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  1. I hear that...and that is why our clan works to control when we are playing "Alpha" and "Bravo"....but I would really prefer that the ability to sent invites to join the clan not be tied to the ability to push the battle button in clan battles....
  2. @Boggzy Is there a reason that a player in a clan has to be a "recruiter" in order to form a division in clan battles? Why is the ability to invite people into the clan and/or accept requests to join the clan connected to the ability to press the "battle" button for a clan battle division? It would seem much more sensible to allow any member of the clan to form a clan battle division and launch it into battle, irrespective of their ability to invite people into the clan. Related to recruiting...the user interface is poor in this regard. On the drop-down menu in port, the "Add to Blacklist" selection is right next to "Invite to Clan" and there is no confirmation menu ("Invite playerXYZ to clan?") -- my clan has had multiple inadvertent invites go out in just this manner...and there is no way to retract such an invite (yes, one can just remove someone if they joined the clan after receiving such an invitation). Perhaps these two radically-different selections be placed in the list such that they are not adjacent?
  3. MN_Nice

    Career stat

    I agree that stats are too-often “weaponized”, but They are also the only objective measure we have. I regularly check out my own stats to try and assess where I am at as a player and where I might be able to improve.
  4. MN_Nice

    Monthly SC time again, what did you get?

    7 days of premium time….
  5. MN_Nice

    Sick of all the Hating for new things

    Sorry OP, but the subs suck, are NOT FUN (maybe for the sub player...certainly not for the surface ships that mostly can't see them and can't really counter them effectively...) It isn't "we hate new things"....we hate new things THAT SUCK. Just because it is new, doesn't make it bad...but it doesn't make it good either...
  6. MN_Nice

    Grinder Conundrum

    Kitikaze is good, assuming your play style agrees with her. Fletcher is still a capable jack-of-all-trades DD Jutland is a good DD. Neptune can get the job done (typical UK CL in that it is a bit “boom or bust”…. Iowa is still good…. Oyster Gotland is good (again, playstyle is hey consideration) There are good ships at T9….it is not just a stepping stone to T10
  7. MN_Nice

    Pacific War Tokens

    I went with the premium T2-T4 ship….just to take that ship out of the mix if I get a ship from a super container or some such…. the commander is a very valid choice….but ships are harder to come by…
  8. MN_Nice

    Dockyard tier 5 ship Container

    I got Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya.
  9. MN_Nice

    Fixes Needed - Add API to the list

    Updating the API would be nice. WOWS Status & Numbers is a very useful tool -- and not just for "stat shaming" people. I have my own "page" there bookmarked and I use it pretty regularly...
  10. Hill is a very fun ship...one of my favorite T5s and a ship I play with fair regularity. Assuming you are OK with playing DDs, you were fortunate with this T5 crate!
  11. MN_Nice

    What Steel Ship Would You Chose?

    One point on Ragnar…which would be my current steel ship of choice…it is a gunboat. If you have Orkan and/or Smaland, you probably already have a Euro captain spec’d for gunboats rather than the tech-tree torp boats…but if you do not have orkan or smaland you might want to consider that….
  12. It is darkly amusing that many of those who cry loudest about WG’s business practices have zero issues utilizing these sorts of “exploits” themselves…. I was saving for the T7 premium box, because I play more T7 than T5…I agree with you that we will just have to see what the replacement set of rewards are before we pass judgement.