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  1. MN_Nice

    Smoke on Italian BBs

    Even in a BB, it is ALWAYS better to execute a “gamer turn” when obscured in smoke. You can go from angled moving in to angled moving out without getting clapped in the process.
  2. Why would the addition of “T11” cause the “sweet spot” to move down? T9 was the sweet spot because they could only, at worst, be one tier down from top-tier and they could end up in straight T9 matches (which were relatively common) or they could be top tier. Many T9s are able to “hang” in a T10 match. Tier 8 can be two tiers down or top-Tier with the full range between being possible and it does not seem that masses of players want to play T8 enough to make straight T8 nearly as common as straight T9 used to be. I suspect the intent with T11 was to pull credits out of the game AND to bump that “sweet spot” up to T10 (which would also help pull credits out of the game and get players grinding that much more, as well as hopefully converting real cash into credits.
  3. MN_Nice

    Expendable camo why?

    At this point, camos are purely aesthetic. Personally, I don’t view the ships as ugly without the camos (haze gray and underway, as the saying goes)…. I do appreciate the historically-accurate camos and I think they look cool, but I would never pay for those aesthetics. the camos have zero impact on game play at this point— I am just glad that WG allows me to see them for credits…..
  4. And, at the risk of staying the obvious, that someone who is detecting you may not be the target at which you are shooting.
  5. The last time they had Clan Battles at T6 they also allowed Carriers. There are certainly people who complain about playing lower tier ships, but it was hard to parse those who don’t like lower tiers from those who hated having CVs in the matches. (Personally, I enjoy playing T6, I would be good with T7, Etc.) the problem these current restrictions demonstrate is that WG has released a lot of ships that are not balanced — the ships are OP. the higher-level competitive clans will simply adjust — that is what they do. I could see only allowing ships that are currently able to be acquired, in the name of fairness, for competitive game modes such as clan battles. That is not what is happening for the next CB season. FWIW, I favor only allowing a team to bring one of any ship — one Daring, one Kremlin, one Des Moines, etc. (and that should include the Black variant of a ship if there is one. ). At least the current restrictions are announced well in advance rather than being announced two weeks into the season as has been past practice….
  6. MN_Nice

    Which FXP ships to get?

    I was looking to spark a more general conversation on the topic, and the value players place on T9 vs T10 these days. FWIW, I have just over 1M FXP on hand. I do not have Friesland. The universe of the possible seems to be Hayate (2M FXP), Groningen (1M), and Azuma (1M). a buddy from my clan says “why not get all three?” — I am not sure I can earn 3M FXP in time….. if I can, then the answer is just get them all and don’t worry about the order….just build up FXP and buy them all before 12.4
  7. My personal favorite is the dead ship driver who now wants to drive YOUR ship for you…..
  8. Since the introduction of super ships, Tier 9 has gone from being arguably the best tier to play to being one of the least favored. having said that, to answer the OP question: Fletcher ostergotland Jutland Izumo Iowa Neptune
  9. MN_Nice

    Which FXP ships to get?

    Agreed on what WG is doing with this shift. For me, I already have the ships I want from the Research Bureau. I don’t “need” any of the FXP ships, in truth, I tend to only play a fraction of the ships I have in a regular basis. It is more about snagging these before they shift to coal boats, so that I can use my coal on other coal boats.
  10. MN_Nice

    I'll just leave this here.

    They are not the best-looking of fish, IMO. Blech.
  11. FXP ships will shift to being purchased wi TB coal in 12.4. which ships are you planning to get before that happens (if any)? Should one spend 2M FXP on the Hayate (a T10 ship) or get two T9s instead? if T9 , for me, Groningen would be one but I am unsure in the other. Azuma most likely…
  12. ^^THIS^^. In spades…..
  13. From Santa crates (I did not buy any) I got Marblehead, Malta, Tone, and Gallant. I should get the 25 certificates from the battle pass and we shall see if 5 more mega gift boxes have any ships in them. I won’t complain if I don’t get another ship….I think the current “haul” is pretty good….
  14. MN_Nice

    30% coupon... What do?

    I used my 30% anniversary coupon to buy Kidd. Your choice should be informed by what class of ship and play-style you prefer. Personally, I would also recommend that your use it to buy a ship that is only available for dubs….you can get coal and steel by playing the game….
  15. MN_Nice

    State Yer Name

    Fargo came out when I was in the Navy. I would hear a lot of questions such as “do they really talk like that?” Another, even funnier one, was the reaction to Grumpy Old Men: “it was funny but the ice fishing bit wasn’t realistic and it tuned the movie for me”. “What about the ice fishing was unrealistic?” “C’mon, nobody would do that!” !!!!!!! That shipmate had clearly never been to MN or WI — folks are our ice fishing “the backwater” of the Mississippi between Wabasha MN and Nelson WI much earlier and much later in the season than is wise. I am surprised more vehicles and people are not lost…..