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  1. Yep...I just netted 1,500 doubloons (and got the 3pt captain and port slot). Not interested in the camos and flags in the next bundle...so, I am done...
  2. So...this is one of these deals where you see what is being offered in the current bundle, but subsequent bundles are hidden? I see USS SIMS (T7 USN Premium DD) in my bundle for 1,500 doubloons...I already have the SIMS. So, are you telling me that I can spend 1,500 doubloons to automatically gain 3,000 doubloons (i.e. a 1,500 doubloon profit)?
  3. @Ensign_Cthulhu -- You repeat this regularly...and. as you say, it is (or should be) simple common sense...but, apparently this is not understood or not heeded by a great number of players.
  4. US Navy 1992-1998 Electrician's Mate 1st Class (EM1/SS) -- USS MIAMI (SSN 755) for just over four years US Navy Reserve 1998-2002 Intelligence Specialist Chief (ISC/SS)
  5. MN_Nice

    Dockyard - Stage 10

    The captain you get with the Graf Spee is a 10-pointer.
  6. USS Benson in the Fjord port, which I find the most aesthetically pleasing of the ports...
  7. MN_Nice

    USS Monaghan on patrol

    Good old Farragut in action on the "Fault Line" map...
  8. I haven't experienced the buff to HE pen on German DDs...because I have been focused on working my way up the Pan-European DD line and grinding out the Jerzy Swirsky campaign. Here's a screen shot of my Ostergotland -- just acquired a couple days ago, and wearing "European" camo.
  9. MN_Nice

    Brazilian Navy Day

    Kremlin ramming Republique in a random game just moments ago...
  10. MN_Nice

    And to think I doubted you all.....

    WG has definitely dialed-down Scenario rewards.... Looking at base XP, I have had games which would have earned 1500 or more base xp in the past and now fall short of 1000 base xp. I still run Narai, Killer Whale, Aegis, and Raptor Rescue, but less than I used to do. I use them more for captain training than anything...
  11. An inherent difficulty in WoWs is that it is a "team" game but rewards are earned and given on an individual basis (yes, there is a modifier for those on the winning team). To maximize the chances of a win, IMO, it is important for all ships to prioritize destruction of the enemy ships equipped with depth charges. Alongside this, the ships that have depth-charges should prioritize ASW (since they are the only members of the team that are reliably effective in an ASW role), and those ships with depth charges should prioritize staying alive over engaging enemy heavy ships (BBs and CAs). In this way, the goal would be to eliminate the enemy's ASW assets -- increasing the ability of your submarines to conduct offensive operations against the enemy -- while also facilitating the ability of your DDs and CLs with depth-charges to hunt enemy subs. What is the problem? There are ships, and thus players, who would need to conduct actions and demonstrate patterns of behavior that are in the TEAMS best interest but are not necessarily in the individual PLAYER'S best interest. Subs highlight a general challenge that Wargaming faces...the incentive structures don't necessarily reward good team play. (Another gripe is that subs are simply too fast...Cachelot and U-69 have a max speed of 24.0 kts on the surface. USS New Mexico has a max speed of 21.0 kts. The Type VIIc U-boat (most produced u-boat and ostensibly the basis for the U-69) had a max speed on the surface of 17.7 kts and a submerged speed of 7.6 kts. We will hear about how this is a game and game balance requires certain ahistorical or non-historical elements...but how is it good game balance to have Tier 6 subs be FASTER than Tier 6 BBs?)
  12. MN_Nice

    Battle of Midway

    Mahan in ranked on "Big Race" -- it was a win, FWIW...I am not skilled with manipulating the "camera" on replays...and don't pretend to be!
  13. This is <expletive> stupid...especially if you are in a BB or CA. Introduce subs when only DDs and four Cls (Dallas, Leander, Budyonny, and Perth) have an ASW capability? Sure..._if_ the submarine comes shallow where you a team-mate can detect it AND you are in reasonable gun range then you _might_ be able to damage it with gunfire...but it is harder than one might think to do that since you don't know the facing and movement of the sub but the damage you inflict is pretty minimal...and you will NOT be able to kill it before it gets off torps...and if you have red surface ships nearby you are going to have to choose between eating submarine torps and dying to enemy surface ships. In what way is this fun or adding anything good to the game?
  14. MN_Nice

    swapping captains

    @Koniko -- Another point on captain training and elite commander XP...note that the captains for the "rental" submarines in the current event are 19-point captains. This means the commander XP they generate is elite commander XP. I would suggest it is worth it for you to take maximum advantage of these opportunities to acquire elite commander XP.