trouble getting these photos to download? I can't see any of them this morning either in the game or with the browser link. I'm using a work PC, so maybe there is some filtering causing the trouble. That's why I'm asking.
  2. _SeaDoug_

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    I've noticed a number of funny experiences in 0.9.11 over the last two weeks of game play, and I haven't seen it posted anywhere in the forums. I, at first, thought I was doing something funny with my hand on the keyboard somehow, but that doesn't explain it. What is occurring is I'll be in the middle of a battle and the "mouse lock" into the game screen will suddenly go away along with all sounds. In other words, it is as if the computer suddenly decided that some other activity had priority and WOWS was in the background. And when this happens, I can no longer shoot, maneuver, etc. I have not had this problem in 0.9.10, 0.9.9, and further back into the past. It only started happening with 0.9.11. Has anyone else seen this problem?
  3. 1.) Watching your team get clobbered in a Random Battle then looking at the After Battle Reports to see that my team had 2 or 3 players who are Clan Members, or have achieved a little in the latest Ranked Battle (only significant because these indicators tend to correlate with individual experience and capabiltiy) and then finding that the other side had 7 - 10 players who are Clan members, or have some level of achievement in the latest Ranked Battle. Almost every time I'm caught in a one-sided battle (either as the overwhelming winner or the pitiful loser, there is a significant mis-match in these two indicators between the two teams. There are so many factors that could be considered by the Match Maker in putting a team together that are completely ignored that it is a miracle (and ohhhh so much more fun) when you get a team that has some balance of skill and capability on both sides, even if you lose in the end. 2.) Carriers! When the captain knows what he's doing and is good at it, he completely dominates a game, not necessarily by taking all the kills, but by making his opponents constantly change and focus on his annoying planes rather than killing ships, so that his mates have a greater chance to survive and kill you and your team. Put a good CV captain on one team, and a poor one on the other side, and it makes a big difference. No other ship can be as dominant. 3.) Carriers! Especially in the higher tiers with the better aircraft, getting squadron Torp Drops (multiple torps nicely spaced apart and dropped fairly close) aimed at you by a skilled captain that are almost impossible to completely avoid, or the same problem with bombs. In a real battle, the squadron attack plan wasn't nearly as well coordinated. Could we please introduce some randomness in the placement and location of the various squadron elements at the drop? 4.) The many inconsistencies in the detection model. It kinda works for a game, but it isn't very realistic.
  4. Hi Gladkov, I think I found the instructions you referenced, but that's a pretty complicated process. Are there any plans to provide similar replay functionality to what PC user's have in the foreseeable future? Thanks!
  5. What is the latest on using Replay on a Mac? Is this possible now? If so, could someone provide some instructions? Thanks!
  6. Is any progress occurring on the bug that occasionally sees the game crash at the end of the battle just as the victory/defeat splash screen and info comes up? If that bug could be squashed, then I wouldn't have anything to complain about. Oh, I guess I could complain about the dynamic lighting and shadows not being usable, but I don't really miss those. Thanks for any info you can provide
  7. Another form of suicide that makes me angry is the guy (usually driving a DD because everything else can't bob and weave fast enough) running hard to ram that big juicy BB (that you are also pounding with HE) before he gets blown up. So you fire a salvo that appears to be in the clear and well aimed, the suicidal DD keeps running straight at the target, half your shells hit the target, but one shell hits your suicidal team mate because he has to ram since that's the only way to get his ribbon and a kill. Why does WOWS turn you pink and give you the nasty gram when your team mate is a suicidal idiot? It would be much better to turn off the team mate "protection" if they are within something like 300 Meters of the enemy. In a real navy, any captain running that close to the enemy had better get himself blown up, because if he doesn't, his superior officer will make sure he gets it later.
  8. just wanted to note that the new version is exhibiting the "clipping" problem that we had last summer and fall. I am even seeing clipping problems with the communications or texting field and other items in addition to the map this time.
  9. There is one alternative to being at the mercy of the idiotic MatchMaker, but it takes some work and planning. Put together a division of 4 or more players that you know and who know how to play. Of course coordinating dates and times makes that often feel like work. However, get that much experience on one side with people who know what they are doing and that will often overcome the MM's stupidity. But I know your pain. I am really tired of looking at the battle summary at the end of the battle, and observing how often one side is stacked with experienced players in comparison to the other side. Most of the time, the side with more experienced captains comes out on top. And it wouldn't be that hard to have the MM consider captain experience along with the Tier level when it puts together a team. Maybe this is why I'm enjoying the scenarios a lot more. But even there you sometimes get a team that just doesn't know what it is doing and loses badly.
  10. JA Keller, I looked into XQuartz, and the last standard version on the Quartz website (www.xquartz.org) is dated 2016. Are you referring to another source for updates?
  11. Is anyone else seeing the Terminal App open on start-up and run some kind of Wine clean-up app? This started happening with the last update. Everything seems to work fine otherwise. Just curious, and I'm a little tired of having to close Terminal every day.
  12. Hi JA Keller, Thanks for letting me know that. I was wondering. So, we won the COOP match, and still no credit. Any idea what might be wrong then? Thanks for the help.
  13. I have a question (problem?) with the Personal Mission. I've been trying to get the steps in my Scharnhorst personal mission (See the image attached). It says I can do battles in Coop, Random, etc. So, I've tried both a Random and a Coop battle today. The Random was with a wimpy team and we lost. Don't know if a battle counts if we lose, but I didn't get credit, so I thought I'd try a Coop (you can usually win in a Coop). We won, and I still didn't get credit. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there a problem with the Mac version and things like Personal MIssions? Any help appreciated!
  14. I bought a set of 20 Big Santa Boxes last weekend and got the following: 1 Exeter with 10 Pt Captain, 1 Hood with 10 Pt Captain, 1 Duke of York with 10 pt Captain (Yes, for some reason, all ships were from the UK - thought that was weird) Also 4K Doubloons, 84 Camo, and 60 Flags (combo of Wyvern, Basilisk, Scylla, and Red Dragon). I was really interested in Hood (Partly for historical reasons) and all of the 10 Pt captains are nice. Over-all, I think I got a good deal for the $47.99.
  15. Just earned my first daily crates in and noticed something that caused great consternation . . . OK, that is an overstatement, but read on. Allow me to explain. A few weeks ago I noticed that somehow my Legion of Honor items collecting had been turned off. I turned it back on, and was just one item (literally - I have 4 duplicates so anything would let me get that last item to complete the collection) from completing the collection in If crates aren't going to drop Legion of Honor items any more, will WOWS put the Legion of Honor crates into the Armory so those of us who are interested in getting a few can buy them? Is there any other way to complete the Legion of Honor collection?